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During a typical rhythmic gymnastics competition, a judge must evaluate approximately performances that last approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds each in the case of an individual competition. These exercises are executed by gymnasts of different ages and of different levels.

This specific situation suggests that the ability to discriminate performances should be emphasized by the judges participating in our study; as Mascharenhas explains, higher level referees have greater abilities to discriminate performances.

Nonetheless, our findings do not support this position. Teryokhina notes that the quality of judging is negatively influenced by the excessive amounts of information presented by a gymnast to a judge during an exercise. Not only is knowledge of the rules critical to the rigor of the process but also a level of experience is necessary to enable the judge to quickly anticipate, identify and register all the actions executed by the gymnast.

However, in our study, experience was not considered a key factor for a judge in acquiring these skills. Starkes notes that experience is related to actual practice and not necessarily to the number of years holding an official license. Thus, the total amount of specific and actual practice should contribute to the qualifications of a professional judge, as occurs in other sports.

Along these lines, Catteeuw et al. Rhythmic gymnastics judging demands great mental capacity because it combines emotional perception with objective technical evaluation; therefore, the judge must simultaneously appreciate expressive, artistic and technical parameters.

However, no significant differences in these abilities were found that would lead us to confirm the initial hypothesis that it is impossible for a judge to simultaneously evaluate objective-technical parameters and subjective-aesthetic parameters.

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In other sports and in similar situations in which various types of information must be processed simultaneously, Catteeuw et al. One of the limits of the current study was the small sample size. Our study is constrained by the absence of prior research with respect to judging sports competitions and the professional skills required to do so. Most prior research has focused on referees, not judges, but these two figures typically are assigned different types of tasks.

In addition, prior studies have approached this topic from the perspective of psychology. Similarly, if the sample were larger and the level of experience were otherwise accounted for, we might have obtained higher rates of significance in the results, which would have allowed us to better identify the skills required in the professional development of rhythmic gymnastics judges.

Future studies should address how psychological and physiological mechanisms can influence the development of the studied variables. Experience measured in years five years was the benchmark used in this study should not be the only factor taken into account in determining an expert Abraham et al.

In conclusion, this study offers evidence that the rhythmic gymnastics judge must apply and optimize a set of skills that contribute to an effective assessment process, including not only abilities that come from initial training—such as knowledge of the rules—but also abilities that are developed through analysis and reflection during practical experiences.

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pa judges cup gymnastics meet 2013

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She placed first all-around at the PA Judges Cup. She won beam and the all-around at the Janet Rothenberg Memorial. Emma placed second all-around at the Excalibur Cup and third all-around at the Pink Invitational.

She competed on three events at the State Championships, placing second on floor.

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As a level eight inEmma placed first on vault and beam at the Alamo Classic. She won vault and the all-around at the Pink Invitational. Emma placed first on floor and the all-around at the State Championships. At Regionals, she placed first on floor, third on beam and fifth all-around.

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Emma began competing level nine in She finished first on beam at the Apollo Rock n Roll Invitational. She won the all-around at the Pink Invitational. Emma placed second on beam, second on floor and fifth all-around at the State Championships. At Regionals, she finished third on beam, fourth on floor and twelfth all-around. During the season, Emma won beam and floor at the Christmas on the Chesapeake meet.

She won vault, beam and floor at the Christmas City Classic.

pa judges cup gymnastics meet 2013

She won floor at the Brestyans Las Vegas meet. She won beam and floor at the State Championships in addition to placing second all-around.