Peter cushing christopher lee relationship quiz

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peter cushing christopher lee relationship quiz

But that doesn't mean they can beat every quiz out there. with multiple characters, even if they are just business relationships. This Star Wars character, played by Peter Cushing, appeared in the original Star Wars film. .. Originally, Sir Christopher Lee's Count Dooku was a Jedi Knight before he joined . Film legend: Christopher Lee has passed away aged 93 . He played opposite the studio's star Peter Cushing – who was to become the. In the late s Hammer signed two actors whose names became synonymous with the company: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Lee played the.

Christopher Lee was 'one of my oldest friends' says James Bond co-star Roger Moore - Mirror Online

He went to the pub with Tolkien. It was at a pub in Oxford called,The Eagle and Child. Lee was so much in awe of him that all he could say was, "how do you do? Saruman was not his first choice. When he found out that Peter Jackson was making the films, he asked his agent to put him up for a role.

He read some lines of Gandalf for Jackson, but ended up being cast as "the long, thin, bearded streak of immortal nastiness, Saruman the wizard". He killed on Saturday Night Life.

King of horror who was a true gent

Lee appeared in a skit a about movies so bad that even he had knocked them back. He worked with McCartney and Parky. Lee featured on the cover of Paul McCartney's Band On The Run album, one of several people, alongside McCartney and his band, dressed as convicts caught in a searchlight.

He knew Rasputin's assassins.

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Lee played the title role in Rasputin: The Mad Monk, a role with which he thought he had an unusual connection. When he was a child, he met two of the ringleaders of Rasputin's assassination.

peter cushing christopher lee relationship quiz

He's even scarier when he sings. He's an award-winning heavy metal musician. Lee's musical career took a metal turn.

'Dracula' - Death Scene with Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing

He released a "symphonic metal" album, Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross in It won him a spirit of metal award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony. He claimed to be descended from Charlemagne.

peter cushing christopher lee relationship quiz

But it was horror films that secured his reputation. He could bring a sincerity to the most ridiculous storyline and took his job very seriously. He even consulted with surgeons to ensure he held a knife in the proper way when playing Baron Frankenstein. The Gothic tales earned him his greatest friends. The three masters of horror always phoned each other on birthdays and while sworn enemies on screen as Van Helsing and Dracula, Cushing and Lee were the fondest of friends.

In his autobiography he recalled: They met inmarried in and were together until her death in Twitter tributes were pouring in to the legendary actor. His Bond co-star Sir Roger Moore said: We first met in View gallery But his wife of 53 years, Birgit, and daughter Christina delayed the announcement so that relatives could be informed. His mother, Estelle, was an Italian contessa descended from the notorious Borgias. The couple divorced when Sir Christopher was four and his mother remarried.

He grew up in a wealthy home, went to public school in Berkshire and excelled at classics. He was also a brilliant fencer — a talent which later served him well as an actor as he won a Guinness World Record for having more on-screen sword fights than any actor in history.

And when war broke out he joined the RAF, won six campaign medals, was mentioned in despatches and decorated by Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. He also worked for British Intelligence and was attached to the SAS then, after the war Christopher served with the Central Registry of War Crimes, tracking Nazi criminals, and visiting concentration camps like Dachau.