Meet the browns tv show quotes heroes

Phillips: Jim Brown, once a hero, maybe never should have been one - NY Daily News

meet the browns tv show quotes heroes

For many, Jim Brown is considered to be one of the greatest athletes and his quotes have raised some eyebrows because they don't line up with Brown said Tuesday on the JT The Brick Show on Fox Sports Radio. . They say you should never meet your heroes because they're sure to disappoint you. Product Description. When Mr. Brown discovers a letter from his deceased father asking him to “take care of the old,” he dutifully opens a senior-care facility. Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns is an American sitcom created and produced by playwright, director, and producer Tyler Perry. The show initially revolved around .

We trust in them our hopes, our fears But what happens when trust is lost? Where do we run, when things we believe in vanish before our eyes?

When all seems lost, the future unknowable, our very existence in peril All we can do is run. You must be Dr. Can I get you some tea? Sorry it took me so long to get here.

Phillips: Jim Brown, once a hero, maybe never should have been one

No, it's no problem. Is Earl Grey okay? Yes, that'll be fine. Sylar moves to other room and begins to make tea. You um, sounded rather alarmed on the phone. You semeed to have calmed down some. I had a kind of epiphany about it this morning. Are you familiar with Abraham Maslow, the peak experience? No, I'm afraid not. Makes you feel very tiny, or very large. To some extent one with life, or nature, or god. Like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together.

All this time I was trying to fight it. But there is no shame in having this ability, is there? It would be like denying you have brown eyes. So um, I guess that you- you want to see my ability. I mean, I'm quite anxious to document it. You might want to step back, that looks like a nice jacket.

meet the browns tv show quotes heroes

He places his hand over the appliance and melts the toaster Mohinder: You want to see it again? I'm very interested in how you control this ability. It's a little wobbly, and then I discovered something. A kind of peace. A sense of purpose that can only be described as destiny. I'd like to take a DNA sample.

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If you'll excuse me for a second? Sylar walks to the other room, where Zane Taylor is on the floor. I just swab it on the inside of my cheek?

Sylar swabs Zane's cheek as Mohinder walks toward the room they're in. There's some people who might not undestand. Who might want to hurt you. Why would anybody want to hurt me? I don't know yet. But I do know this, there are others out there like you.

And those are just the ones I know about. With more time and research I could find hundreds, thousands! But I am going to find them. I could go with you. I could help you. Think about it, these people could need convincing.

Who better to do that? Charles Darwin bred pigeons while he was working out his theory of evolution. Married up various permutations to get maximum potential. What'd he mean by that? I think he meant you, friend. Uh, before we go in, I just wanted to say thanks. Well, you know, for bringing me with you. You didn't have to do that. It would have been a long road alone. I'm glad for the company. I believe in fate, Mohinder, and karma. And I'm not just saying that 'cause you're Indian.

I mean, you really came to my rescue. And I won't forget that. Funny, I didn't hear your footsteps. That's because there weren't any. That sound, in your heart. Fly, [Hits him] stop time, [Hits him] paint me a pretty picture, [Hits him] do [Hits him] something [Hits him] unexpected!

What are you doing? And when you've left New York a smoking crater we'll put that on your tombstone. I'm not gonna nuke the dog! No, that was Plan A. Plan B is much better! There is no Plan B! I'm not who you think I am, I'm just a paper salesman. I'm comfortable with morally gray. I don't know what to do. Is that a new sensation for you Bennet? You want me to play dead? I'm sorry, I'm not Mr. Claire is not one of you.

Not yet, but one day maybe, and don't tell me you haven't thought about it. She isn't, I'll take her, it's done. Oh just like that, father of the year you are.

Bennet] If you're not back in an hour, just look for the mushroom cloud. I don't know what I am. I don't know if God made me this way or someone else. God didn't make us this way. God makes us all the way we are. This son of a bitch is thinking in Japanese!

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My daughter is missing, so right now I don't care if you believe me or what you do to me. I just want her home, safe. You can kill me if you want, I'm gonna find her! When can I go back to my family? Shall I lie to you and say it will be soon?

You know who we run from. So this is the list? Yes, what's left of it. Most of these people are missing or dead. I'm going to run your DNA sample against my father's formula. It will take you someplace safe. This is your father's formula? This is how he made this, this is how he found me. Yes, although I haven't figured out what it is looking for.

meet the browns tv show quotes heroes

It's the proverbial needle. Did my DNA help? Okay, well, Mohinder, you've been driving all night, why don't you just take a break? These people are in danger. We have to warn them. If Sylar gets to them first- Sylar: So let me help. This one is in New York - Isaac Mendez. I'll call him, and you just relax.

meet the browns tv show quotes heroes

Just take a minute. You have no idea how alone I used to feel. You've given me hope. Hope is great, we need caffeine.

So this formula, if you figure it out, how many of us will you find? Hundreds, thousands, maybe more. I'll get him later.

Mohinder hands Sylar a cup of tea, Sylar raises his glass. They clink teacups in toast; only Sylar sips the drink. This is good, what is it?

It's a special blend my father brought from India. Who're we going to call next? Stands, faces Sylar I already have you, Mr.

meet the browns tv show quotes heroes

Sylar drops the glass and passes out. I can't feel my fingers. Brown was Cora's father after all. Will is Brown's nephew, a doctor who loves his uncle so much that he provides free medical services to the retirement-home residents. He and his wife Sasha have become adoptive parents to Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz. Will never met his father; Vera, his alcoholic mother, met his father while she was drunk.

Sasha, Will's wife, is a nurse who decides to work for Brown helping to look after the retirement-home residents. Sasha and Will start their family by adopting Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz. In one episode Sasha becomes pregnant, then miscarries. She is also very good at giving advice. Tony Vaughn as Colonel Cleophus Jackson: The Colonel is a former military man who still lives as if he's in the military. His motto is "Shoot now, ask questions later. His wife died several years ago and he's estranged from their only child, daughter Karen.

He takes up with Edna Barnes; in Season 3 they moved out of Brown Meadows to a house down the street. He finally weds Edna in Season 5. Most of her close friends and relatives have passed. She's extremely in touch with her sexuality—she can relate everything to sex—and acts like "late 60s" is the new A running gag involves Brown comparing Edna to various animals.

She finally weds the Colonel in Season 5. In the series pilot she had a crush on Brown, telling him to come in his bed with her plus showing him her full body naked. Brianna is a foster child who comes from a broken home and an unsafe foster environment. At age 16, she knows the foster care system too well. She's very bright, but has anger problems that stem from her tragic childhood.

The only relationship she nurtures is with her brother Joaquin; she feels like they are alone in the world. At the end of Season 1, Brianne Gould left the series for undisclosed reasons and Logan Browning took over the role from the beginning of Season 2. Gunnar Washington as Joaquin Ortiz: Joaquin is Brianna's year-old brother. As the siblings are veterans of the foster care system, Joaquin in particular is very anxious to find a good home and feel settled.

He and Brianna have their moments of discord, but mainly they look after each other. Overall, he just wants to be loved. Vaughn as Renee LaToya Smith: A nurse at the hospital where Will, Sasha, Brown, and Derek work.

She also appears as a close best friend and confidentae to Sasha, despite the two constantly butting heads at work. She considers herself as part ghetto. Renee was a recurring character in Season 3 who became a regular in Season 4.

She claims to have four kids. Recurring characters[ edit ] Robert Ri'chard as Derek Porter: A Dominican frat student who lives next door to Brown Meadows and often helps out there, in between masterminding or participating in Brown's antics.

He made his debut in Season 3 and has been a recurring character throughout the series' run. Jenifer Lewis as Vera Brown: Brown's younger sister and Will's mother. Vera means well but she is a loud, controlling alcoholic who spoils Will and subtly despises Sasha.

She appeared with Mr. Brown, Cora, and Will in the Meet the Browns feature film. In one episode, Vera and Brown have an argument and Vera says, "I'm about to be an only child," which indicates that their brother LB does not exist in the television universe or may be a non-canonical reference, to the fact that Mr. Brown has mentioned LB in the series.

Tasha Smith as Tanya Ortiz: Joaquin and Brianna's biological mother, who only wants them back for money. She is either in denial or simply ignoring the fact that one of her former boyfriends molested Brianna. She serves as a major antagonist to the series during her first few appearances, but during her later appearances, she becomes less of an antagonist when she improves on being a better mother to Joaquin and Brianna and helps Cora with some of the household chores when she spends a couple of nights there.

She also tries hitting on Will, while he and Sasha go through some marriage issues.

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After Brianna gave her a makeover for her date, she has not been seen or mentioned since. Lisa Arrindell Anderson as Karen: The Colonel's pushy daughter. She was estranged from her father when she put him in a nursing home after the death of her mother. The two eventually reconciled. Ciara Wilson as Simone Taylor: Brianna's dimwitted, somewhat childish best friend who became pregnant.

She is similar to Mr. Courtney Gray as Jamal: Brianna's male best friend. In one episode, Brianna noticed that he'd been eating very frequently. Later, the Browns caught him stealing food from them. He is confronted by Brianna at school and he reveals that his parents recently split up, he stayed with his mother, who lost their house, and they'd been living in their van without food, so he began stealing food. Bernard Jones as Milo: A detention-prone student at Cora's school.

Jones as Gordon Bob: