Matthew santoro nicole arbour relationship quotes

Nicole Arbour Just Disrespected EVERYONE Who Has Experienced Domestic Abuse - We The Unicorns

matthew santoro nicole arbour relationship quotes

Nicole Arbour (born ) is a Canadian comedian, recording artist, choreographer, actress, . On January 11, , YouTube personality Matthew Santoro posted "My Abuse Story", a video in which he had been in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with Arbour, although he did not name her in the video. Matthew Santoro is a Youtuber with over 5 million subscribers who was in a pretty public relationship with smaller-time Youtuber Nicole Arbor Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post. Nicole Arbour's response video. In response, Santoro's ex girlfriend, Nicole Arbour (also a Youtuber, .. Now, they seem happy to let their former relationship play out on the.

matthew santoro nicole arbour relationship quotes

Matthew posted a video about a former relationship with an unnamed individual "The person prevented me from leaving their home, said "you're not going anywhere", at which point I was hit in the face". You feel shame, you feel embarassment Abuse of a platform of young, impressionable followers She shared clips from a livestream taken "one week before I broke up with my ex-boyfriend" in which the couple are laughing and cuddling.

Cele|bitchy | YouTuber Nicole Arbour deleted a video asking Matthew Santoro to take her back

She says that the reason the relationship ended was that she had "asked repeatedly for my private life not to be put on the internet but he repeatedly stepped over that mark". She said that the only reason the video went live was "to hurt me". Nicole Arbour went viral last year for her video 'Dear Fat People'. Giving the video the same style of title as her comedy videos seems to equate this issue with those kinds of videos.

matthew santoro nicole arbour relationship quotes

It's disrespectful and just underlines the unsympathetic attitude she had adopted. Nicole announced in this video that the only way to make things 'fair' would be for Matt to take a polygraph test a lie detector testto 'prove' that he's not lying about his accusations.

The response to the video has been, shall we say, definitive: This is a bizarre move. Matt is obviously not going to do this, because of how weird and awkward it would be and because he likely resents the idea that he must be 'tested' to be believed.

Interestingly, even if he did take the test, it would ultimately be pointless because, as has been stated time and time again by experts: The Big Picture Regardless of whether Nicole is the one responsible for what happened to Matt or not, we think the way that she is handling the topic of domestic abuse is unacceptable and very unhelpful and damaging for the countless victims out there that have had to suffer this terrible crime.

Nicole Arbour EXPOSED As A Liar - With Proof (Vs Matthew Santoro)

Matthew Santoro's videos are usually funny and lighthearted, but even they have their sad moments. It's clear that, even though it wasn't a very fun job, Matt was sad about it.

The sad voice he says "Bring back the sunshine!

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Him breaking down in tears was also pretty jarring to watch. In Why Lying is OK! Most of the things said in The Death of Robin Williams.

matthew santoro nicole arbour relationship quotes

Matt talks about the suicide of Robin Williamsand mentions how he himself has been depressed from time to time. It makes you miss them, especially if you liked them.

matthew santoro nicole arbour relationship quotes