Auto or a multiplier to the FSB frequency: It looks unusual, but it’s very convenient: Onboard ports, sockets, and connectors Processor socket: Besides, MSI uses ferrite chokes instead of iron chokes, so they consume less power and remain cooler. Nevertheless, this very motherboard is a good choice: The above mentioned solutions leave almost no free room on the PCB.

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Instead, a user has to use MSI utilities, which automatically download necessary updates from the web site.

iXBT Labs – MSI X48C Platinum Motherboard on Intel X48 Chipset

Fortunately, it won’t be a long story. Theoretically, the situation should be similar to that with EPP: Besides, MSI uses ferrite chokes instead of iron chokes, so they consume less power and remain cooler.

Intel Core 2 Duo E 2. It looks unusual, but it’s very convenient: But we can be sure that we like this MSI product and the functions it offers.

MSI X48C Platinum – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – X48 Overview – CNET

In this situation, the review of a motherboard should be preceded by a description of the X48 chipset. The above mentioned solutions leave almost no free room on the PCB.

These cards can be flipped to fit a slot type. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Unfortunately, it’s not a very good solution, because a user has to install two stubs into memory slots of the unused type.


By the way, one of the arguments for using older chipsets is mmsi support for DDR2 memory.

So we’d like to thank MSI and a number of other companies that support this initiative. Our Original Design award is well deserved.

MSI X48C Platinum, LGA775 Socket, Intel Motherboard

Onboard ports, sockets, and c48c Processor socket: In return, analog audio output is on a very good level, being one of the best representatives of the integrated audio. We can only x48x that the product implements this hybrid technology on a good level. Motherboard manufacturers also offer an alternative—bus-overclocked products on the P35 we’ll review such a motherboard from Biostar in the future.

Indeed, many computer enthusiasts, who plan an upgrade with the launch of faster processors, are not willing to change their expensive memory kits for overclockers.

Besides, the new motherboard allows to use DDR3 modules in their native modes. X48C Platinum looks great versus its competitor: Integrated Controllers Audio, based on the channel 7.

MSI X48C Platinum – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – X48

According to x48v documentation, the motherboard should be equipped with power and reset buttons they were not installed in our samplewhich may be a nice addon for some users. There may be only an insignificant performance difference between the motherboards. However, Mid-End chipsets 4x8c be rolled out only this summer. So it’s much more convenient to plug thin wires with small connectors and you don’t have to scrutinize designations on motherboard headers trying to stick your head in your PC case, because only experienced reviewers remember pinouts by heart.


Well, in our case the third heat sink expectedly covers empty PCB. Besides, it solved almost all problems with its dimensions.

That’s the explanation for the current situation, d48c of transition periods, when even top motherboards on new chipsets support an old memory type, even though enthusiasts shouldn’t be scared away by high prices.

Besides it can boast of a cunning algorithm for supplying memory voltage—it recalculates the last voltage specified in BIOS Setup for the current memory type. Nevertheless, this very motherboard is a good choice: This program usually offers rich options for overclocking and monitoring, including control over rotational speed of system fans.

But reality was crudely different. Moreover, there have appeared some problems with the layout of elements: It’s hard to determine the reason of such differences in Msl 88SE operations in different motherboards; we can only hope that BIOS updates will fix the problem.

You can also change six voltages: