How do you meet aliens in sims 2

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how do you meet aliens in sims 2

how do you meet an alien. This page contains The Sims 2, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru. I only know about Story Mode on The Sims 2, so my answer is assuming I didn't realize how you shouldn't meet any Aliens before going to a. If you want your sim to meet the kind of aliens in the UFOs then have them look through a telescope at night. By doing this the sim may.

how do you meet aliens in sims 2

None of this affects how Asewuk actually acts, though. She's a typical Sim in almost every way, other than her skin color and creepy eyes. Her Energy meter is replaced with the "Brain Power" meter that decays significantly slower.

how do you meet aliens in sims 2

She restores her brain power in one of two ways: Aliens must have pretty strong teeth! Asewuk also has the ability to transmute any gems or metals into other, possibly more valuable materials with a simple command. It's not a game-changer, but it may give you some bigger profits, especially if your alien has the Gatherer trait.

Not only is it stylish, but it has several functions that make it special. By far its most practical use is standard transportation because when it's used, it instantly teleports Asewuk to her destination, proving once and for all that roads are for suckers.

Buy Mode Beyond fantastic speed, the UFO can be interacted with to force a rain or snow storm depending on the temperatureor be used to abduct other Sims from their home to force them to visit your lot. This only works if the pilot actually knows the target; she can't simply abduct someone at random. Once a UFO is in your family's position, anyone can upgrade it or fly it. Pyro can take it for a spin and even visit other planets if it's been upgraded for space travel.

Alien Babies[ edit ] Pyro is desperate and marries Asewuk, leading to the stark realization that she's in her Elder stage of life. In Strangetown stories, the Grunt-Smith rivalry is almost always portrayed as caused by General Buzz's racism species-ism?

Each sim has the opportunity to experience one, and even has a cutscene to emphasize its glory. If you have created an adult or elder from scratch then their first kiss will be a memory. London's Famous Birthday Cake No birthday celebration would be complete without this festive and lovingly baked confection.

Make sure to invite family and friends to the party before it's all gone! If it's not your friends heckling and teasing, it's that cake with one more candle squeeeeeeezed onto that little surface each year. The way we figure, if a cake is going to make you feel bad for being a year older, at least it will taste fantastic! Some of the clothing mods fit like this. Said at the end of the welcome speech to the science hobby secret lot. The core philosophy of a Knowledge Sim.

how do you meet aliens in sims 2

Most Sims fear alien abductionsencountering bigfoot, having a relative resurrected as a zombieor getting turned into a werewolfvampireplantSimwitchor any other non-standard state. Knowledge Sims utterly embrace all of the above, and all combinations thereof.

Frothy Mugs of Water: Kegs and Bars are always described as "juice. Apartment Life lets Sims become witches and warlocks.

Vampires and werewolves don't seem to have any particular built-in antipathy towards one another in this game. Same goes with all the other available creatures.

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The one exception is good vs evil witches, who naturally start with much worse relations than normal. Which isn't to say that it isn't possible for good and evil witches to become friends or even lovers - the player just needs to work harder to get them on friendly terms. While the opposite is true amongst two good or two evil witches; since they have the same witch alignment, they'll start off with good relations. Deleting Sims from a neighborhood will corrupt a neighborhood due to the accumulated missing reference to the deleted Sim, eventually making it unplayable.

This means using the in-game "delete" option in the Families bin will cause corruption.

how do you meet aliens in sims 2

There is a bug that sometimes causes all graves on a lot to disappear when the game is saved while ghosts are out and about Have a public cemetery even if you don't plan on ever visiting it to get rid of pesky ghosts you perhaps don't want haunting your living sim's actual homes.

Just don't, y'know, delete that cemetery while it has gravestones still in it. Crumplebottom into supernatural creatures, adding them to a household, or just in general trying to make them do something outside of their intended purposes will corrupt the entire game and not just the neighborhood, requiring a full reinstallation of the game to recover from the game corruption. Save for one; the most dangerous scenario, which could happen to any player even if they never use cheats, is when you visit a downtown public lot where Mrs.

Crumplebottom and a vampire NPC may spawn. Crumplebottom can be bitten and transformed into a vampire by the Vampire NPC. If this happens your entire game is probably toast. Luckily there's an easy fan-made fix found online which prevents NPC vampires from biting sims while on a community lot, eliminating the chances of this game-killing freak occurrence from happening. Alternatively there's other fan-made mods which prevent Mrs Crumplebottom from spawning, ever if you can bear with the lovely old lady no longer visiting your public lots.

Another in-game feature, storing occupied lots in the lots bin, can corrupt a neighborhood for the same reason due to referencing missing Sims, and so does putting in occupied lots which also has the side-effect of duplicating the character files of anyone the family knowswhich is why no mod sites attempt to do that. Moving an occupied lot into the bin and then placing it into a different neighborhood will corrupt the destination as well. For a bonus facepalm factor, the base game's manual even mentions this as a feature.

The premade occupied lots that come with Pets are safe, however, since they are completely self-contained. Resurrecting Sims that died before the game starts will corrupt the game. This is because the Sims in question usually have incomplete or outright corrupted data. The Sims in Olive Specter's graveyard are an especially severe case, as traits like their age or gender don't match their models.

Already-dead Sims from neighborhoods introduced after University tend to be safer as they were already created with the possibility of using the Resurrect-o-Nomitron in mind, but already-dead Sims from Pleasantview, Strangetown or Veronaville are too risky to resurrect since you couldn't do so without cheats in the base game. Two pre-made families, the Ottomas family and the Crittur family, have pregnant members who may corrupt the neighborhood when they give birth.

The Seasons patch fixes both families, but only for instances created after the patch: Third-party mods can still salvage the situation if the mothers haven't given birth yet, by terminating the pregnancies and if desired re-impregnating with the correct fathers.

The nature-loving John Burb, like his father Brad, has a fashionable wife who depending on the player's interpretation doesn't care much for suburban life. Getting Crap Past the Radar: In order to keep the game rated T, themes that would be considered adult were replaced with 'kid-friendly' substitutes. The word "woohoo" was used in place of "have sex.

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Kegs and bars are always referred to as "juice kegs" and "juice bars," or "nectar" in the case of the wine bar. On the roof of Don Lothario's house is a telescope. Don has absolutely no interest in the logic skill. His next-door neighbors are the incredibly attractive Caliente sisters. Any guesses at what he uses the telescope for?

In Bustin' Out there is a rather attractive lady named Mona Lott 'moan a lot'. Now, considering that her home business is called Club Rubb, it seems doubtful that this particular Punny Name refers to her constant complaining A few chance cards in the Politics career make references to entire speeches somehow getting replaced with the contents of Titus Andronicus. Though only the title is mentioned in-game, it's a real Shakespearean play about a brutal spiral of revenge involving murder, rape, mutilation, and cannibalism.

Knowing this, it's unsurprising that one chance card can result in the Sim being fired after accidentally replacing one speech with the first two acts and this is the same chance card Mary-Sue Pleasant will get and always fail the first time her household is played!

The reward for the Slacker career track? Sometimes happens with the real-life songs used in the game and sung in Simlish. The original songs aren't always that G-rated; a good example would be Charlotte Martin's upbeat and innocent-sounding Keep Me In Your Pocket used in Bon Voyagewhich, while consisting entirely of unusual euphemismsis still a pretty obvious Intercourse with You song.

In fact, they will even want to cheat on their partners. A Sim might want to see the ghost of somebody who's still alive, and they're furious with. Yup, they want them to die. Olive Specter is known for genetically being one of the most beautiful pre-made Sims in the game, despite being an elder.

It wouldn't hurt to get her to buy new clothes and get rid of that ghoulish looking black dress though. Sadly, although Olive does have nice physical features, her personality isn't exactly beautiful, being an implied serial killer decorating her home with dozens and dozens of graves.

Even if she isn't a mass murderer as her storyline suggests, she's still a highly unsettling person. Of course some people are into that. Jennicor Tricou, the matriarch of the mysterious deceased Tricou family, is also quite a looker. Alternate option is "Try for baby".

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A somewhat unorthodox example: Ultimate Collection, which includes every expansion and stuff pack for the game, can be this. Unless you received it during the promotion mentioned above, the only way to add it to your Origin collection is through contacting EA customer support and providing them with proof that you own a physical copy of The Sims 2. Failure Is the Only Option: Mary-Sue Pleasant will always get a chance card in her first day of work in the game, and it will have a bad result no matter the option you pick.

Alien Sims in The Sims 2, as they are the half-human offspring of an alien pollination technician and the sim who was abducted. Technically any children that those alien sims go on to have fit this trope as well.

Claus outfit in the holiday packs. When a Sim's worst fears come true, they'll have a gibbering breakdown from which they have to be rescued by an imaginary psychiatrist. Who gives them a brief pep talk and then gets them to do something silly. One of the premade household scenarios. The husband is having an affair with the maid, if the player follows the onscreen suggestions, they, and a rigged chance card will lead to the wife being fired or demoted and coming home early to catch him in bed with the maid.

Of course it's easy enough to avoid the entire thing by not having the man get in bed with the maid or by ignoring the chance card. Don Lothario, Pleasantview's local womanizer, works in the medical career path. In University, it's possible to change a Sim's Lifetime Aspiration to "Grilled Cheese", which centers around eating and cooking certain amounts of Grilled Cheese.

Nightlife introduces the "Pleasure" Aspiration, which revolves around simple joys like putting on pajamas, drinking "juice", and jumping on the couch. I Just Want to Be Normal: Sims who don't have a knowledge aspiration react this way if you get them turned into a monster such as a vampire, zombie, werewolf etc.

The Sims 4 Aliens (Get to Work)

Even a witch, which makes a Sim Cursed with Awesome and carries no harmful side effects whatsoever. Hence the negative red memory when a non-knowledge sim gets turned into one of these creatures. However there are exceptions which have been spotted by players; a non-Knowledge sim turned into a vampire will occasionally be a green positive memory, usually when the vampire who bit them is their lover.

Either it's a bug, or is it truly The Power of Love showing, and the willingness to be together forever as a never-aging vampire couple? Intentional or not, it's cute. Oddly being turned into a witch is almost always a negative memory EVEN when it happens to Knowledge sims.

Despite the fact that being turned into a witch is the least drastic life state change there is; Your skin tone doesn't really change unless you purposely become an extremely good or evil witch, and you can change your outfit so that you no longer look like a witch, whenever you like. What's the phobia regarding witches? Fear of witch hunts, perhaps? Which doesn't exist ingame, but storywise perhaps it does in a lore sense. I Just Want to Be Special: Knowledge aspiration Sims tend to have wants like this.

See Nightmare Fetishist below. I Love the Dead: You can choose zombies as one of a Sim's turn-ons. If you call and invite a Sim you're not friends with to your house one of the excuses they give to not come over is they're waiting for the phone repairman. All the books written by the sims are published when they're finished. The Cow Plant kind of causes this.