Living relationship gd topic on internet

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living relationship gd topic on internet

Background of Net neutrality:Net neutrality (also network neutrality, Internet neutrality, or net . GD Topic: There is nothing wrong in live in relationships?. How Social Media Might Inhibit the Growth of Personal Relationships you just don't care enough to want to know more mundane things about a person's life. COM- presents a complete guide on Group Discussion Topics and But it is also a fact that it happened when TV's and internet are on full.

Those relationships were much deeper than the social media based ones. We could have more private conversations. We could have longer conversations. And I found that people tended to open up much more about things unrelated to work via email than they did in social media.

The same was true with family.

Live-in relationships should be encouraged

Those who keep in touch and work on maintaining a deeper personal connection generally turned to email, the phone, and in this case also snail mail. Those who only kept in touch via social media did so much more casually.

You see, social media makes it easy to get to the point and move on. That might not be a bad thing on the professional side of things, but when it comes to more personal relationships I find it mildly concerning and a good reason to make a better effort with friends and other loved ones. Do you reach out enough for the people you care about, or do you let social media suffice? Top GD Topics: New topics added every week. Social Media is a cost-effective marketing and branding tool. It has created a paradigm shift in the way brands advertise and market products.

Social media has created new avenues for learning and job creation which never existed before the advent of social media. Governments of many countries are leveraging social media to engage with the citizens and to garner their support, suggestions and views on policies for effective governance.

Utilization of social media for general election by Prime Minister Narendra Modi played an imperative role in his success. A case in point is the recent case where a researcher linked to Cambridge Analytica CAa political consulting firm had accessed details of 50 million Facebook users.

Live-in relationships should be encouraged

The data was shared with Cambridge Analytica, which used online data to reach voters on social media with personalized messages and swayed US elections. Social media sites can make it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the numerous casual relationships formed through social media.

While on the surface it appears social networking brings people together across the Internet, in a larger sense it may create social isolation. While many businesses use social networking sites to find and communicate with clients, the sites also prove a great distraction to employees who may show more interest in what their friends are posting than in their work tasks.

Good Morning friends, I don't think cricket as a national obsession is a deterrent to other sports. Cricket has got popularity because of the legends cricket has given to us like sunil gavaskar, kapil dev, sachin tendulkar, etc. Just because of the achievement that these peoples have made in the game of cricket, it is appreciated so much in India.

Recently, if we take an example, when Rajyawardhan Singh Rathore won silver in Olympics, just after that we won lots of medals in shooting. So, if we want others game to be equally appreciated, then we need some great legends in other games too.

And I believe that if other sports will also produce great players then definitely they will get as much appreciation as cricket in this country.

Hello Friends, As the topic suggests, that cricket is detriment to other sports, I quite agree with it. Cricket game is promoted by the way of advertisement. Cricket sport stars are being seen in most of the advertisements related to cricket or promotion of any other product from honey to alcohol and potato chips to insurance.

One of the main reasons for the game of cricket being preferred is when there is a match between India and Pakistan.

"live in' relationships" - right or wrong? Are they spoiling students?

And the way it is advertised on the news make cricket not only detriment to other sports but to national peace. In newspapers, most of the sports page is filled with cricket news, wherever it is held.

So, along with cricket, the Indian media too, is playing the role of detriment to other sports of India. Media has the highest power today in our country. If it wishes, it can change the shape of sports too. Hello everyone, I don't, at all, think that cricket is a detriment to other sports.

But, it is the Indian people's supportive spirit towards cricket is what is destructing other sports. It feels mortified extremely, to know that a huge nation like India does not support its athletes. I hope that we will recognize our athletes of all games and supports them in their respective sports.

As I said earlier, according to me cricket is not at all detrimental to any other sports, it is suppressed by ourselves, we-the people are totally responsible for that. Well, I think that there is no comparison between 2 sports.

Group Discussion

Each has its own existence, so how can cricket suppress the other sports? It is just the matter of fact that Indian people are crazy about the cricket. So, the comparison lies not in sports but in our thinking only. Well, I personally feel that obsession with cricket is a detriment to other sports. It is all because of the way it is promoted.

living relationship gd topic on internet

It is just like in the case of a movie, if a movie is hyped about, all of us go to watch it. But on the same time some epic movie just gets neglected because of poor advertisement. Also, it is not the case that there is less talent in other sports. If other sports are unable to match up to the expectations, it is only because of improper training due to lack of finances.

Well friends, although I like and support cricket a lot, I fell that, unintentionally only but cricket has come to a point from where it has become detrimental to other sports.

You can see among yourself only, tha how many of us watches other sports played by Indian sportsmen. Of course, a handful!

GD Topic Social Media: A boon or a bane for society and individuals |

Why is it so? One definite reason could be the hype that cricket gets through the media. People not only watch the match with shear attention but also the pre-and post-match shows. Lastly, I would say that the Government should definitely see to this and take necessary measures to allow other sports perpetuate.

Now, if we conclude our discussion I would like to highlight the main points that were discussed.

living relationship gd topic on internet

Majority of us agreed that the Game of Cricket, in itself, is not spoiling other streams of sports but it's the audience that goes crazy for its favorite sport.

Media should give as much exposure to other sports as much it does to cricket. Government and Corporate people need to fund other sports as well so that they could get better training and bring home as much popularity as cricket does.