Meet the streets 12 october 1979

meet the streets 12 october 1979

Candidates & Propositions See pages 10, 11, 12 and ELECTION '79 by Bob Barry SAN FRANCISCO POLICEMAN - Page 2 October WIDOWS Our October 23rd meeting featuring Dave Boyer, a. Christian musician .. Building at California Street is looking for an assis- tant director of. Discover what the world looked like on Friday, 12 October on Takemeback. to. Which News were making the headlines? Which were the. DAILY EPISODE SYNOPSES On the witness stand Raven flashes back to her final meeting with Wade, . while Steve races after him to the roof, and Deborah goes to cover the street exits. .. Episode # [Friday, 12 October ].

This was the highest death toll from a single incident in Belfast during the Troubles. The babies both died instantly when part of the wall crashed down upon the pram they were sharing.

The adult employees were killed and nineteen people were wounded. The IRA was blamed. After a lengthy examination of the evidence in the Inquiry's Report, Lord Saville concluded that "in our view Gerald Donaghey sic was probably in possession of the nail bombs when he was shot", but noted " Donaghey sic was not shot because of his possession of nail bombs".

Prayer services held across Ireland.

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In Dublin, over 30, marched to the British Embassy, carrying thirteen replica coffins and black flags. They attacked the Embassy with stones and bottles, then petrol bombs. The building was eventually burnt to the ground.

It was thought to be in retaliation for Bloody Sunday. Many were badly maimed. Direct rule from Westminster was introduced. There were fourteen shootouts between the PIRA and security forces. He was the first person to die from a rubber bullet impact. Seven people were killed: No group has since claimed responsibility but the late Father James Chesney, a local Catholic priest, who was the IRA's quartermaster and Director of Operations of the South Derry Brigadewas later implicated see, [34] [35] [36][37].

Loyalist paramilitaries forcibly tried to stop many people going to work and to close any businesses that had opened. There were eight bombings and thirty-five arsons. Three loyalist paramilitaries and one civilian were killed. The warning given before the explosion had been inadequate. December [ edit ] 4 February M62 coach bombing — eight British Army soldiers and three civilians the wife and two children of one of the soldiers who was killed are killed when a PIRA bomb exploded on a bus as it was travelling along the M62 motorway in West YorkshireEngland.

They killed thirty-three civilians and wounded a further This was the highest number of casualties in a single incident during "The Troubles". It has been alleged that members of the British security forces were involved. The UVF did not claim responsibility until 15 July As a result, direct rule was re-introduced. This was the deadliest attack in England during the Troubles. The " Birmingham Six " would be tried for this and convicted. Many years later, after new evidence of police fabrication and suppression of evidence, their convictions would be quashed and they would be released.

Heath was not in the building at the time and no one was injured. Seven "incident centres" were established in nationalist areas to monitor the ceasefire and the response of the security forces. The two groups assassinated a number of each other's volunteers until the feud ended in June The bomb exploded prematurely, killing a Catholic civilian woman and one of the UVF bombers.

Another Catholic civilian Michael Mulligan died of his injuries on 20 April Elizabeth Carson's husband, Willy, lost an arm in the attack.

His actions, however, reportedly delayed the explosion long enough to allow the train to pass safely. The attack was the first major breach of the February truce. The gunmen staged a bogus military checkpoint, stopped the showband's minibus and ordered the musicians out. The other gunmen then opened fire on the musicians and fled. Three UDR soldiers were later convicted for their part in the attack, which has been linked to the " Glenanne gang ".

This marked the end of their ceasefire in England. The gang was named for its late-night kidnapping, torture and murder by throat slashing of random Catholic civilians in Belfast. Shortly after, the same group launched a gun and bomb attack across the border in Silverbridge. Two local Catholic civilians and brothers Michael and Patrick Donnelly and an English civilian Trevor Brecknellmarried to a local woman, were killed in that attack, while six others were wounded.

meet the streets 12 october 1979

The attacks have been linked to the " Glenanne gang ". Eliot watches with delight as a frantic Margo searches for her gun following the robbery and kicks himself for missing a valuable diamond ring. April phones Margo and learns about the robbery and Margo's missing gun. At police headquarters, Draper and the police theorize about the connection between the penthouse burglary and the gun turning up mysteriously.

Raven pressures Logan to cross examine Winter, and when he expresses doubt about her guilt, she threatens to take herself and Jamey away from forever if he lets Winter get acquitted. Draper calls the penthouse and demands that April come home to fight with him, but she refuses. Margo remarks on the coincidence of the gun turning up with Draper right after the burglary and suggests that the police sometimes stage robberies to get evidence.

Steve speculates that even if Margo's gun turns out to be the murder weapon, Winter could have stolen it from Margo before committing the crime.

Margo hangs up on Steve when he calls to inform her that her gun was retrieved. While Miles and Nicole are at her apartment to pick her up for court, Winter receives an anonymous call from a man who wants to know if she is alone.

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Later, in the apartment corridor, Tank watches her leave. April returns home, but Draper bristles when she implies that she loves Margo as she does him. Steve phones Draper with the news that Margo's gun is not the murder weapon. Margo collects her gun from the police and annoys Deborah and Steve by insinuating that Draper's police friends might have been responsible for the robbery. Deborah begins to believe that the burglary was an inside job and is curious about Sarah. Cliff calls traveling salesman Mr.

Larrabee to the stand, who testifies to hearing the gunshot at 9: Draper objects to the noise being classified as gunfire when it could have been another sound. Next, Amy Berry returns to the stand to recount her previous testimony, and Draper's objection is over-ruled. But, on cross-examination, Draper manages to introduce Amy and sister Lila's past testimonies in other criminal cases.

As Cliff objects, a riled Amy accuses Winter of being a sinner and professes that she will do God's work to ensure that Winter is punished. Nicole relates to Winter the story of Wade drugging her in Chicago and making a tape that nearly broke up her relationship with Miles. Draper confides to Mike and Nancy that he really wants to get Margo on the witness stand.

Logan stops by Draper and privately attempts to inform him of the just delivered tape and its contents, but Cliff catches him and argues that the case is his now, not Logan's. Back in court, Cliff rests the prosecution's case. Draper begins the defense by calling Winter to the stand and establishes how she met Wade ten years earlier in Chicago. Winter gives a believable, impassioned recount of being lured into the degradation of pornography and later trying desperately to escape her past.

Logan becomes uncomfortable as Draper directs his questioning to Winter's relationship with Logan and Wade's exploitation of their association. Under cross-examination, Cliff leads Winter into asserting that she never went into Wade's bedroom the night he was killed. Then he stuns everyone by presenting the videotape which he proclaims was recorded in Wade's bedroom during the murder. Winter becomes hysterical as Cliff plays the tape to the court and launches into a barrage of questions about how she came to be in Wade's bedroom only seconds after he was murdered.

Draper requests and is granted a recess until the day after tomorrow. Eliot and Sarah are annoyed that Margo's gun wasn't used to kill Wade. April arrives at the penthouse unexpectedly and almost catches Eliot and Sarah fooling around, but she does note that Sarah's hair is down instead of put up as it usually is when she is working.

Nicole tells Margo about the latest twist in the case, and they wonder how Winter can continue to deny ever setting foot in Wade's bedroom when she is clearly next to his body on the tape. Mike and Draper grill Winter about her obvious presence on the tape, but she maintains that she never entered Wade's bedroom the night he was shot.

After Winter leaves, Draper confides to Mike that he doesn't know how he can continue to represent Winter when he now believes that she's actually guilty. With Winter steadfast in her claim that she couldn't be the woman on the tape, Mike requests that the prosecution share it with them for another look, and over Cliff's objections, Logan lets them have it.

Realizing that the tape could be a forgery, Draper has it sent to an expert in videography to examine it for evidence of potential tampering. Winter arrives, and Draper assures her that this is going to be her day in court. He elicits Winter's assertion that she knew about the hidden cameras in Wade's bedroom and was not the woman shown standing by his body on the tape.

Under cross-examination, Cliff postulates that in her haste to shoot Wade, Winter forgot about the cameras and never worried about the tape's existence because she had instructed Tank to steal the tape along with the rest of the incriminating evidence.

Winter denies involvement with Tank but concedes that the tape in question obviously exists. Logan addresses the jury with a very sympathetic summation, reminding them that justice and sympathy are not incompatible, but begs them to reach the only logical conclusion of Winter's guilt as demonstrated by all of the evidence.

Logan is followed by Draper who gives an impassioned summation detailing the tragedy of Winter's life. He segues into the incriminating tape and explains the process of video chroma key in which two images can be combined. Despite Cliff's vociferous objection, Judge Oliveri allows Draper to explain the relevance of chroma key to the case. Draper plays the video of Wade's shooting to the court, while having the courtroom stenographer read back Amy Berry's statement about the events surrounding the gunshot.

Everyone is stunned when he points out the discrepancy between Amy's testimony of seeing Winter wearing a blue coat with a fur collar, and the woman on the tape whose coat doesn't have a fur collar. Draper closes with the theory that the real killer chroma keyed Winter's image onto the murder tape in an attempt to frame her for a crime she didn't commit. When she admits she wants a home and is angry that they can't have children to fill it, Draper agrees to consider buying a small cottage and gives April his blessing to begin house hunting following the trial.

Winter apologizes to Mike for giving him and Draper a hard time, but in view of recent developments, Mike reassures her that she made the right decision in refusing the DA's plea agreement. Court resumes, and everyone is on tenterhooks as the foreman stands to read the verdict.

The courtroom then erupts in jubilation as Winter is found not guilty of Wade's murder. Defeated, Cliff blames Logan for losing their case since he allowed Mike a second look at the tape, but Logan reminds him that the tape was in fact faked, so the correct verdict was rendered.

Cliff vows that his career has been killed just as surely as Winter killed Wade. Logan speaks privately with Winter, admitting his happiness over her acquittal, and she tells him that she would have done anything for him, including murder. Winter considers her future as a free woman, but Miles and Nicole caution her that she is still in danger since Tank obviously murdered Wade and attempted to frame her for the crime. Tank hears a news bulletin announcing the verdict in Winter's trial and phones her, but he hangs up without speaking.

Instead, he brandishes a gun and decides it's time to pay Winter a visit. Brooks, a real estate agent who is acquainted with Margo. Brooks and the fact that she and Draper can't afford a new house. Tank turns up at Winter's apartment and begs her to leave Monticello with him. When she refuses, he holds her at gunpoint. Brooks and persuades him to sell the Scotts a "discount" house, with Margo secretly making up the difference in price.

Raven and Logan dine at the Unicorn where Raven and Eliot meet and flirt with one another. Steve and Deborah decide to stop by Winter's apartment to check on her, but she nervously sends them away as a hidden Tank has threatened to kill her if she calls for help. April and Draper discuss his next career move, and she avoids his questions about her meeting with the real estate agent.

April tells Draper about Paige Madison, a wealthy heiress who needs legal representation after being accused of arms smuggling. Margo phones April to tell her about the perfect house, and April learns that Margo is a former acquaintance of Paige Madison's father Owen, a movie director.

Friday 12 October 1979

Winter begs Tank to change his mind about running away. Steve and Deborah return to Winter's apartment, and after playing along with Tank's charade, she suddenly throws the door open and runs. Tank flees through the window, while Steve races after him to the roof, and Deborah goes to cover the street exits.

On the roof, Steve and Tank engage in a shootout. Exchanging gunfire, Steve is knocked down, and Tank topples over the roof while attempting to reach the fire escape. Before Steve can recover, Winter pries Tank's fingers away from the ledge where he dangles precariously, and he falls to his death with a blood curdling scream. Later, Winter claims that before he was killed, Tank confessed to Wade's murder and the frame up. Draper rejects April's suggestion that they use Margo's friendship with Owen Madison to meet his daughter Paige, but he reluctantly agrees to see the house Margo found in Oakdale.

Eliot returns from opening night at the Unicorn and avoids Margo's sexual advances. Calvin suggests to Winter that with Tank dead, the Wade Meecham case will officially be closed. After the police leave, Winter flashes back to her last meeting with with Wade which proceeds just as she described in court, except that she did enter his bedroom with a gun and fired the fatal shot after he taunted her that she would never be free of him.

Miles attempts to assuage Steve's guilt about Tank's death by pointing out that Tank was killed from a fall from the roof, not Steve's bullet, which only grazed Tank's leg. Steve rejects Miles' suggestion that he discuss his guilt with the police psychologist Dr. Bill informs Logan that as far as the Monticello P.

They go over the Paige Madison case, which they fear will generate even more media attention than the Meecham murder. Raven presses Logan about their wedding and makes him promise to never mention Winter's name again. Bill surprises the Three Muskateers with news of Deborah's promotion to a rank of detective. Raven convinces Winter to meet for a drink and a little talk about Logan.

Winter flashes back to having a drink in the hotel bar after shooting Wade and informing Tank of Wade's death. After seeing the gun in her purse and recognizing it as the one he gave to her, Tank searched Wade's hotel suite, where he retrieved the suitcase of Raven's blackmail money, and the videotape that recorded the shooting.

Tank and Winter met again in the bar, and he told her that Wade's hidden bedroom video camera had been activated. Winter declared with certainty her fear that she would be arrested for the crime since Wade's neighbors saw her running to the elevator and could identify her. After learning that the crime was recorded on tape, Tank wanted to destroy it, but Winter insisted she wanted to go to WMON and watch it.

meet the streets 12 october 1979

Miles theorizes that the murder weapon will be identified as Tank's gun. Nicole admits that she always liked him. Winter recalls watching the tape at WMON, where Tank showed her the copy of Margo's manuscript that he stole and suggested that many people had a reason to want Wade dead.

Winter realized that if somehow the tape was altered, people would believe that she was being framed, and people who are framed are innocent. Tank worried that he would be implicated in the crime, but Winter convinced him that his alibi of being in a poker game would hold up. Together, they plan to make a minor but significant alteration to the tape, such as changing Winter's coat, to fool everyone into believing that she was framed.

As they later watch the tape Tank altered with chroma key, Winter promises Tank that she will leave Monticello with him once she is cleared of the crime. Nicole discovers a videotape at WMON that contains the shots of Winter that Tank used to make the altered murder tape, but she is dismayed to see that it is dated March 2nd, when Winter claims the shots had been taped weeks before.

meet the streets 12 october 1979

April confesses to Miles that Margo secretly underwrote their new house, and they're keeping the truth from Draper. Draper, Mike, and Nancy talk about the Paige Madison case, and the wonder if she became involved for kicks or because she was in love with gang leader Tobias. April is overjoyed when Draper admits he went to see the Oakdale house and loves it. Raven and Logan welcome Geraldine into their new family with Jamey. Geraldine wishes she could protect Jamey from all of the disappointments he will one day face in life.

Nicole shows Winter the tape of Tank's wild shots used for the chroma key, and Winter insists it must be incorrectly dated. Brooks, who puts his foot in his mouth by suggesting the second bedroom would make a nice nursery. April tells Draper about Raven's insensitive comments regarding motherhood, and he broaches the subject of adoption.

Miles shares with Nicole April's secret about Margo covertly paying one third of the cost of the Oakdale house behind Draper's back. Miles and Nicole worry about Draper's reaction should he ever find out the truth. Winter reads the station's fan mail to Margo, and after hearing about overzealous viewers who threaten violence, Winter has an idea of how to deal with Nicole's continued snooping.

Later, Winter writes an anonymous letter pretending to be a deranged fan who threatens to put a knife in Nicole's back. Nicole opens Winter's anonymous letter but dismisses it as the ramblings of a crackpot, but Miles fears it might be more dangerous than she realizes.

Nicole rejects Miles' insistence that he escort her to the TV studio. April believes that Draper and Paige are destined to meet.

Margo visits Owen on the pretext of getting reacquainted.

Owen confides to her that his wife Nola, a veteran movie star, is drying out in a Los Angeles clinic after he beloved son Brian ran off with the Navy three years ago. Margo attempts to "solve" one of Owen's problems by promoting Draper as Paige's potential legal counsel.

Winter flashes back to killing Tank and composes another anonymous, threatening note to Nicole. After Margo's visit, Paige grouses to Owen that she is tired of stodgy old attorneys and wants to meet the youthful, ambitious Draper Scott.

Nicole opens the letter which contains a note promising her that she won't live to see the Paige Madison story broadcast. Meanwhile, a menacing Winter sucks blood from her finger tip and watches Nicole from the studio shadows. Tonight could be your farewell appearance on WMON. One thing is for sure. I'm gonna help you sign off real soon Later that night, as she and Nicole work alone in the studio, Winter grabs a pair of large scissors and stab Nicole in the back, making it appear that she was the victim of the fan.

As Winter raises her arm to strike, Nicole glimpses a wide shot of the set on a TV monitor and leaps to her feet. Nicole confronts Winter about concocting the deranged fan scheme, and realizing that she is in terrible danger, pretends that she doesn't realize that Winter cooperated with Tank to alter the videotape and fool the jury.

Winter attempts to stab Nicole, who escapes into the studio sound stage with Winter in pursuit. Winter manages to trap Nicole on the studio floor. Steve and Bill are unable to find any clues in Nicole's last letter. Bill surmises that the blood signature means they can't dismiss the letters as crank instead of a serious threat. Bill accuses Steve of being gun shy since the shootout with Tank and encourages him to take some time off, but Steve refuses.

Calvin and Deborah tease Cliff over a press release that Logan has assigned him to prosecute Paige Madison, who's being defended by Cliff's rival Draper. Miles phones to tell Nicole that he has been delayed at the hospital. Winter offers to escort Nicole home for him. Winter activates the microphones on the studio floor and informs a terrified Nicole that Miles won't be coming for her. Steve has an idea who the perp was when Davey describes him as a dark-haired teenager wearing a t-shirt with a unicorn insignia on it.

At the Unicorn, Mickey confides in Eliot a hatred of authority figures. Margo phones Eliot, imploring him to come home and then dismisses Sarah for the night.

In the lobby of the apartment building, Sarah has Oscar arrange a cab for her to the Unicorn. Steve stops by the restaurant to run his theory by Mickey about Joey holding up Davey, but Mickey argues that the only gun Joey owns is a cap pistol. Eliot mistakenly refers to Sarah as "Raven" when he learns he has a brunette visitor. Steve phones WMON and offers to stop by, but Winter convinces him to change his plans by claiming Miles is on his way to escort them home safely. Nicole reminds Winter that she has nothing because under double jeopardy, Winter can't be tried again for Wade's murder even if it is proven publicly that she was actually the killer.

Winter recounts Wade's blackmail and laments being forced to silence Tank. Nicole is horrified to realize that Winter has confessed to murdering Tank, and now Winter will be forced to kill her, too.

Episode [Thursday, 14 June ] Winter goes to the studio floor to stab Nicole, but Nicole runs and hides.

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A panicked Winter searches the studio while begging Nicole to come out from her hiding place with promises of leaving Monticello. Nicole manages to reach the circuit breaker and plunges the studio into darkness. Bill stops by Deborah's office to talk about Steve, and Deborah assures him that they aren't having personal problems that would affect Steve's work performance. Steve phones Deborah and persuades her to have coffee with him after her shift ends. Eliot offers Steve a drink, and Steve questions him about Joey.

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Mickey grills Joey about his recent activities and discovers that Joey has procured a revolver. Steve admits to Deborah that he is a little gun shy since shooting Tank. Nicole cowers in the shadows of the studio while Winter uses a portable spotlight and locates her. As Winter approaches with the scissors, Nicole pleads for her life and manages to knock her off balance. Nicole climbs a ladder to the catwalk high above the studio floor, with Winter in hot pursuit.