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Bataan is a province situated in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Its capital is the .. Archived from the original on 21 January Retrieved 12 February Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap. Download coordinates as. Asia (PEMSEA) and the Provincial Government of Bataan, Philippines with the support of the United .. Figure Rain-induced landslide and flood hazard map of Bataan. Figure 12 . () when ICM was implemented in the province, for providing the strategy to meet new challenges in the implementation. Since , we have used mobile technology to fast-track the generation of CBMS .. The poverty map for each indicator is prepared at the province and/or city level. A simple color Province of BATAAN. CITY OF . Balanga were not able to meet the 13 basic needs and suffered from about one deprivation. For instance.

Government[ edit ] A provincial government is autonomous of other provinces within the Republic. Each province is governed by two main elected branches of the government: Judicial affairs are separated from provincial governance and are administered by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Each province has at least one branch of a Regional Trial Court.

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List of current Philippine provincial governors The provincial governor is chief executive and head of each province. Elected to a term of three years and limited to three consecutive terms, he or she appoints the directors of each provincial department which include the office of administration, engineering office, information office, legal office, and treasury office.

Sangguniang Panlalawigan The vice governor acts as the president for each Sangguniang Panlalawigan SP; "Provincial Board"the province's legislative body. Every SP is composed of regularly elected members from provincial districts, as well as ex officio members. The number of regularly elected SP members allotted to each province is determined by its income class. First- and second-class provinces are provided ten regular SP members; third- and fourth-class provinces have eight, while fifth- and sixth-class provinces have six.

Exceptions are provinces with more than five congressional districts, such as Cavite with 14 regularly elected SP members, and CebuNegros Occidental and Pangasinan which have twelve each. The vice governor and regular members of an SP are elected by the voters within the province. And with Morong only two to three hours away both by commute and private transportation, there won't be much time wasted in traveling.

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Juness Beach Resort is situated in Brgy. Nagbalayong in Morong, Bataan.

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The resort may have it all already, but for tourists who want to explore various other offerings of Morong, staying at the resort is a smart choice because of how accessible it is to the attractions in town.

The Pawikan Conservation Center is just near the resort, about a nine-minute drive away. At this establishment, you can learn more about turtles and if you were able to swing by during their peak seasons, you may even witness turtle eggs being hatched and baby turtles being released onto the shore.

Another must-see Bataan landmark is just near Juness.

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The infamous Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which was built during the administration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, can be visited after a minute drive or commute from the resort. Find comfort and enjoy peace and privacy After making the most out of your day under the sun or exploring the tourist spots of the province, you'll need a place where you can rest and relax.

Luckily, the rooms at Juness Beach Resort will offer you that much-need respite with their homey interiors and amazing provisions. Over 40 rooms are housed within Juness Beach Resort and each of them are stylish and come with all the necessary amenities to take care of your needs.

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There are plenty of room types to choose from, which means that whether you are vacationing alone or enjoying the company of your loved ones and friends, you will find an ideal place to stay within the resort. From quaint standard rooms and dormitories for bigger groups to rooms with views as well as lavish villas, your next home away from home can be found at this amazing resort. Regardless of which room at Juness Beach Resort you opt for, you will find that each comes fully air conditioned and fitted with comfy beds.

Some also feature cable TV. Meanwhile, all of the toilets and baths are equipped with a hot and cold shower. Towels are already provided for so there's no need to bring your own anymore.

The rooms are non-smoking as well.