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He’s 70 (and You’re Not): 70 Fun Facts About Chevy Chase

It's the Day 3: CAR CRAFT Summer Nationals presented by We hope you got the chance to meet each celebrity; they were A number of the awards on day 3 were given out by the Chevrolet On day 1, Ashley Cammela, 22, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, took home the win; on Sunday, day 3. Here's a look at the life of Emmy-winning actor and writer, Chevy Chase. Celebrities The chance meeting led to a job as a writer and occasional March 9, - Appears on "Saturday Night Live" as a member of the. This is your chance to meet a celebrity at a real, Red Carpet media launch event, complete with Red Carpet treatment, AND a chance to win up.

Chevy Chase has been married three times. He wed Susan Hewitt in and divorced her three years later. They married a year later and are still together, having raised three daughters. Chevy and Ken, Together Again. Chase would also team up with Ken Shapiro again: The Start of Something Big.

Hoping to defuse Chase's characterization, Ford's press secretary Ron Nessen was a guest host on the show in Aprilwith Ford himself making a cameo via film clips. No Friend to Ford. While Chase would become friendly with Ford and took part in a symposium on presidential humor at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library inChase didn't always have a fond view of the former leader.

In a interview, he called Ford "a totally compassionless man" and said meeting him "was like looking into the eyes of 50 milligrams of Valium. When Chase became an early favorite on "Saturday Night" after it debuted incritics and a few NBC executives were suggesting Chevy might he a perfect replacement for "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson.

Chase was off the show for two weeks, though he made voice appearances by phone; on his first show back, Chase took the stage in a wheelchair, which John Belushi promptly pushed over. Chevy Chase has won three Emmy Awards, but only one for his acting.

Inhe won a Best Supporting Actor trophy for the first season of "Saturday Night," and shared honors with the rest of the show's writing staff. Chase also helped write a special starring Paul Simon, and the team took home the prize for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy-Variety or Music Special.

Chase was the co-creator of the "Weekend Update" segment, and was the anchor during his two years on the show. When he returned as host inhe insisted on doing "Weekend Update," even though Jane Curtin was now hosting the segment, leading to tension between the two comics. Chase was "SNL"'s first breakout star, and was also the first cast member to leave the show, after the second season had wrapped.

Tom Davis, a writer on the show, asked him why he was leaving, and Chase replied, "Money. Even though Chevy Chase became the first "Saturday Night" cast member to click in a big way with audiences and the press, originally he wasn't going to be a member of the cast. Lorne Michaels had hired Chase only as a writer, and it was later during the auditioning process that the possibility of using him as an actor came up.

No Food Fight for Chevy. The role of Otter, ladies' man and pre-med or pre-law student, in 's "National Lampoon's Animal House," was written for Chase, and the project was originally intended to star Chase, Bill Murray as nice guy Boone, and Dan Aykroyd as proto-biker D-Day. Get in the Ring. Chevy Chase and Bill Murray were both top comic stars when they appeared in "Caddyshack" inbut some people on the production wondered how the two would get along.

Inwhen Chase came back to host "SNL" in season three after leaving the cast a year earlier, things were tense between Chevy and Murray, and a shouting match between them turned into a fistfight a few minutes before air time. Fortunately, both were on professional behavior for the "Caddyshack" shoot. As We Go Along. However, Chase insisted on ad-libbing material throughout the scene, while Morgan was struggling to stick to the script.

When she shouts "You're crazy! Chevy Chase, Sex Symbol? Chevy was offered the leading role in Paul Schrader's sexy thriller "American Gigolo," but the actor was wary of the erotic content of the film and turned it down. John Travolta was then poised to headline the project until he dropped out at the last minute, and the role made Richard Gere a star. Inafter hitting it big on TV and in the movies, Chase returned to the recording studio, releasing a self-titled album for Arista Records. Unfortunately, the album, which featured the early hip-hop parody "Rapper's Plight," was a flop with both fans and critics; Jason Ankeny of All Music Guide called it "a spectacularly unfunny comedy album.

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Chevy Chase as America's greatest action hero? It's probably for the best that Harrison Ford won the role in the end. Chase was the first choice to play the male lead in Ron Howard's comedy "Splash," about a man who falls in love with a mermaid.

Did Tom send Chevy a thank you card? Ghost of a Chance. Chevy Chase turned down the chance to play Dr.

win a chance to meet celebrity 2013 chevy

Venkman in "Ghostbusters," the role that later went to Bill Murray. Chase has said that the original script was very different from the final film, with less humor and more scary supernatural material.

Not a Good Houseguest? Despite his contribution to "SNL," producer Lorne Michaels has reportedly banned Chase from hosting the show after several incidents of bad behavior toward the cast and writing staff. InChase proposed that gay cast member Terry Sweeney do an ongoing sketch in which he contracted AIDS and charted his weight loss each week, while in he suggested a female staff member perform an sexual act upon him.

It was the first and so far only time three people shared hosting duty on a single "SNL" episode. The musical guest was Randy Newman, who scored "Three Amigos" and helped write the screenplay. Takes One to Know One? Chevy Chase has hosted the Academy Awards twice, in and Chase kicked off the broadcast by greeting the audience with the cheerful words, "Good evening, Hollywood phonies!

In a interview, Chase discussed the low point of his movie career, the late s: There was a whole slew of 'Cops and Robbersons,' just films that didn't measure up, that didn't stand for anything comedically. They were purely for a paycheck.

Both contests were filled with qualified women, but only two went home with a crown. Both women impressed the panel of judges, one with her knee-high boots, and the other in a sparkling bikini.

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The launch box also saw tire screeching action as competitors squeezed in last minute attempts. The contestants were divided into cars into 3 classes: Each car needed to compete on the dyno, at the autocross, and in the launch box in order to win. The contest pushed cars and drivers to their limit, gauging the quality of the build and skill level of the driver.

Senior Tech Editor, Jeff Smith, presented the awards at the main stage; here is a list of the winners by class: Burnout Contest The day 3 F. Burnout Contest ended the weekend with mostly previous contestants who returned to win and also new opponents that stepped-up to the plate for the first time.

Tires were blown, rubber flew in the air, and car parts scattered the infield of the St.

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Paul Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Burnout Contest was Jeff Dmytrok of St.

win a chance to meet celebrity 2013 chevy

The custom machine runs a stock ci, sports inch rims, has a inch television. Dmytrok has been out all weekend burning rubber and pumping up the crowd, he is known for standing on the gas pedal while spinning the tires and encouraging the audience to scream by waving his hands.

He not only has showmanship, but a knack for smoking the tires and the determination to stick with what he wants.