Free relationship counselling christchurch

Relationship counselling

free relationship counselling christchurch

Results 1 - 20 of 27 CARENZ CHRISTCHURCH COMMUNITY SERVICES Our free services include; professional counselling for individuals, couples, families for example: relationships, employment, finances, abuse, suicide, parenting. Christchurch therapy and counselling for depression, anxiety, addictions, anger If you are experiencing difficuilties in your relationships or want to develop a. Relationship counselling Many couples opt to enter relationship counselling when they feel like their relationship is going through a bit of a rocky patch. Here .

So long as this remains hidden to you, you will attract problems when relating. Learn how to recognise these traits in yourself, accept them and work with them. Whenever you react, or have your buttons pushed, it is one of the above that is being triggered. Learn the emotions that alert you to those aspects of self that are being triggered.

free relationship counselling christchurch

Recognise that your style of relating may simply not work for your partner, or may even be experienced as hurtful, insensitive, callous, aloof, or upsetting in some way. Come to appreciate the needs of the relationship itself as opposed to those of each person within the relationship. This will tell you what you can, and perhaps must, bring to the relationship in order to make it work.

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Now learn strategies of communicating with your partner, whilst taking into account your unique traits, and those of your partner. Learn how to listen to what is going on within you, and express yourself, while continuing to own what is going on for you.

Allow and encourage your partner to do likewise. Bring loving tolerance and patience when there are needs or values clashes when you talk.

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Understand why it is that love and harmony can go so pear-shaped, and what must be done to regain lost love; Understand how powerplays develop in relationships, and how a more equal balance of power can be achieved; Learn of the behaviours that lead to divorce, why this is so, and how to avoid these pitfalls; Leave with the relationship advice that will make sense and make a difference, and that research has shown will breathe new life into your relationship when implemented; Learn of proven love-enhancing strategies that can bring a rocky relationship back to stability; Get the benefit of current best research into how to create a successful relationship, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Notice what you do when your needs, values or wounded aspects do not get acknowledged, heard or understood in the relationship. Notice how you project on to the other person when you are unaware of these within yourself. When you fear not being heard, understood, valued, taken seriously or respected for who you are and what you want, conflict will then arise.

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Develop the skill to be able to listen to your partner, without owning, apologising for, or feeling bad about the way in which their buttons are pushed while interacting with you. Notice which of your traits do not seem to work very well in, or fail to support, this relationship. If you accept the appointment time, you will meet with the same counsellor each week at the same day and time for up to ten sessions. There may be the possibility of further sessions, but this is negotiated on a case by case basis.

She is passionate about journeying with women and she enjoys approaching client issues from a holistic mind-body-spirit perspective.

free relationship counselling christchurch

Toni also works in private practice and is a provisional member of the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association. She believes that within every woman lies the essential wisdom for growth and change. As a Gestalt therapist she believes it is through shared experience and insight, and by deepening self awareness, that each of us can be who we truly are and live our lives more fully.

Her aim is to create a non-judgemental, warm and empathetic space where women can become more self-aware, be able to create changes and develop personal growth. She works primarily from a Person Centred approach with the goal of working with women to achieve the goals that they strive for, relative to their own best interests and well-being. She is interested in creating a space for women to be listened to, to enable them to discover what works for them.

She is particularly interested in cognitive behavioural therapy and the life-long skills it gives women to assist them in allowing them to understand themselves, cope with challenges and enrich their lives. Arijana Masters of Art Therapy Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Auckland Arts therapy engages with various forms of creative expression, such as storytelling, poetry, free writing, painting, visualisation, drawing, movement and dance.

These are the channels through which the person addresses both conscious and subconscious aspects of self. Arijana trusts that each person has their own voice and resources within to effect the change that they desire. Provisional Member NZAC Kate finds it an honour to be alongside women for part of their journey, highlighting strengths, exploring what they really want from life and what holds them back.