Long distance relationship flight tips cheap

How To Travel Cheap When You Are In A Long Distance Relationship | Overcoming The Distance

long distance relationship flight tips cheap

How to consider (and afford) the real costs of a long distance relationship. Skiplagged specializes in ultra-low cost flights by finding airfare away from your long distance love, consider other ways to save on transit costs. So, here's our piece of advice on how to travel cheap when going to meet If you get good at researching for flights, meeting in the middle. Hence, in this LDR couples guide to finding cheap flights, I will share some tips Ever since the beginning of our relationship, we have agreed to take it easy.

Make a plan one year in advance and agree to take four trips together for four days each, or whatever plan works best for you. However, if your normal days off are on the weekend and you are flying, do the math to see whether weekend travel or taking unpaid time away saves you more money. Keep looking forward Making plans to see each other can be very mentally rewarding for both of you. Having a trip to plan can give you something to look forward to and talk about.

Pro-Tips Download a countdown app and celebrate each time the date gets a month or a week closer. Send a countdown gift to your sweetheart. Photo by Hank James Managing the Money 4. Sharing expenses Sharing expenses can help travelling become more feasible for each of you. This can be a tricky topic for all couples, not just those in long-distance, so keep the communication about money open and honest with your partner check out this useful series if you want some good tips on talking about money with your partner.

But, if feasible, it can help both of you feel more invested in the trip and the relationship if you agree to split the costs. Credit cards Miles, miles, miles! This is the number one way to save money on travelling by air. Getting an airline credit card will enable you to earn miles with every purchase you make.

Also, if you are sharing expenses this is a great way to do so. Use the credit card for your travel expenses and have one of you be in charge of paying the bill and calculating out expenses and let the other person know what their share is.

9 Tips for Cost-Effective Long Distance Relationship Travelling

This also takes the pressure off of having all the cash needed for travelling up front. Travelling can be an expensive adventure, so having a credit card can take off a lot of stress from both of you and you are earning miles for your next trip together with every purchase you make.

Cost effectiveness If you are looking to see each other but you afford a lot of extras, just stick with the super cost effective options. This includes flying at inconvenient times, staying at low-end hotels, taking public transportation, limit time spent eating out, and visit a great park instead of spending money on entertainment.

Visit restaurants off the beaten path. They will be less expensive and not as busy. Stay off the top list for restaurants in your area on TripAdvisor. Steer clear of tourist traps. Find attractions that locals visit, they will be less expensive. Photo by Olivier Gillet Pick a Place 7.

Destination meeting Meeting each other at a destination is one option to meet each other. This will save money in virtually every area.

long distance relationship flight tips cheap

Forms of long distance relationship travelling There are a lot of ways to travel to see your love. Flying is usually the fastest but the other options available to you might be worth the lowered expense.

Look into driving, taking the bus, or even a train. This will help you plan your travels, meeting places and find the most efficient ways to spend time with each other at most affordable costs! Be aware of one drawback: That way, whenever I was visiting my man he was still able to work and make the best out of my visit during the night! If you do it earlier than that, it might be more expensive. The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I'm in a long distance relationship, need cheap flights!

The best times price-wise to fly are during night, lunch, and dinner hours. I understand, you might not be interested in travelling like a backpacker when you are going to see your significant other as you need to prepare for romantic dinners, too … but packing light is possible! You just need to give it some thought. For more advice on packing light and smartcheck out this article.

long distance relationship flight tips cheap

Make sure to prepare for the layover and bring your own food- a sandwich made at home will be MUCH cheaper and tastier than the one you will purchase in the plane for USD. Get some movies or books which will help to pass the time in the airport instead of shopping. Recently we spent USD for dinner not even including the drinks! Walking around and picking a place is not good for the wallet! Find a nice park or take advantage of the terrace at your Airbnb if you got one.

Add candles, wine a sunset and you will have an amazing date set-up at no cost! I remember, even if we used to stop ourselves from going out for a romantic dinner, we could barely say no to a glass of wine while discovering a new city.

Having said that, we always remembered that the main reason of travelling was to be with each other.