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how to meet sebastian vael face

This particular one of Sebastian was written by Jennifer Hepler. They say I'm a disgrace to the Vael family name, that I'll be a weight around my brother's neck when he . Her voice is sharp enough to make me meet her eyes. She gives me a crooked smile, deepening the lines in her face, then turns to walk inside. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. "Prince Sebastian," she said, and gave him her hand. Mostly it was a small sea of names and faces and titles that he worked Though while that gives me a somewhat better claim to the blood than Prince Vael has, it is not the degree The many refugee Fereldans he'd met in Kirkwall had not been any.

When he is met for the second time, Sebastian will join Hawke in full. He has discovered who hired the Flint Companyan old Kirkwall noble family who was once allied with his own, the Harimanns.

Sebastian and Hawke discovered that the Desire Demon Allure had corrupted the family, which drove Lady Harimann to become obsessed by her desires to seize Starkhaven until it was all she could think of. She masterminded the assassination and placed Sebastian's feeble cousin on the throne as a puppet ruler. Johane Harimann is killed by Sebastian and Hawke and the demon is defeated.

In the aftermath, Sebastian becomes conflicted over whether he should remain in the Chantry or retake Starkhaven. Sebastian was asked by Elthina, along with Hawke, to meet with Sister Nightingalethe so called "Left Hand of the Divine" and persuade her this was not necessary. Before the rendezvous could take place however, they were attacked by a Mage extremist faction, The Resolutionists. Unable to persuade the Divine's agent, Sebastian attempted to persuade Elthina to go to safety at the Grand Cathedral in Orlais.

Elthina refused however, not wishing to abandon Kirkwall during a crisis and so Sebastian resolved to remain as long as Elthina did. When Anders destroyed the Chantry, killing Elthina and many others, Sebastian demanded Hawke kill Anders or else he would retake Starkhaven and seek vengeance on all of Kirkwall. If Hawke refuses to kill Anders, Sebastian will leave, vowing to go to Starkhaven and raise an army to hunt down and kill Anders.

If Hawke kills Anders and side with the mages, Sebastian will join, saying that all creatures have the right to redeem themselves in the Void while the others are free to walk with the Maker.

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He will then vow to stop the "tyranny" of the Templars. Alternatively, siding with the Templars shows that he is eager to end the threat of all " Maleficarum ". Sebastian is not mentioned in the epilogue by Varric Tethras unlike other love interests. Inquisition This section contains spoilers for: The Inquisitor can ask Varric Tethras about his fate. Varric will state that he went back to Starkhaven.

In the War table quest An Ally from Starkhavenit is revealed that Sebastian reclaimed his title as Prince of Starkhaven and is extending a hand of friendship to the Inquisition. Later upon asking Hawke why she is alone, she will state that Sebastian is the Chantry advisor in Starkhaven.

The throne is still in contention there. Without him, it would be open war among the noble families. He'd have dropped everything to come with her, but he'd have hated himself for doing it. Though while that gives me a somewhat better claim to the blood than Prince Vael has, it is not the degree of blood that is important here; it is that he bears the blood of Calenhad at all," he said, and bowed his head respectfully to Sebastian. Yes, I certainly would never seek to make any claim on the throne of Ferelden for myself, despite any relation to the Theirin line.

I have a Princedom of my own, and I am needed there.

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The elf, Shianni, he saw as the crowd parted between them and her. He smiled warmly at her. Anora may on occasion be able to travel to the north with me, but feels that Starkhaven is more able to do without me than Ferelden without her, which given the differences in their relative sizes I find I must agree with. My lands of Starkhaven are not even as large as your Bannorn, and nowhere near as contentious.

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A few more probing questions were asked, mostly from people curious about what little they'd heard about his past; his time in the Kirkwall chantry and involvement in recent events there, his recovery of the Starkhaven throne from his cousin Goren and the like.

Eventually a bell rang, letting them know the meal was ready to be served and ending the conversations for now.

They moved to take seats around the long polished wood table that dominated the room, Anora seated at one end of it with Sebastian to her right, Fergus' wife — his second, Sebastian had been told by Anora, the first having been killed by treachery during the Blight Year — seated to his right, with Fergus beyond her, while Arl Teagan and Arlessa Bella were seated across from him, others spread down the length of the table in order of rank and mostly in alternating male-and-female seating, though there were a few more women than men present, due to losses in the Blight Year.

It was a quite agreeable meal, most of the conversation sticking to relatively innocuous subjects such as the likelihood of a good harvest that year, a recent unusually good run of cod off the coast of West Hill that the Highever fishing fleet had crossed paths with, and the slow but measurable recovery of blighted lands in the south.

how to meet sebastian vael face

That last was a minor triumph for Ferelden, as the areas of previous blights in other countries were mostly still deserts and wastelands today. Ferelden had taken the novel approach of burning off the blighted areas, using a combination of natural fire and mage-fire to sear all the blighted areas down to bare soil.

how to meet sebastian vael face

Since that was completed they'd begun establishing pockets of transplanted healthy soil and vegetation, working from the northern edges of the cleansed areas southwards. It would be the work of generations to reforest all of the affected areas, yet already new life could be found spreading out into the wastes.

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If asked, Sebastian would have had to admit himself impressed by the Fereldans, despite them commonly being held to be little better than fur-clad barbarians. They were a determined people, and the only furs he'd seen since his arrival here were of a style and quality that would have been greatly admired in the markets and salons of the Free Marches. Far from their reputation as being ill-mannered barbarians, he'd so far found them well-spoken, well-educated, and invariably polite.

Perhaps such preconceptions were based in part on the many who'd fled Ferelden during the occupation and more recently the Blight; yet there was certainly a great difference between desperate, often uneducated poor and those at higher levels of society.

The many refugee Fereldans he'd met in Kirkwall had not been any more barbaric or noticeably less educated than their Free Marches equivalents, after all. The meal was lengthy, consisting of five different courses, and it was late evening before the event drew to a close, he and Anora saying farewell to all the guests as they departed. He could tell that she and her nobles were equally pleased by his remembering all their proper names and ranks. Once the last had departed, Anora sighed, and smiled warmly at him.

The servants here were clearly both well-trained and alert; by the time they reached her sitting room, there was already a kettle of water heating over the fire, and the makings of chocolate arranged on a small table between two comfortable chairs.

An expensive treat, here so far from where the cacao for chocolate was grown. Anora prepared their cups herself, grating in chocolate and sugar and spices, then whisking in the hot water and, for herself, a quantity of cream to temper it.

She liked hers very sweet and milky; Sebastian preferred the more robust flavour of it with only minimal sweetening, just enough to take off the bitterness it would otherwise have had.

how to meet sebastian vael face

They sipped at their cups of chocolate, settling back comfortably in their seats. And after that, there will just be the waiting to get through, until the wedding.

Anora smiled, a dimple appearing in one cheek. But a royal wedding takes time to arrange, especially when we must invite nobles from all over Thedas to attend, and give them enough time to respond, prepare themselves, their wardrobes, and their gifts, and then travel here.

Sebastian (short story)

Asking them to travel in winter would be unkind, and there is not enough time for us to hold it this fall. I'm used to moving in darkness.

At the end of the hall, a large window is shuttered against the winter chill. The wood is stiff with the dampness and difficult to move, but a hard shove of my shoulder gets one side opened to the night. There are no trees outside the Kirkwall Chantrybut I'm in luck. One of the outbuildings is wood, and tall enough to use.

There's a coil of rope at my hip, left to me by my mysterious partner-in-crime. I make a tight knot just past the fletching of an arrow and let it fly.

With a quick addendum to my earlier prayer, I think, All right, Andraste, if you're going to let your Mothers catch me, do it, but just let this arrow hold. I can't think of a worse way to die than breaking my neck while trying to climb out the Chantry's window. And she must be listening because the rope is taut, the arrow is strong, my grip is good, and in a heartbeat, my legs hit wood and I'm spooling the rope out slowly, climbing down.

A shadow moves below. For a moment I curse that I need both hands for the rope, and my bow is hanging uselessly from my back. Then I shake my head.

If someone catches me, I won't fight. I have no hatred for anyone in this Chantry; they are good people, serving the Maker as they can. My complaint is with my parents, for sending me here as punishment, for forcing me to a vow of celibacy to protect my brothers' children from any rival heirs I might beget. I will kill no one for my freedom. It's mine to value as I will and it's not worth a single life. I drop to the ground and my boots stick in the clay.

And now I see what I couldn't before. More than one person is waiting for me in the darkness of the Chantry's wall. This can't be my mysterious collaborator— she would be alone, not flanked by templars. For a moment, I think to flee, but my early training is too much. If I've lost this battle, I'll at least lose it with dignity.

One of the forms steps forward. It is a woman, grey-haired and crimson-robed. But then I recognize the voice. I've heard it, after all, for most of my life, leading the Chant in Kirkwall, in Starkhaven, throughout the Free Marches.

Grand Cleric Elthina, Mother of us all.