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meet for a coffee

“Invite him to coffee.” “Ask her to grab a drink.” “See if they'd like to meet up to talk in person about their career paths.” The longer you've been in the working the. Meet your new friend for a coffee date and avoid the cost and awkwardness of a regular activity. You've been admiring a particular professional for a really long time, you finally worked up the courage to say hi and ask her to coffee, and she surprisingly said.

meet for a coffee

I didn't know a single person. No one to call or email.

meet for a coffee

Every connection I had was involved in the IT consulting community, which believe it or not, is drastically different than the startup community. So, I did what any truly lost entrepreneur would do and took coffee meetings in days.

I went from being alone to building an active community of people I can always rely on for my career and personal growth. If you're looking to build a network, and enjoy coffee, here are my three top tips--along with the help of two other relationship experts--on how to create a professional network using coffee meetings: Find and befriend the super connector in your community.

meet for (a) coffee

The first decision I made to get connected in the Chicago tech community was to get involved with the community leaders, also known as the "super connectors. This is easier said than done. Busy people don't want to become busier.

They need help from people that can add value to them.

meet for a coffee

I got involved by offering my services for free. I offered to help with development, marketing, and writing. At the time, I wasn't that good at either of these, but it was good enough to break me in. Start from the top. Find out what help the super connectors need. Get great at asking for coffee.

Some people are always open for coffee, some need a strong reason, and some people simply don't meet with strangers regardless of how strong your ask is. However, If you don't ask, you'll never get the meeting.

Here is an example email that I'll send to someone I want to meet because they are interesting. Hi, John--Coffee in Chicago?

meet for a coffee

Hi, John--I'm a big fan of your work. I've learned a lot from you, and I've been able to incorporate so many of your tips into my career.

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It is simply about what you can do for each other. You have been matched! In one year you can get up to 52 matches. You decide on how many inspiring people you want to meet through Meet Over Coffee.

meet for a coffee

What can I do for you? Meet Over Coffee is your shortcut to meet people whom you can mutually benefit from. Use Meet Over Coffee to tie more ties and to strengthen your connections and communities.

5 Steps For Turning “Let’s Get A Coffee” Into A Productive Career Move

Understand Meet Over Coffee in 1 minute in Danish. Find out about the benefits of using Meet Over Coffee as a strong and easily accessible way to build a solid professional network. Getting to know people - networking is a long-term investment.

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