Young thug and rich homie quan relationship advice

Rich Homie Quan Namedrops Young Thug At Concert, Thugger Fires Back On Twitter

Quan goes on to quell the rumors of a relationship between he and Young Thug; Watch Rich Gang's “Flava” Video Featuring Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan. Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan speaks about his Rich Gang affiliation and his fraught relationship with Young Thug and Birdman, and why he deserved to Like, Bird's one of the best people I've ever met, with advice and. Even though Thug dissed him at a recent show, Rich Homie Quan has still got love for his former Rich Gang partner. And he intends to prove it.

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  • Rich Homie Quan Namedrops Young Thug At Concert, Thugger Fires Back On Twitter
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An Honest Conversation With Rich Homie Quan | The FADER

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Look at me now, man. I still haven't made it, but we got platinum tracks, then we got "Flex"—and I'm praying to God "Flex" becomes platinum. I take nothing away from a song I'm on, but for me to have my own… Oh man.

Young Thug and Jerrika Reveal How They Met and Engagement Story

We were kicking it, and I felt as if it was gonna help me and Thugga's solo career. So it was something we wanted to join to see where it puts us at. I feel as if it's put both of us in great situations to become great solo artists. I can't really say there was a moment where [it was over]. It was just me who woke up one day like, "Quan, it's time to get back to you, man.

That's how you came in. I don't care who I work with but at the same time I can never get away from my brand. So I just wanna get back to me. No hard feelings toward him, man. Still, to this day. I'm glad I did affiliate with them, because I learned so much from them. It made me a better artist. It made me a better person. I learned so much from Bird. Like, Bird's one of the best people I've ever met, with advice and knowing how to maneuver things.

You wanna be the best, do what the best do. He's never done nothing to hurt me, he's never shorted me in no way. I promise you, Bird's not a bad person. You hear so much, like, "Oh, this relationship he had with Thug and Quan, it's this and that. I can only speak about the situation I had with Bird. And I know he's very genius. I still talk to both of them.

I was texting Bird last night. We went out to eat at Phillippe, so I text him, like "Ay Bird, what's that that you be ordering when you go? I come from dropping mixtapes so I felt as if I owed my fans at least one more mixtape before I do drop my debut album.

I will be dropping my debut album in the fall, around late September. I've yet to come up with an album title. But this one here, it will not have Still Going In. That's only for a mixtape. My album will be something different. But I want it to coincide with the story I'm telling. I got a lot of people saying, "Quan, your mixtapes sound like albums," so I wanna stick to the mixtape form a little and just get a little more detailed and go deep with it.

Basically, the album is my story growing up from like [age] five to I can't tell you my whole story yet because you gotta be waiting on the next album. So my first album basically tells you how I grew up, how growing up in Atlanta really is. Atlanta's nothing to play with. People come to Atlanta thinking everything's sweet, but, just like New York's nothing to play with, you gotta know where you're at in Atlanta.

Dudes are slimy, dudes are doing anything to get some money. You know what I mean, my mother struggled. My mother wasn't even supposed to have kids and I was her first child, the oldest of three.

So she considered me her miracle baby. On my album, you'll hear me spit a lot of pain, you're gonna hear it. You're gonna hear a lot of music from the soul. Going for, not like a different sound, but you're gonna hear it.

You're definitely gonna hear the pain. My [relationship with ], it's in the works. All the Ts haven't been crossed, all the Is haven't been dotted. Independent's going good for me right now. And there's nothing wrong with that, there's nothing wrong with signing with a label either.

But if it's not broke, don't fix it.

An Honest Conversation With Rich Homie Quan

And that's how I look at it. I'm still trying to make it. Me having that mentality is gonna only make me successful. Despite what you throw at me, despite how much you stand on my name, despite all the bad stuff you know about me, despite me breaking into houses, I'm far from that.

I'm not that person anymore. And I've grown from that. And that's what I want everybody to know. I'm a good person. I make my music for the kids. I started realizing that they really listen to what I say. So I try to be mindful of what I say because I know they're listening. They look at what I wear. If I set a trend, they're gonna do it. I just wanna be a great role model to them. The song [with the rape lyric] has to be at least a year and a half old.

The song was unfinished. When I rap, I make references. I might say this, but I might come back around with something else.