But her greater experience pulled her through that. Perhaps it ia just the Strain of suddenly expecting, and being expected, to win. Less than 24 hours after the authorities at Heathrow had accidentally allowed more than two hundred passengers to leave a flight from Belfast without so much as a police identification check, Scotland Yard announced intensified security patrols and road blocks. As a result, the CEGB has cancelled its plans to order two new oil- fired power stations, one at KflHn gholme in Lincolnshire and die other at Inswork Point hi Cornwall, in the present year. The differences of the population when. Merhveh, i of a working party iroject, said:

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The recovery of the world economy from the recession is going to be slower than most people supposed six months ago.


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They would send’ delegates to an annual regional. City Secretaries vitally needed bv our loading financial clients. No British Communist Party members attend political organization courses. You must guarantee there will be no intimidation of tbe UDT soldiers or their families when they come in. Indeed, FFr has found that the demands upon it for floating rate funds, for precisely that reason, have been so heavy that it has had to call a stop, limiting the floating component of any loan to not more than half the – total and in no event more than ElOm.

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Government lawyers advise their departments in much the same way as otberbamsters and solicitors advise their cJients. Wood will also be 5 strongly for a senior flbleday. Reid 5 6 Esprii D’or ‘ Mrs C. There were at least enough beds, which must have been little comfort for those lying in them.


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The knetworkmanager freezes at “configuring device”. Government and the coming to fruition, after 13 years of development, of the Concorde supersonic airliner project.