Want vs need relationship quotes

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want vs need relationship quotes

It is up to you to understand what you need in a relationship versus what you want, and it is your responsibility to effectively communicate those. The cost of being so much in love with someone is that you have to bear the Hence, “the relationship with the other is not symmetrical at the. What you want is not always what you tankekraft.info You Want Versus What You Need in a Relationship: This Is What Your Zodiac Says.

want vs need relationship quotes

What You Want You want to show off your partner; you want them to be beautiful, to have flamboyance and the fire of passion makes you feel that you also want them to be passionate. A passionate partner will remain the passionate about the same thing years after years and you would never like that.

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A partner who will stick by your side tolerating your fire is the person you need. Taurus April 20 — May What You Want Your romantic self wants a partner who will never find flaws in you and is willing to change themselves completely for you. Gemini May 21 — June What You Want You expect too many things from your partner. You want a partner who is smart and funny and at the same time, messy too.

You just want them to be someone exactly like you as if you are twins.

want vs need relationship quotes

What You Need However, you need a partner who is wise, who understands you, listens to you. In order to have a stable relationship, your partner should be complementing you.

We constantly feel like we need to be having more sex, be flawless looking for our partners, and are left with an aching feeling that we will never be enough.

want vs need relationship quotes

We have all of these muddled beliefs and expectations about what we need. These needs are largely shaped by the media and relationships we have observed, whether in real life or on the television screen.

want vs need relationship quotes

Beyond that, we are also taught to just listen to our feelings, thoughts and impulses, which are often misleading. Impulses guide us in the moment, which may not always be helpful when trying to build a long-term committed relationship. Here are some critical thinking questions that can help you reality check whether your desire or impulse is a need or a want.

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You can stop and ask yourself: Is this something that I need in my relationship in order to be satisfied? Is this something that I can live without? Is this a requirement for a healthy relationship? Am I being impulsive? Have I seen this modeled in a real life relationship? What tells me or shows me that I need this in my relationship? Additionally, here are the links to some helpful worksheets I found online that will assist you in discovering what your true relationship needs really are.

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You tend to be either more anxious or more avoidant in relationships, and each have a unique set of needs that are essential for the relationship to thrive. Do some soul searching to see what needs are absolutely essential to your relationship satisfaction, and what things are just icing on the cake.

I would love for you to comment and share with me some of your non-negotiable needs in your relationship.