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Beside baptism and graduation, marriage is one of the great celebrations of a woman's life. .. while the bridesmaids busily plan your shower and bachelorette party, help you with your wedding .. Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival, where it has won the honours of Best Director. . Trousers are flatfronted with belt loops. Maynard is told that one of her final contestants, racecar driver Arie Luyendyk, once had a relationship with Bachelorette producer, Caddie. One week before hometown dates, Bachelorette producers dropped a about Cassie Lambert and Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s past relationship?.

In addition, Chelsea has a really dry sense of humor and I think she may have started off on the wrong foot with some of the women. However, over the last few weeks, it seems like the other women started to be able to sense when Chelsea was joking and, perhaps as a result of the group focusing their energy on Krystal, Chelsea was no longer the divisive figure she was in the house at first.

As we know, Arie has a very soft spot for single moms.

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Chelsea, in my opinion, has a really good heart and is a devoted and loving mother, and Arie is 36 and has been anxious for a long time now to get going on a family. He would be ready to take on that responsibility, and I think Chelsea knows that. It was a great date to start out the week and it ended with a beautiful concert by Tenille Arts.

As far as things in Fort Lauderdale go, this really was the calm before the storm. Ah, yes, the group date. What started off as a fun day at the bowling alley quickly descended into total chaos.

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This feels like one of the most dramatic turns I can remember. Krystal has been a polarizing force in the house since her second week disagreement with Bibiana. Last week things started to boil over with Caroline and Tia, but with Caroline gone and Tia on a one-on-one date, I think everyone thought this would all just blow over. When you get an early one-on-one and have to wait around it can be very emotionally taxing. Becca K admittedly was having a hard week as well, but the ways that she and Krystal handled it were basically polar opposites.

And so was Arie. Look at that hat. Look at that trophy! But wow, Arie Jr. The Kardashians were there for his dad. I feel bad for the guy. How many people get to race million dollar cars until they are in their mid thirties before having to become a realtor?

But Arie is our Bachelor and we all have to watch and ask ourselves the big question — what the hell is wrong with him? I mean beyond whatever the effect of being the son of a Dutch lovemaking champion who only feels truly comfortable going mph. How turned on are you, ladies? He dated Courtney Swimsuit Issues after friend of the blog and world class lazer tag champ Ben Flajnik did. How bad was a photo op at this place. This was who she chose.

What should I do? Go back on the show and try and fail at fake love for a career. When you close your eyes at the strip club, do you see him? Back to the show! Either of those turn you on, ladies? If no, read further.

His eyes are dead from all the flashbulbs going off in his face as his father, a man who once parallel parked a Land Rover in a bike rack without a scratch, takes photos and checkered flags.

Lauren shows up in a racecar. Then one Lauren who lifts weights a lot and donates food to the homeless shows up where she meets Lauren, who is a social media marketing manager.

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Lauren is impressed when Arie catches a ball she throws him. Lauren has a hand tattoo. A Lauren wears a mask for a few minutes. I know, so lit FR.