Cal state la track meet results 2016

Cal State L.A. Outdoor Invitational

cal state la track meet results 2016

The official Track & Field schedule for the California State University at Bakersfield Athletics Roadrunners. , , , , , , , , , , , , Filter with Selected Recap · Day 1 Results (PDF) California State University, Los Angeles Logo at Cal Poly Invitational. LOS ANGELES — Five Warriors turned in two three finishes with two victories at Stanislaus State throwers dominated at the Cal State L.A. Twilight meet Thursday night. Men's Track & Field 4/14/ PM The very busy week for the track team continues on Friday in both Azusa and Long Beach. Latest Results. Meet. NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field Championships · Oxy Invitational (College/University) Cal State L.A. Twilight Open.

Adjustments for hurdle heights were also made. If you would like to "What If" the marks, you may obtain the Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the link. I would also like to thank John E Spalding for his many hours of research trying to locate missing names and marks for the athletes. Russell, the CIF's official history, says there were four not three sections in the beginning. I've also enclosed the text of my introduction to Bay Area Sports Stars, which explains the Bay Area situation in a bit more detail.

Anyway, here are the starting dates for the sections of the CIF, which was formed in March, Football was governed in by the Amateur Academic Athletic Association. Other games and meets were arranged in a haphazard manner untilwhen competition around the bay was provided by the Academic Athletic League. The AAL provided structured competition for boys in football, baseball, swimming, tennis and track and field.

Cal State San Marcos Athletics

Basketball was added early in the 20th Century. A few schools offered less formal interscholastic competition for girls in baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

Teams represented schools, but were not under the direct control of principals, superintendents or elected school officials. There were frequent disagreements over eligibility, rules and finances. InJames E. After a series of meetings, the California Interscholastic Federation was formed in March, Its main purpose was to put the direction of high school athletics in the hands of educators. The NCS was established in September, Of 70 high schools invited to join, only 15 responded initially.

Some needed more time to meet and discuss the new organization. Scores of other schools became members within the next few years. Although several Oakland high schools were CIF members in the first few years after the organization formed, they dropped out in when the Oakland Athletic League was created.

cal state la track meet results 2016

Four years later, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Section was organized. Eventually, it took in Solano County schools. If complete evacuation of the disabled is not possible, end of the corridor and request assistance from University Police.

Elevators must not be used to evacuate the building. Fire Activate the nearest fire alarm box.

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Call University Police ext. Give your name, location, and a description of the fire. Follow the building evacuation procedures. Earthquake If indoors, drop, cover and hold, get under a heavy table or desk and hold on, or sit or stand against an inside wall. Protect yourself at all times and be prepared for after shocks. If you need emergency help, call University Police ext. When the building evacuation alarm sounds, follow the procedures outlined above.

If outdoors, move quickly away from buildings, utility poles and lines, and all other structures. Routine calls, Police, ; Health Center, Pay phones — Dial at all on-campus pay phones, including those in the student housing complex.

Buildings — Dial at all campus phones.

California State Meet Results - to present

Courtesy phones are found in first floor lobbies of campus buildings Parking lots — Direct line emergency phones are found in call boxes in the following locations: They can be reached by dialing or during an emergency by dialing ext. A telephone directory is available in most campus offices. On-campus Emergency telephones are located across the campus and will provide direct access to the University Police.

cal state la track meet results 2016

See the list above for locations. Please listen attentively to the emergency instructions given by your instructor at the beginning of the first meeting of your assigned classes.

cal state la track meet results 2016

The instructor will inform you about the evacuation routes and the evacuation assembly areas for the buildings see campus map in which your classes are located.