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relationship management pua

(DVD Series) This product was introduced as a break-away hit from Love Systems that deals specifically with relationships. Unlike all other. A lot of guys email me for relationship advice, where they banged the . After reading about “game” it wasn't that I needed to be a PUA in the. Okay it seems like from time to time the forum topics always manage to make me angry No sex means the relationship is close to its end.

Begging, Asking, Inquiring… Whichever way you desire to phrase it: Most guys make the mistake of spoiling their girlfriend.

And when she repays them with ingratitude, guys are left at a lost as to the constant problems surfacing. With that, being a pushover, and someone who spoils his girlfriend without warrant, is the fastest way to have that girl not respect you, and get unruly. And doing so will have ensured that the relationship remains afloat and happy. In reality; women are very ungrateful beings. Pampering women will never profit you.

They are liable to take kindness coming from a man, as a sign of weakness in the man. This is why any kindness towards a woman, has to be rationed out like during a climactic crisis of sorts. Everything mentioned, at least in this sub-passage, ties into supplication, begging and seeking answers.

Seeking answers during problematic occurrences between your GF and you, is another way to make yourself look weak in the eyes of an unruly lass. What is the stereotypical image of a strong man aka a real man? I am not saying that this alone, is what exclusively makes a real man a real man [decisiveness]. Always aim to operate from the more decisive and stronger frame of assumption!

Assume Attraction If you get it wrong: Those are the most trivial matters of no significance. Furthermore, women rely on men for certainty. Let that marinate for a bit.

Women rely on men for certainty and surety.

relationship management pua

Women are creatures of indecisiveness and indecision. But who does she go for? She cannot make up her mind! Therefore, she relies on a man for surety in decision-making. And how do you expect to get resolution? She inherently looks to you [the man] for answers. Thus, begging your girlfriend to change her ways, and crying about being heartbroken and how much you love her to death, will NOT salvage the relationship!

That colloquialism does have merits.

relationship management pua

But it also loses its merits depended on the situation. Whenever your new girlfriend begins to show signs of going rouge and this WILL happendoing her own thing in spite of your reservations, disregarding you as an entity: Playing passive, civil pussy in the face of an unruly girlfriend, is like bringing a plastic knife to a gun fight.

She will blow you away! If you want an unruly girlfriend to eventually cooperate; you have to bring her to her knees by showing her that you can also play that uncooperative game! Do what she does to you! People tend to only respond to empathy once they will have been subjected to what they subject others to. Doubling down on your promptness whenever she texts you, will not serve the purpose of bringing her back in line. This will only okay further bad behavior and unruliness.

You bring her to her knees through empathy, by giving her a dose of her own medicine. Make her feel what she makes you feel! Become unruly and uncooperative yourself! Start taking 3 hours to reply to her. She takes 4; you take 5! She takes 10; you take 12! Purposely ignoring her messages and calls for a change, just as she does to you, will not only rattle her world to the core, but it will force empathy upon her…although prior, she cared 2 fucks about how her unruliness had affected your state.

You CANNOT and will NOT cause change, and make her empathize with your grievances, by solely arguing about it, nagging and crying about how hurt you are and how bad it is that she shows lack of interest in you.

Women in relationships, only respond to punishments and pain. If a girl can predict your every move, action, line and word; she will lose interest so fast that it will make your head spin like a yoyo on a smooth tarmac. A huge part as to why she went bad to begin with, and no longer wants in on this relationship, is because your predictability has stifled the attraction. Familiarity kills attraction On a side note, this is why I advise guys to NOT move in with their girlfriends.

But to remain living separately until some years apart will have elapsed. Guys get so caught up on love and poon-tang during the first 5 months on the relationship, that they often lose sight of everything rational, to then take giant leaps into a pit of fire…virtually that is.

That is simply rushing! And you are operating from a frame of desperation, Scarcity and clinginess, by thinking subconsciously: Anyway, so moving in with a girl prematurely will have killed the attraction, because the girlfriend now gets to see more of you too much of youknows more of you, and gets to predict your every move: Having knowledge of how the film culminates, your buddy spills the beans and gives away some details which now renders the movie predictable.

How is the enjoyment factor for you now that your friend had given away the movie? The same thing with women: If she can read your proverbial movie and accurately predict every scene which is to happen next: Thus, when a girlfriend loses interest and the relationship wanes, remaining a predictable dodo, will only give her lots more ammunition to act up and ultimately dump you.

Therefore, changing your patterns will screw with her head as she no longer can predict your moves! Well- this should give you all the encouragement needed as to why you should behave accordingly by breaking patterns. It pains you tremendously to see that your girlfriend shows you no respect, and she blatantly disregards anything that arises from you! Women feel emotions 10 times as deeply as men do!

Let that sink in for a second. If you think you have it bad emotionally by being subjected to the unruly, pattern-breaking bullshit from your girlfriend, imagine how deeply she would feel it if you were to break patterns also and become untamed! She shows no emotions when hurt hardly shows any when things are sunny.

She can play that shit off with the nonchalant ease of a professional actor! Some women are masters at hiding their pain. The unruly types are especially adroit and skilled in masking pain. Saying that to say: A woman seeks to hide her pain. Hence, most guys being unaware that women actively seek to hide their true feelings, are likely to get duped and discouraged, once they fail to see visibly trails and overt signs that the girl is hurting too.

With that, once I advise guys that they should break pattern, become unruly, ignore the girlfriend for an entire day; they guys rebut with: She feels it 10 times as much as you do!

Therefore, as you break the predictable patterns on her; she will feel it! She may not tell you, may not show it, but she will feel it, and cry her eyes out to everyone except you: Ok, so how do you break patterns and kill your predictability which is partly responsible for killing your relationship?

Breaking patterns implies doing away with routine. Routines are predictable…hence cumbersome and boring. If you want to get your unruly, disrespecting girlfriend to wonder and second-guess her unruliness: Just to limit, rearrange and mix around the order of things.

Make her fucking wonder! We walk around like zombies. She can anticipate and predict your 9 AM text. It may come a little after 9 or a little before 9: Break that routine and she starts to get antsy and worried.

The same goes for situations of varying times of the day. Mix it up again! Throw her off as much as you can. Any sudden deviation will cause the other person to think, wonder and worry. Other forms of pattern breaks include: Go by her at 7 PM instead. Always later but never earlier than you normally would. Those are just a few pertinent and real-world examples of breaking the pattern of predictability.

Not only does she NOT want to hear the sappy shit because it irritates her, but it helps to kill your chances of ever getting her to come to the table of compromise: However, the problem lies within timing of the situation. Of course it would! Likewise with your girlfriend and the situation at the moment. Because of your sucky, spoiling Beta-Male ways, included all of the other reasons I cited in the article as to why she lost interest and respect; she no longer has attraction for you [by the way, this has nothing to do with physical attraction].

Hence, she becomes royally turned off by having this wimp guy [you] affirming his love for her. With that being said: This will fuck with her head royally! With that, the girl will never come to the table in order to work on a solution of conformity. How do you gain leverage in order to force your unruly girlfriend to bargain?

Grab a pen, or fire up a note-taking app, jot down, or copy-paste all of the actionable steps and tips that I cited thus far. Save them, make a mental note of them and begin to execute them NOW! In order to regain some power and control in your rapidly imploding relationship, you firstly need to communicate indirectly to the wayward girlfriend that you too can play that game. Okay, so what are some indicators that your point has resonated? She begins to invest more by reaching out: Blatant or subtle questioning on her part.

She begins to inquire about your sudden changes in routine, patterns and erraticness 3.

relationship management pua

That would be the ideal reaction. You mainly want to prove a point, make a stance, get a reaction then relent a bit. You simply state your case in a non-whiny tone. This does not necessarily have to be in person via official visit.

You can text your girlfriend your expectations from henceforth. Place a phone call if preference be. She's more involved with her animes and mangas despite that the sex is awesome.

I feel like something is not going exactly on the right track. It seems like our relationship is a big happy train which I love to ride but something is just constantly trying to put it off track. This kind of vague drawing is gold. It really makes women open up Her: I don't exactly know what you're talking about but I had some strange feelings lately too. I know, In fact, I noticed your feelings sooner than mine started to appear, that's why I want to talk about this in the first place.

Now to get to finding the problem Her: I love you honey. I think all we need is to pay more attention to each other. We became a bit distant lately I think. Since our sex life was awesome, she just needs more quality time spent together for sure Me: You might be right.

Now that I think of it. When was the last time we went out for a dinner? Mmmmm last week, I think. Pretty bad, isn't it? It doesn't matter that we have sex everyday we meet, if that's all we're doing.

On Maintaining Long-Term Relationships

Let's go out tomorrow! Okay well I'm also free on Friday. Seems fine to me. Where are we going? You really thought I'd just tell you? It will be surprise. Aaaaaargh now I will think about this all week long. I'm glad you're expecting it so much. Well "all week" is only 3 days anyway. Way more than enough for me to go insane in my work. Well I was planning on going to take you to an asylum anyway. Seems like the surprise is gone Her: You woudln't be allowed even in a mental hospital. You know I'm just messing with you, I love you sweety.

Lol I know she's not really hurt, she's just playing it, so I get into the game. This is also big thing. To differentiate between real trouble, and not real. What have I done?!?! I have made my baby upset. I'm a bad bad person. My mommy is not proud of me. Everyone will hate me. LOL, you're an idiot. At least, I'm your idiot. Love you babe, have to go study.

Talk to you tomorrow xoxo Her: Love you too honey, Sweet dreams xoxo Notice that once the problem was identified and I found a solution there was no point in dwelling on it any further.

relationship management pua

I changed the topic and started to play a little in a bantering way. Yes, yes I know. This problem was too easy to solve right? I always get into the problem as soon as it manifests so usually it is easily solved in the early stages. That's what your goals should also be. Lure out and solve any problem as soon as you know something is up.

It takes practise and a good understanding of women to be really good at relationships. That's why I always advocate that guys should only get into LTRs when they already have very solid game. Yes, when I started the game I only wanted a girlfriend too. But it's only common sense, that keeping a girl is a lot harder than getting one. I needed to improve myself a lot before I jumped into the world of LTRs, and even with that experience it took a few gfs before I arrived at the level I am.

So now you hopefully have an understanding of how to properly communicate with your girlfriend and I will end this part here. When to break up? It can happen that the relationship doesn't seem to work no matter what. There are three main causes each with spectecular signs: Some people are just way too different to be able to maintain a relationship. If your arguments are caused by very different views and perception of the world itself then it could be really hard to keep the relationship happy.

You must put things on a scale whether it's even worth trying anymore or not. When this happens I don't recommend just simply giving up, but trying out a few things. Trying to be more tolerant and encouraging your girlfriend to do the same for example. But if after a couple of attempts it doesn't get any better then it is completely futile to torture yourselves and it's best for the both of you to find more compatible partners. Eventhough it would seem like, I don't want to put all responsibility on men in the relationship.

I still think we have more than women because we can affect their emotions more effectively than they can ours, but there are just spoiled women out there who are not worth it. Who no matter how good of a boyfriend you are will just want to use you and will suck the life out of you. Whether it's because she doesn't want to be happy, or that you're not yet ready for a relationship there's no point continuing it.

If you can't identify the problems of your girlfriend, or you're unable to handle them then the relationship will end anyway. If your best efforts bounce of a wall and she doesn't even let you make her happy, then it's time to find someone who appreciates herself more because sooner or later this will get you frustrated.

Or it probably already does. And it's not healthy. Find a girl who welcomes being a good boyfriend. How to break up? It's not an easy thing to do. Once you're committed to break off a relationship she's going to get hurt, no matter how you do it. So the goal is to inflict the least amount of harm possible.

Don't use catchy phrases like "It's not you, it's me" or anything like that. Keep up your manliness. State your reasons clearly but respectfully. An example "I don't think we should continue this relationship anymore.

It's clear that it is just not working no matter how hard we try. It may hurt, but I truly believe that it's for the better. I loved you and I do hope you loved me too, but I want to move on with my life and find someone with whom I can be really happy, and I wish the same for you" What to do after the break-up?

First of all and most importantly: The relationship probably ended for a very good reason and for that reason it would fail again. You only hurt both of you if you allow this to happen. Regarding staying friends and things like that If the relationship ended just because you were incompatible, it is possible to stay friends.

Relationship Management – PUA Lifestyle

I have an ex who's become a very good friend of mine. Her new boyfriend is also like a bro for me. And back then I already had a somewhat solid inner game. Not that I regret it, it made me way more stronger in the long run, but it's not an easy path to take.

If the relationship ended for not that reason, then it is not only close to impossible, but also I don't really see the point of it to stay friends. Some people like making their exes FWBs but I'm strongly against that. It'll almost always get nasty in the long run. Note that to the "Dont's" almost everywhere I added "Acting needy" and "Being predictable" and this is for a reason.

Because this is just the deadly triad of the relationship: Bad communication, neediness, and being predictable. I have covered communication, and neediness should be obvious. As long as you don't just care about keeping your girlfriend, but also keeping both of you happy then you're not needy regardless of how many flowers you buy and dates you pay for.

How To Keep Your Relationship SEXY and full of love! feat RSDMax

It's not as hard as it seems. You just need to be a little creative and always play your cards right. When you're planning to do something, always make her wonder what it's going to be. Meanwhile of course your "next moves" should have a mass variety in them because if not, then she could just guess it without even asking. Do as many different activities as it is possible. Play basketball, valleyball, pool, cho-cho, card games, chess, ping-pong, cycling, running, swimming.

It is better than to only just take her to play one sport because for one it is less predictable and the other things is that she will have more experience with you and thus it will strengthen your connection.