Gaz and zim relationship advice

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gaz and zim relationship advice

Dib and Tak are the best couple to write for in my book. Which is probably . So, we met up for lunch and I gave her some advice!" " And I just. Gaz is annoyed by her older brother Dib for his annoying obbsesition with defeating Zim to prove that he is alien. She knows Zim is an alien but, all she want you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear Onika/Dear Robert, I trust you. Zim learns that GIR has taken a liking to Gaz and decides to use this and I get the appeal behind it, as I'm a fan of love/hate relationships, but I also know "A little word of fatherly advice, if you plan on tearing the limbs off of.

As it turns out, those scars are actually the result of Membrane operating on her to remove her memories.

My Hostage Not Yours (Fanfic) - TV Tropes

And Gaz gives Dib a small burn scar on his cheek for interrupting her wedding. Grey and Gray Morality: By the very end of the series, it's hard to say who the "good guys" and "bad guys" are. Zim and Gaz are our protagonists, and are trying to Take Over the Worldbut they don't seem to be too bad as rulers.

Tak is given skin grafts, increased height, and other changes to make her appear human; her internal biology, however, remains unchanged, as is her reliance on a PAK to survive. She also apparently still has an Irken lifespan, which seems detrimental to her relationship with Dib — at least, until he's made immortal by the Pill.

Zim and Gaz by the midpoint of Takeover. In Revenge, Gaz has a momentary one when she realizes that Iggins doesn't just want to kill her, but is also lusting after her. Zim quickly snaps her out of itthough. And Dib has one in Takeover after Gaz agrees to "surrender" herself to Zim; he's so upset he doesn't even say goodbye to her, which upsets them both.

gaz and zim relationship advice

He has another, smaller one when he discovers that she was working with Zim the whole time. Non-fatal example in Hostage: Gaz lets the Valkians take her prisoner, in order to keep them from killing Dib and Zim.

She also invokes this trope again, non-fatally in Takeover; as per their plan, after she helps Dib set up a resistance in order to ensure his safetyZim tells them to hand her over or he'll destroy the whole continent. Gaz then "sacrifices" herself by handing herself over to Zim — when, really, this was just an excuse to get back together, while also making Gaz a martyr in the public eye.

While not exactly a " he ro ", Gaz manages to break free of Iggins' mind control through sheer force of will though Zim's support helps. The Valkian Queen keeps herself cloaked and in the shadows at all times, even when in the sanctuary of her ship. It's implied this is part of their culture, as the only time she reveals herself is when she's alone with Gaz, having had her guards leave the room; the second they come back, she covers herself up again.

Iggins' identity is kept secret for the first few chapters of Revenge, though it's arguably quite obvious, and at least one reviewer guessed correctly before it was revealed. Done to the villains: She has time for a quick Oh, Crap! In addition to the Irkens, there's the Valkians the Queen more so than her Mooks. When Gaz realizes that Dib is in love with Tak, it at first seems like she's berating him for it. However, she then admits that she's not in a position to judge, considering her relationship with Zim, and is just happy that Dib's happy.

Tak, sort of after her transformation; she doesn't seem to quite understand human views on shame. Zim just can't seem to get enough of Gaz. And vice-versa as well. Seriously, every chapter after their wedding, it seems as if they're either having sex, or complaining that they're too busy to have sex. And Dib and Tak. In a purely non-romantic example, Membrane doesn't oppose to Gaz marrying Zim even giving her away because he wants to make up for being a bad father, and for his daughter to be happy.

Also, once Dib gets the message that Gaz truly loves Zim — that it's not a passing fling or brainwashing — he backs off though he does BSOD over it. This then gets inverted but remains platonic when Gaz finds out about Dib's feelings for Tak; she doesn't approve, but wants him to be happy so she gives him the Pill, so that he can have a long life with her.

As punishment for the humiliation of letting herself be captured by the Valkians, the Tallest have Tak subjected to surgery that changes her into a human more or less; see Half-Human Hybrid above.

Moral Event Horizonbut he had it coming. Gaz is the one who convinces Zim to finally conquer Earth, and even comes up with the bulk of their plan though he works out plenty of details on his own along the way. When Zim begins his conquest of Earth and the governments begin surrendering, Dib starts calling in friends and contacts to form a rebellion that titles itself "The Group" Gaz doesn't think much of the name.

The Group more or less falls apart after their first real mission attacking Zim's fortress during his wedding to Gaz fails. The Swollen Eyeballs, however, appear to still be resisting, and forcibly draft Dib and Tak into their ranks. The Eyeballs ultimately fail and are locked away, but according to the epilogue, rebellions continue to pop up all over the world which Zim predicts will never really stop. However, none of them seem to be as much of a threat as the Eyeballs, and Zim and Gaz just deal with them when necessary.

Light Is Not Good: When captured by the Valkians, Gaz is forced to wear a white dress that, combined with her natural skin tone, makes her look like "some kind of moon beam".

Zim and Tak's Relationship

Considering who we're talking aboutit's quite misleading. And she hates it. And let's not forget her wedding gown — again, she's all in white, which is misleading from her personality. Especially since, by this point, she's gone from Anti-Hero to Villain Protagonist. Locked Out of the Loop: He's never happy when he finds out. Love Makes You Evil: Gaz was never a nice person, but when she learns that Zim has to conquer Earth or die, she doesn't think twice before deciding to help him take over.

Luke, I Am Your Father: When it's revealed that Membrane and Tak know each other, Dib assumes that means that Tak is his mother.

Membrane tells him that that's ridiculous, and the author explains that that conversation was put in merely to disprove a theory she knew the readers were thinking.

gaz and zim relationship advice

Between Gaz siding with Zim, and Tak's cover story of having been abducted, the Swollen Eyeballs conclude that this is why the Irkens are interested in Earth. Irkens have a much longer life expectancy than humans, so this trope gets brought up in regards to Zim and Tak's relationships with Gaz and Dib until the latter two take the Pill, and have their lifespans exponentially increased. Aside from her brother and father and them only just barely Gaz can't stand other humans.

Therefore, she doesn't even hesitate to throw the human race under the bus to help Zim. The Valkian Queen is much more human-looking than her Mooks. GIR, and later Minimoose, to Gaz. She's a lot nicer to them than she is to anyone else even Zim. Iggins nearly succeeds in killing Zim and making Gaz his slave — but the shock of seeing Zim nearly killed snaps Gaz out of Iggins' mind control, and she kicks Iggins' ass. It's made quite clear that crossbreeding between species is impossible, so Zim and Gaz won't be having any kids.

Also Dib and Tak by the end of the series. Professor Membrane has apparently known the truth about Zim and Tak and the other aliens for a while, but has been pretending not to in order to avoid dragging Earth into an interstellar war.

Offscreen Moment of Awesome: We don't actually see any of Zim's conquest of Earth mostly because the governments just start surrenderingbut at the very least he does attack Washington as a demonstration — and we only see the aftereffects.

During said fight in Washington, Gaz ends up fighting Zim in order to build up her public imageleaving Dib to fight GIR — who happens to be piloting a Humongous Mecha. Sadly, the scene focuses entirely on Zim and Gaz, so we don't get to see how Dib survives the fight, or how he manages to convince GIR to blow the mech up. When the Group interrupts Zim and Gaz's wedding, the narrative focuses entirely on Dib and Gaz's conversation. We therefore miss out on Tak fighting Zim, and whatever other actions the Group were taking.

At the end of Takeover, Gaz gives Dib the Pillin order to insure that not only does she not outlive him, but he'll also have a lifespan that enables him to be in a relationship with Tak. Earlier, when Dib realizes that Gaz doesn't want to be "saved" from Zim and loses his motivation to fight back, she tells him to go home, promising to make their father go as well, so that he actually has a home to go to. Tak has one of these moments during her last interaction with Gretchen, where she gives her some advice to help her get on with her life.

Then in Takeover she loses control during the Final Battleand apparently uses up her power completely in the process. Proud Warrior Race Guy: The Valkians have shades of this. Zim's army is a literal example, as their uniforms are modeled after his own.

Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Ironically, despite being the titular character in Revenge, Iggins isn't the one doing this. Instead, it's his near murder of Dib that triggers one from Gaz. At one point during Hostage, Membrane has to go to Australia for a business trip, and for some reason brings his kids along. Since Gaz can't afford to have the LEECHY away from Zim's base for the amount of time the trip would take and doesn't want to explain to Dib why she can't goZim creates a robot duplicate of her that can go on the trip and that she can control remotely to keep up the illusion.

And it works, initially. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! Dib eventually quits the Swollen Eyeballs when he realizes that if he stays, he'll end up having to fight his sister. Tak comes along with him, because she's falling in love with him plus, he's the only human she can stand.

At one point, Membrane threatens Tak with this, saying he can get away with just about anything without legal consequences. He may have been bluffing. And Iggins apparently feels that being the stepson of a mob boss puts him above the law. Tip and Tine ship Dib and Tak, but only to mess with Gretchen.

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MIMI seems to ship Tak and Dib, because she sees that they're attracted to each other and is following the logical course of action for it. Dib gets one during a training scene in Takeover; it should be noted that this only happens after he and Tak realize they're attracted to each other. The author describes Zim and Gaz as a pair of sociopaths — however, since they genuinely love each other, Gaz genuinely loves her familyand they both care about GIR and Minimoose her more so than himit would seem they don't quite fit the qualifications for this trope.

On the other hand, they both get their kicks out of tormenting others, which is pretty sociopathic behavior. Stalker with a Crush: He alternates between wanting to kill Gaz and being jealous of her being with Zim. When he manages to brainwash her into being his drone, there's some very disturbing implications for he what he plans to do with her. And to a lesser extent, there's Gretchen — as per usual for the fandom, her canonical crush on Dib is jacked up into this trope.

Dib is aware of it, and it creeps him out. In Takeover, the Group infiltrates Zim's fortress in order to interrupt his and Gaz's wedding in order to save her. But since she doesn't want to be saved, it doesn't go as well as the previous example. Then there's a literal example when the Swollen Eyeballs launch an assault on Zim's European base of operations, which happens to be an actual castle.

During the Final Battle of the series, Gaz completely loses control of her powers. Zim eventually talks her down but it seems her power got completely used up in the process. Zim's underground base, naturally. Zim's general dislike of GIR most likely originates from his erratic behavior and lack of obedience to his orders, though it is very rare that Zim actually seems to be angry with his SIR Unit.

Occasionally, Zim interacts with GIR as one would with a younger sibling, or a parent with a naughty child.

Despite being faulty, GIR has always made his love for Zim all too clear, often demonstrating it in some overenthusiastic manner that frequently warrants unheeded discipline from his master. GIR couldn't care less about his master's mission even though it should be his as well and often opts out of obeying Zim's orders. That being said, Zim often tries to steer his henchman in the right direction, stating it is for the good of the mission. GIR simply counters this with attempts to persuade Zim to relax and have fun every once in a while, despite Zim's frequent refusals to do anything but try to conquer Earth and defeat Dib.

Despite his master's harshness, stubborn nature, and reluctance to have fun with him, GIR is genuinely cheerful and seems to have the mindset that so long as his master is happy, so is he. Which often leads to misguided attempts to make Zim happy, most of which go hilariously wrong. Sometimes he bends Zim to his own will, which allows GIR to get away with some of his antics.

However, their bonds of loyalty to each other are not always strong.