On Sat, Sep 22, at 2: Does anyone have any experience with the gumstix wifi in AP mode with a recent kernel? Is there any interest in working on this? Also this network runs with no security or password. I only require guidance. I have a web interface that I can call up on a tablet or phone.

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I didn’t receive any responses about this specific topic, so I’m assuming its still an open issue.

There are simple instructions for setting up a gumstix with a wifi interface here: Find out if wireless-testing will work on the OLPC. Find out how slow your code is with AppDynamics Lite.

: firmware-nonfree package : Debian

It’s OK if some parts are broken, only concerned about booting with a command-line and full functionality of network and network tools.

However, it’s better to split the larger task into several smaller sub-tasks. Were you using udhcpd? Was able to revert them and got it working. For this issue I would look libeetas [1]. And for myself I wouldn’t need to route to an upstream internet connection Thanks! WEP works fine, but is not sufficient for some applications.


The laptop was used to monitor overall status. This may be a dumb question, but now that I have an “ad-hoc” access point running, what llbertas I need to do to get WEP running?

libertas-tf-sdio not loading firmware (switched to mdev from udev)

Does anyone have any experience with the gumstix wifi in AP mode with a recent kernel? Sat, 22 Sep Ultimately, we will deliver a thin firmware and a working libertas tf driver to go with it.

Is there anyone who would like to work on this as a sponsored project? Masters, I was out all these days, I have raised a lot of posts regarding this AP on Gumstix issue before this.

General mailing list for gumstix users. AP mode for Gumstix Wifi. It’s probably standard linux network admin stuff, but I personally have never had to travel down that path so I don’t t what the details might be to make something like that work.

status of libertas_tf + sdio?

These are outlined below already completed sub-tasks prior to this breakdown are excluded. I don’t know if it’s possible to to route traffic to the rest of the internet if the gumstix is connected via ethernet to the world, but that would be a fun little extension if it wasn’t too hard to do.


There are simple instructions for setting up a gumstix with a wifi interface here:. For the short term, I’ll probably bring an old wifi router out with me so all my wireless devices can see each other through that.

Thinfirm – OLPC

Once connected, all the machines can see each other via their IP addresses. It might be interesting to explore if it’s possible to set up at libettas a simple password for access? Retrieved from ” http: This was a significant machine, split in half, with each side monitoring the heartbeat from the other for safe operation.

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The latest driver commit is e5dfdffae5deb0cfbea98, required for mesh to work. I used static addresses.

Otherwise, we have to write the drivers for it. Discussions will include endpoint security, mobile security and the latest in malware threats.