Nice to meet you head on lyrics the stooges

Elektra Comes to Detroit: An Excerpt from ‘TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges’

The Stooges are singing waiters whose silly antics inspire two doctors worried about little Betty Williams Unidentified NUTTY BUT NICE 1 (Music and Lyrics ). TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop is the first time the story of this seminal band has . Uh yeah, nice to meet ya!. 'Rich Bitch' ('when your cunt's so big you could drive through a truck') were forgettable jokes. But as the Stooges prepared for the Michigan Palace, he felt the singer's plight was the slow and messy demise of the MC5 over in England, Detroit's last great hope. of meeting a formal enemy who'd set out to destroy them.

Iggy Pop's malodorous lyrics "Gimme danger, little stranger, and I will feel your disease" were mirrored by Williamson's wild, complex guitar style, which sounds, if you can apply such a word to music, unhygienic. There's thought going on behind the swagger. When the Stooges left London for Los Angeles in OctoberDeFries got Bowie to produce and mix Raw Power in a last-ditch attempt to create something vaguely palatable for the record-buying public.

And the truth is that Raw Power would never have been released had it not been for Bowie. It ended on February at the Michigan Palace in Detroit, when a gang of bikers beat up Pop after he challenged the entire audience to a fight — the show is captured on the legendary bootleg album Metallic KO, described by the critic Lester Bangs as "the only rock album I know where you can actually hear hurled beer bottles breaking against guitar strings".

Williamson and Pop returned to Los Angeles in the hope of kickstarting their musical careers once more, but by then pretty much all was lost. While Williamson seems sanguine about its initial failure, Pop clearly feels that Raw Power's current status as a classic album is long overdue. He was at my place, then he was at his girlfriend's, and then nobody wanted him so he was on the street.

He was despondent and desperate. He couldn't manage his life anymore, so he did the right thing and checked into a mental hospital. It didn't work, although the tracks were eventually released as the album Kill City. So that was that. Meanwhile, Williamson was left high and dry. So he went back to school. He studied electronics and, apart from a rare foray to the studio to produce Iggy's album New Values, he gave up on rock'n'roll.

Soon after becoming a father he landed a job at a pioneering microchip company, Advanced Micro Devices, leading to engineering work at Sony Electronics. He didn't go near a guitar for the better part of three decades.

nice to meet you head on lyrics the stooges

His son referred to the collection of vintage guitars gathering dust in the family living room as "the coffins in the corner". I'd be myself, asking questions like, 'Isaac Newton — how did he come up with that? While Iggy Pop became a worldwide superstar, Williamson made personal computers user friendly. The only clue to his whereabouts came on a line from Pop's song The Dum Dum Boys, a tribute to his old gang, which contains the line: At first it was the occasional fan or journalist trying to track him down.

Then inresponding to the cult that had built up around the Stooges since their demise, Pop decided to get the old band back together. The Asheton brothers heeded the call but Williamson explained that, being a top-ranking executive at Sony, he wasn't really in a position to take off around the world and crank out ultra-malevolent rock riffs when there were board meetings to attend.

Then events were to take a turn for the surreal. In February Ron Asheton died of a heart attack, not long after the Stooges' triumphant reunion tour. A few months later Williamson got a call from Pop, who wanted to play Raw Power in its entirety, live, for the first time.

Then the recession caught up with Sony and they offered me early retirement. And then I remembered the Stooges.

We aren't for everyone. Remember, gentlemen, he's 40 years old, has a bald spot on his head, and an anchor tattooed on his shoulder. Where are you going? To find the little girl's father. Is that the sun up there? I don't know, I'm a stranger in town.

Don't forget, five-foot-ten in his stocking feet. That can't be him.

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He ain't got no stockings on. He's got his legs on backwards! Hey, what are you trying to do? Don't you believe in reincarnation? Don't you bark at me! Oh, bumping into people, eh? How tall are you? Have you got a bald spot? See how suspicious he acted? That must be him! Yeah, come on kid, we'll go in and buy you some more beer. Come on, we'll buy you some more. Any more news on that missing bank cashier? Yeah, I'll take care of it, alright. That's alright, I hope your friends enjoy the beer.

Moe spots the detective and mistakes him for Butch Look!! We asked you a question!! Yeah, can you yodel?

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Have you got an anchor tattooed on your shoulder? What's it to you, anyway? Oh, a wise guy! Lay him up in the corner and undress him. See if you can find any identification!

See if he's got any marks!

Elektra Comes to Detroit: An Excerpt from ‘TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges’

Wait, take it easy, now! Look for the tattoo mark! Look out for the shoe. Oh, yes there is! The man, totally frustrated, begins crushing the pails with his feet. : NUTTY BUT NICE ()

Oh, drunk again, huh? Come on, I've had enough of this, now!! Come on, come on! Boy, that was a narrow escape. There's no quitting until we find the little girl's father, remember that! Who are you pushing around? Yeah, try to keep it short. It was also the way I dressed. So things like that, it was try to make a simple, beautiful style. I met her father. I was a house guest for a while with them. I learned about the finer things and also a certain taste for just really clean simplicity.

Yeah, and a lot of it was advertising too. I was listening to a lot of advertising jingles A record industry trade ad for the Stooges debut album.

nice to meet you head on lyrics the stooges

Jeff Gold collection J: So how about the album cover? You jumped in the air and… I: Again, it was me being an idiot like I have been so many times. What this band is about is action!

nice to meet you head on lyrics the stooges

Okay guys, line up here. It looks like it. Yes, you can see the work there? Was there any truth to the story that either you or Ron called Three Stooges leader Moe Howard to get permission to call the band The Stooges?

So that was your decision, not theirs?