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I was actually his pupil only in two subjects, the Classics at Harrow and mountaineering in the Lake Country and afterwards in the Alps. I learned much from him in both fields, but even more in all the opportunities for talk which school life and the mountains afforded. There must be many who can look back upon such talks, illuminated by his happy and unpedanticomniscience, as memories standing out brightly from distant years. Cary Gilson Major C. To a young boy the most enduring impression of him was a majestic figure sweeping through Big School in the evening to take' prayers.

He had an imposing presence and a truly magnificent voice, and his rendering of the prayers in the Common Prayer-book have endowed them in my memory, and I am sure in the memory of many another of his pupils with a magic which will endure for my whole life. As I grew older and got to know him better and sat under him in class I was enthralled by his wide knowledge on all subjects, his ability to correlate facts from all sources, and his power of throwing light on passages in the classics.

But above all I think his greatest service to the school he loved was the high moral tone which he inspired throughout. He ever set in front of us ideals of clean living, scholarship, and sportsmanship, which pervaded the whole school and which have remained with his old Pupils ever since. His death comes as a great shock, but I am proud to feel that once I sat at his feet. The Times, Wednesday, Feb 22, ; pg.

A Great Birmingham Headmaster. Born at Boston, Lincolnshire, inson of Mr H. Robert Cary Gilson left the Fen country at an early age. In he went to Haileybury, where he remained for four years, being Captain of the school in his last year. He was awarded his First XV covers for Rugby football and he recalled that in those days some of the games were played with as many as 60 a side, after the fashion described in "Tom Brown's Schooldays".

In he went up as a scholar to Trinity College Cambridge, and began reading Classics and Mathematics.

Descendants of John Julius of Nth Yarmouth & St Kitts

In he was elected a Fellow of Trinity. For a time he was Classical Lecturer at Newnham. He was an enthusiastic devotee of mountaineering and was elected a member of the Alpine Club in In when reading for the Bar, he received an invitation from the headmaster of Haileybury to fill a temporary position in his old school.

There he confessed his career was altered by the accident of falling in love with a profession. His recollection of the three years spent at Haileybury, where he was sixth form master, where of the happiest.

In he was invited by the late Dr J. Welldon to go to Harrow and his composition master, a position which brought with it a free timetable but a great deal of work. He was the obvious person to take another master's form, and during this time at Harrow he took every form in the school. In he was appointed headmaster of King Edward's School Birmingham. Mr Cary Gilson was a great headmaster, who continued a line of great headmasters. Under his guidance the record of the University distinctions gained by pupils - including two Senior Wrangleships in successive years, and equally brilliant achievements in the field of Classics - has not been surpassed.

Cary Gilson will also be long remembered as having preserved the school's traditions an individuality in spite of financial rearrangements due to the War.

The income of the foundation came to be supplemented by the municipality, but the character of the school was unchanged. He was president of the Incorporated Association of Headmasters inand chairman of committee of the Headmasters Conferences of, and Outside his work Gilson interested himself in higher education in the city of Birmingham generally.

From to he was chairman of the Higher Education Subcommittee of the city. She died in There was one daughter and one son of the marriage. The son was killed in action in July President of the Headmasters Assn There are also 5 servants in the house 2. England, 2 AprMarston Green nr Birmingham. Effects L94 16s 0d Ref: Children from this marriage were: Marianne Caroline is recorded as a wife aged 33 married one year with one living child born Rochester KEN Children from this marriage were: Julius Parnell Gilson - Entered: Studied at Bonn, Hanover, etc.

Assistant Master at Sherborne School for a short period. Assistant in the MSS. Department, British Museum, Resided latterly at Weybridge, where he died Jan. Brother of the next. Cambridge University Alumni, It mainly comprised part of the vast collection of MSS in the monastic libraries, secured at their dissolution. The Royal Collection continued to acquire other collections of monastry and early MSS, which George II presented to the nation, and is now held by the British Museum Books by Julius on his subject, are currently available online in Death was Apr Qtr Chertsey Ref: Gilson The British Museum Manuscripts.

Mr Gilson who was born at Worksop inthe son of Henry Robert Gilson, was educated at Haileybury and Trinity College Cambridge, of which he was a scholar and from which he took a first in both parts of the Classical Tripos.

He was appointed an assistant in the Department of Manuscripts at the British Museum inand was promoted Assistant Keeper in and Keeper in Arnett, The Fifth Massachusetts regiment bore itself isville, Kv. We will offer for cash on Monday, the mail and passenger packet for Cincinnati at at lergth in favor of the resolution.

Chipman, Frank Depnw, J. Johnson's speech was long A New Movement. A gentleman from noon taking hold of Tompkins; a scoffie ensued, and rebel batteries without flinching. Lawrence July 29th, our stock of spring and summer dress Briggs, Ceo. A good many favored the immeBreckinridge's goods at 25 per cent reduction. Also 20 cases and Drury, D.

Harvev, The popular steamer Hettia Gilmore, Capt. A Green fell back; saw a dirk knife raised by Tompdiate action on the ground that when the State Huntsville, who, with his family, came over is not dangerously wounded. He quoted from tbe Alabama pakins drew A gallant feat was performed by the New York bales of shirting and sheeting at old prices.

Also Smail", Charles V. Brinkerhoff, Ralston Walker, pers tbat a "monarchy was desirable;" and also should be fully represented assent corfld not be the Nashville road to this city on Friday, says T. Gilmore, will leave the Portland wharf at I knife before Green court bis pistol; recognized the Sixty-nintobtained and they wanted to make use of the produced in Henry A. Dubois, John Gregg, Mich'l from Mr. Russell's letter to the London as like the one used; as h during the battle at Bull s run.

Th pieces of Irish linens very cheap, and o'clock this afternoon for Evansville and Owens-bor- o. Harris of Green drew his pistol Tompkins ran into drug charged a rebel battery, Hoag, Wm.

Harry McDougal has charge of the store; Green fired and retreated towards Market more than an hour before took retreat.

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Also Walter Wait, Wm. Niwell, first, last, and all the the Tennessee say to the mail agent or express said, "rather than submit to tbe United States office. Probathey would go under the rule of the amiable Queen time. After bly dead J. Call and secure Memphis Henry. Brimmer, Charles Kwer, Gusravus ", said agent will receive orders to detain all Cairo to ke Attacked. An allusion was hand; as Tompkins ran after Green he brushed tbe first one was killed, by bis head being shot bargains.

Those in want of domestic goods A fight occurred day before yesterday at paper, which said: Shepherd, James king, and the Mayor of Memphis be Harris be Prairie, fifteen miles from here, between a Lane's away by a cannon ball, his men gathered around in tba New Albany Ledger of Friday to in mail matter going across the Kentucky line mde party dictator. This family use can buy them now 20 per cent less Kelley, J.

Doad or prisoners AnHe also quoted from various Southern document, of sixty-fiv- e rebels and fifteen Home Guards formation which had been placed in its possession, ons as described by other Green picked up weapinto the bouth to be examined by Confederate witnessess and crossed he positively refused to do, and continued than they will pay for the same goods after a few drew Craig, Lieut.

Parks, Murray Baker, and contend d that it was plain there was a dnsire from Rolla. Moore, Fred Lamar, diagonally towards the northwest corner of Jefthroughout the engagement at tbe head of bis weeks. Marin, Clement Longs-bur- y, ernment and erect a great slave ferson and Fourth. Kd wards, Horace sue is now fairly made op, and all those The Green took hold of Tompkins aging their et torts. K Pomeroy, of a free Government at the beginning of the affair with his right band, Among the prisoners taken are thre of the One Lieutenant and three privates on our side States considered themselves in so critical a must stand by the troops towards Cairo.

The editor has intelli his left having hold of the lappel of his own coat; surgeons attached to the Maine retnments Dr. Johnson, of Tennessee, spoke at length on leen drilled once in the use of the musket, and letters from Kentucky to enter their borders confirming that of Friday. Twelve thousand when he fired; saw no effort on Tompkins's part taken prisoner on tbe held, and Dr.

Allen, of the sash, door, and blind factory and lumber yard, on M. John- the resolution approving the acts of the President their fighting was a tine evidence of pluck, son, Wm. Kidd, Thos, Margia-reay-Second, and Dr. Buckstone, of the Third, who J. Wither-snoo- n, and his eloquent remarks frequently weapon than a knife before reanother and the majority favored the without being broken open and examined by troops have already crossed the Mist issippi to New to draw any other drug Fulton street, just above Preston, fronting tbe J.

Stark weat bar, Charles D. Krwin, plause from the flocr and galUries. Heelicited ap- but thought it impolitic as it would division, treating into the store: The thing is absolutely re- Madrid, where they are to be joined by others one report of a pistol; when Green cocked bis wounded.

John Steele, referred to and rebuked Breckinridge's frequently speech on with the plans of the Government, which would from Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri, number pistol, Tompkins had his knife in bis hand and Mj3ot Bidwell, of the Michigan First Regi and Preston streets, or leave your orders at their W'm.

Single, Jacob Soet, Emil Schul, Gotlleib the same subject previously reported, and closed not at 1 his time count enace such a move. And, as there would be little use Mende, John ShaeiTer. Wolf, with near his body, bis arm being extended perpenresult was ment, who assumed command after Wilcox fell, warerooms on Main street, nearly opposite no the the O. Person, Josiah Flomerfell, Joshua Frolver-to- n, from an appeal tomost Government to save them legislature tbat the action shall be tuken and th in stopping the letters going South by express ing in the aggregate fifty thousand men, well dicularly.

These troops are to make a Gait House, Louisville, Ky. Henry Field, Hiram S. Brownell, Thomas acy ever seen in the world. The direful conspirJanl tf S. This witness entered into up his men. He estimates that thirty or forty if the carrying of letters in the pockets of in resolution was O'Neill, fiiram Lane, H.

Fowler, Will iam A. Collamer, of Vermont, introduced a bill in in consequence of the expiration of the terms of ing the position of the parties; saw Tompkins wounded, in bis regiment. New York regiments have enlisted for the force I ill which passed. After an executive on Saturday last, arrived here Uft Springfield ling South, will, after Monday next, be examby them that the entire force of Gen. While the panic was at its persed a of ined on their arrival at the line of the ConfedOur outposts are again being gradually extended ing to shoot and retreated behind the partition of very height, the commander of the division rode We understand that on Monday morning, the will be easily captured, and the war thus trans House.

Bingham said thatmen stationed band and one hundred and fifty rebels hern tork posaesfion of the lown. It his store; when he heard the explosion became up to Col. Blenker, after vainly exerting himself 29th inst, a solemn funeral service for thoee who in The direction of the protracted Five of the rebels were killed and several woundCabinet had a session to stem the frantic tide of fugitives, and remarked fell in the late battles in Virginia will be celeout; both parties had disappeared der to pull down the pillars of the temple of libabout them.

And how long before it will be is also rumored to be a part of the plan of the nobody had been injured; a momentand supposed to him, "Colonel, you and your regiment lasting more than four nottra.

Three of our men were slightly wounded but or two after can brated in all the Catholic churches of the city. Men from New EnThe first and and Tompkins was mander replied, 'We have never learned to run At the Cathedral, on Fifth street, the service gland, the Empire State, and the Great West are here were filled second stories of Ibe court-bou- e A letter has just been received from Savannah, Cairo, to make an assault on Arlington Heights, ling lest they might give as dangerous intelliwith blaDk ts.

Ray and others of crowds gatherIhe brave conduct of Colonel Hunter, com vades affairs there. John Owens, the most the Union. They must be paid, fed, and clothed. The pub talented lawyer of t he place, has beer. Our Kentucky disunionists are perfectly fulic are invited.

This intelligence comes from a source that belt taken from Tompkins's body. He was shot in the throat while directover the condition of tbe country. He had been till the next session, if tbey are not provided for tween 18, and 20, Ml into our at rious at not being permitted by the U. If any military companies of the city desire to a strong Union man.

Wilkey, lienry Lent, Cmef of Police, called: Was re ing in person the Second Rhode Island regiment, ill not permit the editor to disregard it. It is correspondent of the New York Congressmen fail to pass these measures to susA soldier of the sixty-nint- h regiment arrived ernment to carry into Tennessee whatever they quite certain that the rebels, discovering our quested by S.

Dawes to compel parties as- in ita gallant assault upon a battery. Just before attend at the Cathedral, their officers are request-- el Times, was slightly wounded.

They say that any restriction by the weak points, are determined, while their troups gave orders to policemen to attend toto disperse; his aids for a distant regiment. The aid was where he was held as a prisoner. He savs the notes will fall to 60c on the dollar, and the differthis; also U. Government is an outrage which should are yet flushed with the victory at Manassas, to stated that he had directed the police to suppress about galloping off, when he saw the Colonel fall places may be duly assigned and good order may rebels had many prisoners, who were closefy conence would go into the pockets of the Shvlocks.

McClernard suggested an amendment to to as fined; many of them died. He had little' or no parties from his jy27 d2 be resisted with ball and bayonet. He immediately came to histell- be preserved. They lo ds as though they had seen the amount of direct taxes apportioned to the their letters shall not cross the line without be- Eliza Harman vs.

There has hern no change lo monetaprisoners taken bv our troops, states that had the nereoy notinoa to confine them within heir service. He conurms the re nor t of the immense States in the first section of the bill, to make up ry afUira Crawford; the city L nion troops held their ground on tbe other side premises until the 1st of September, 1HH1, under rebel loss.

I he failure of the enemy to pursue our fright oath of altegianceto the Southern Confederacy, regular waicnmen. McClernand accepted that the Committee of tbe buying rate beinR plr aud X discount. New Orleans authorities are also required to destroy all dus lift h of their men.

Saw nothing of the shoot ened troops can evidently be explained only by running at large during tbe altove period. James Kelly, peace war It appears, on investigation in official quarters. Ways and Means be instructed to report forth- exchange not wanted, and whn takon by the hankers is and they will declare it all right and proper. Government can exercise no indisKirkpatnck running up Jefferson street, above direction of Richmond while our men were runMayor's Office, July 18, Marley, drunk and disorderly conduct.

Fifth, saw Green coming down Jefferson street ning towards Washington. The rebels were, only 10'. A large number of our troops who necessary, based on the personal income or wealth currency as follow,: Courier, Democrat, and Anzeier copy.

Stevens spoke of the injurious effect of the Npw Orleans killed. Bail in pistol in bis left; Green said "I have had a dif- covering the dispersal of the Union troops.

BOO ficulty with Mr. Tompkins, and I think I have ft:! Nugent, of the Sixty-nint- h, that was killed J2 ceived here which reports the rebel loss between continually shifted and changed, one thing one North Carolina and Georgia Poiith Carolina IS S: Michael Hendel took the final oath and was p his own pistol and Tompkins's knife. Witness in the action. Virgjnia 15 n;a0 dia. A gentle- - admitted a citizen of the United States. A good article at very low Hoor Skirts examined Tompkins's pistol and saw that a' load army was, is fully evidenced by the fact tbat tion as modified by Morrill, and determined in the State Bank of Ohio, State Bank of Indiana, Kentucky, General lost by the enemy.

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Johnson for had been discharged, he thought recently. After brigade commanders would be seen on Sunday prices just received at and on bis way to this city to purchase goods, wi s W ickliffe's proposition. New England in good credit. Over one hundred surroundod, we are assured, by a party of The general market hati been exceedingly quiet.


Tho Take it in Itme. The season is just at hand! Sev- the enacting clause, on motion of Mr. Mai lory of put in the Ward where the killing occurred within ten miles of thorn.

Satisfactory from Pilot Knob, Mo. The weather is warm and cloudy. Leutenant Buffington, of the Ordnance De- the kind talked of. He was not allowed to reZouaves sustained such heavy losses, and were The Committee then rose, when the fact was heavy timber for fortifications along the heights It maH be remembered that our quotations cooteiu partment, arrived at St.

Louis on a special train James Kirkpatrick called: Has known Green subjected to such a terrible fire front artillery and of summer, and if timely precaution is nsed much above Alexandria, as well as shell and shot. A most excellent rem ell since childhood; knows accused to be a quiet. McClernand, of Illinois, moved that the plate the wholesale rate, unless otherwise statedThe Baltimore came op last night from Mathi-a- s stantly.

A friend tock him to the country and Fridiy morning, from Col. Bland's Camp, near peaceable ALCoam. We quote 16 V cent, at 25c, and W V cent, cers was killed or injured, except two or three edy will be found in Gilbert's Mountain Hair Re man; not addicted Point.

Everything was quiet, andnosigasof bill be recommitted to the Committee on Ways Pilot Knob. The Lieutenant took thither three on Jefferson street, between to drink. He lives who received slight tlesh wounds. He eays Union men gallon, aod the market dull. Butter its dull, with sales at the amonnt of direct taxes apportioned to the The of the hair but will reproduce hair on bald heads tained Tribune's despatch says it has been ascertbat some two hundred are yet missing States in the first section of the bill, and to make c.

Cheete is declining, with alee at 7c. No trausacttoofl have occurred, from the Minnesota Regiment. There are known up the amount desired by extending the list of Among those prominent in the committal of camp. He spent some time in thoroughly in residing near bv, witness asked him to pav especial diately the orders iteued in relation to the movetaxable personal property. White structing the corps in the management of the attention to that spot acd keep the corner clear, ments of our troops.

They had every reason to Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, suggested a medicatcommissioned and 5 officers Coal Sales are rare. Woundtd u' commissioned and ion, which Mr. McClernand accepted, that the river at 7Sc. Fowler at present a U. The and that afternoon in particular; had aked him believe tbat the main attack on their lines would 10 officers and 70 privates. Milliken, all desperadoes who have formed rumors of a large rebel force in that vicinity or to remafe there while witness went to supper.

A small party was inI have shot Tompkins; put me in jail," and de- - lief they would reasonably have placed tbe greatsince Sunday. Tbis was ists and physicians respecting the use of this waas may be necessary bo raised on personal inA resolution will be offerrd to tho House toand morrow, requesting the President to propose the come or wealth of the country.

Bland and his command are Biggs and anoiber person with pistols following the calculation on our side. The order of battle ter in the case of many diseases of the human lOMc.

We quote tw ice at ifcc candlewick 2 c, cotton tflkf-on Mr. McClernand's motion as modilkd Green; I informed them that Green was in tho was not disclosed, even to division commanders, system, will be suppled gratis on application to exchange ot Messrs. Brirnett and Vallandigham no intention of allowing the guns lately stolen safe and prospering. Saleu of wheeling at rope lc, until after ten o'clock on Saturday night. By for the Hon.

Alfred Ely, now a prisoner at hand of an cflicer; does not know of any combiby Mr. Call for a pamphlet. Domestic Calamities of the War. One nation among policemen to kill Tompkins. Has these orders tha main attack was directed to be Wilson, deod apl6 The House then adjourned. The ealea of flour have been light known Tompkins for several vears; Tompkins's made by the right wing, proceeding by way of Wood, one of the State Commissioners, and who of the inmates of the Butler Insane Asylum at character was that of a man who was engaged in Sudley's Spring, three miles above Blackburn's of our men in return for two whom they have at 4 60 3,5 75 for superfine and extra brands.

Sales was sent by the Governor to get the arms taken Provider. Fresh Import attow o Washington, July Ford, and a mile and a half above the Warretwun 55Q;5c, with moderate receipts.

I would re and tendered again to the Governor, was met by a merchant. Secession troubles broke Intelligence has just been received bv GovernW. Heard firing at corner bridge. Corn and oats dull at nn his busi The force staMr. Thomas, an officer at Camp Boone, Tbe movement was madt, promptly, vet the spectfully invito the attention of the ladies to my ment that a pretty large force of rebels had and a half milos from Alexandria. Feathers dull at 36afic'l ft.

Ginseng 4oc We quote beeswax at Regiarmy, and finally bereft fired them, but it was at time of occurrence of point the main body of their forces. They apcinity, under the command of both Generals Lee with him Wood and aid him in obtaining the him of his reason. Tbe market is unchanged and the sales Gr. Was at the jail when attack was to be made in the centre, or on the siding near Providence, on failing to receive have beea limited.

Sales hhds rogar at 6,l4 a7Xc, Fort Kearney, July This Wood refused to accede to or promSt. Ix ur, July Pope has publicly rotitied the people along the 17th inst. Frank Stone, an officer at Camp Boone, wonld be. It would seem, from the disposition of barege, all colors; embroidered English barege, personally accountable for the destruction of Carson Valley. The company expect to have it o,13 ton. There have brou no traneactious worth reW. Iteasor, Prosecuting Attorney, called: Market well supplied and Col.

He said then and there that the Press announces the death of Col. Maupin, loads had been discharged; cannot say whether from our loft wing towards our right, consisting plain and checked French poplins, organdies and; outrages in the distance aforesaid, without conclusive proof land Mail and telegraph Companies intend doing prices are low.

We quote refined charcoal-ba- r of all arms, artillery, cavalry, and infantry, were jaconets, parasols, laco points, lace mantles, black with his people, lt is presumed he will be satispurposes of the Camp Boone organization were in that place, on the 26th inst. Maupin was or not it had been recently discharged.

No aggressions are intended. He subsequently became a B. Had known Tompkins for and only intended to make a demonstration, while Alexander's kid gloves, plain and plaid nainsooks, property sufficient to cover the whole damage Lake is miles.

The Overland mail will have responding rates for other size. In tin we quote I citizen of Madison county, in this State, from five years; bis general character was that of an the right wing, under Colonel Hunter and ColoU or destroying it. Divisions and Bta tions every twelve miles. C Kizl4 36 4, whence he removed to this county iaof excitable man, disposed to get into difficulties.

Bales of Pursuant to a call, the citizens of the Ninth which he continued a citizen the remainder of his On Mondav, at 10o clock in the morning, some Without hearing any argument whatever from of the Eighth New York Volunteers visited the sheeting, pillow linen, all widths; cottonadee andt intendents aod assistant superintendents appointbag fhot at 70e. Ward, first precinct, met at Avery's Plow Faced without regard to political opinions, who will life.

He was in the war of He served Hinra and Leather. We quote green hides at Alexandria, July Dawson in the several times in the State Legislature, and was a the counsel on either side, His Honor Judge battle ground, and with a wagon brought off sevLeather Sole K37e V 4c and dry salted 9 10o. Hursdale, whose husband is a member of All of which will be sold low at their districts.

Johnston discharged the accused upon the ground eral of the wounded men. Tbey saw none of the Chair, W. The object member of the last Constitutional Convention. Michigan Regiment, which is now on th- - skirtings 2c; harness 20c: The Russian navy now con- trate them in one camp in the vicinity of Mexico, from during the Junction. Sales of Audrian county, where the strictest discipline ville Lieutenant Simpsoh's Account of the Bat that our army were flying back to Washington.

Mc Harry, and Robert Wright were appointed a seventy-on- e then no their side, and tbat tbey perfect their drill. H is understood that General posed him a prisoner at Manassas.