Baby guy at oc swap meet

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baby guy at oc swap meet

Find low cost inventory for your swap meet, internet resell, or retail business. As a street vendor points out in this OC Register article “You guys [Federal Police Agents] should be going Massive Whole Seller Trade show — Vegas Baby. Two men entered the store, made a beeline for the baby aisle and to sell the formula at a swap meet or possibly on the black market. Anyone with information is asked to call Orange County Crime Woman, Teen Boy Arrested in Death of Baby Whose Body Was Found Along Highway in Corona: Police. You may develop jaundice with OC, which can make your wee dark and your poo paler than usual (RCOG . Hi guys, Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

He was scared and bit a staff member, and the shelter decided that he couldn't stay there. We took him in and haven't had an ounce of trouble with him! He's curious, active, sweet and loves head scratches! We're so thankful we were able to save this special little guy. On November 04,Toby got adopted. He is now bonded with a beautiful girl named Pearl.

Yuma Yuma is a spayed female born in early She has beautiful blue eyes and she is small, sweet, and friendly. A gal and her mom drove a distance to meet some of our adoptable bunnies. Needless to say, they fell for this little cutie. Yuma will have a wonderful life with her new family. We are super excited for you Yuma Adopted on October 15, Sven Sven has had several disappointments in life.

He came into the shelter as a stray, covered in ticks and fleas, at about eight weeks of age. He suffered from an upper respiratory infection and was kept in isolation. Save SomeBunny took him out of the shelter and he waited in foster care for a year before being adopted. He was happy in his new home, but after six months his family's landlord said that he wasn't welcome anymore not because of Sven's behavior!

He came back to us in January and is waiting -- again-- for a good home. In Sven is now considered a special needs bunny because he has glaucoma in both of his eyes. He will need to have medicated eye drops placed in his eyes twice a day for the rest of his life. But despite his unfair situation, he is still happy and friendly.

He likes people, kids and dogs. On October 15,Sven's foster Mom recognize just how special he is and gave him his awesome forever home. Enjoy your new life Sven Man! Maricopa Maricopa is a spayed young female born in early She is a dwarf Hotot mix and she was found dumped in a park with seven other domestic rabbits.

She is happy and friendly and she loves a good ear rub! She is now adopted by her foster family. We affectionately call that a "foster fail". Such an easy thing to do when you have a cutie like little Maricopa.

We are so pleased you will live a loved life! Adopted on October 14, She was found living in a bird cage. While in foster care, she fell in love with a boy named Peter Rabbit. We are happy to call her a "foster fail". Adopted on October 13, Jasper Jasper was being given away to someone who claimed they were going to eat him; a kind person stepped in and took him home but didn't intend to keep him because she knows nothing about rabbits and she has three dogs.

He is sweet and happy and a big cuddler!! Jasper's front teeth were a disaster -- probably why he was being given away -- so we had them removed when he was neutered. He has completely recovered from the surgery, and is able to eat everything put in front of him! As you can see he is adorable, and he is friendly and energetic.

We are so happy for this little one. Best wishes and enjoy your happily ever after! Save SomeBunny Rabbit Rescue felt she needed a chance at life so she was pulled from the shelter and taken her to the vet.

It looks like her incisors may need removal and she has a mass in her chest. After chest surgery and several months in foster care, Rose was ready for adoption! The cancer has not returned so it is unlikely that it will. Rose will need periodic tooth trims but her incisors do not need to be removed. Adopted on October 04, What a journey this little man has been through. Severely injured, on the list to be euthanized, rescued and weeks of intense rehabilitation. Now, Buddy found a rabbit experienced new home!

Thank you everyone for your support!!! And thank you to his new Mom for providing a home. Adopted on October 01, Gizmo Gizmo came to us because he had been gifted to someone who, 8 months later, wasn't able to keep him.

Earlier this year this little man found a home but came back to us shortly later. It is important that the "fit" is right for bunny and adoptive owner. His former Mom found the perfect bunny for her Simon and Gizmo waited patiently for his forever home.

We are pleased to say today was the day! Adopted on September 23, Sara Sara came to us from the OC Shelter with her three babies in Best wishes Sara, Puck and family!

baby guy at oc swap meet

Scout Scout and his siblings were dumped in the wilderness as little 3 month old poofballs and were lucky a neighbor saw them, gathered them up, and contacted his foster mom to take them in. Scout is about 10 lbs of big lovable goofball. He's very playful and bouncy. His new Momma told us this: Scout will live a life of luxury and extraordinary loving care, never to be caged, free range of house, with supervised play in a large grassy backyard with a giant oak tree.

He should like it pretty well. We will miss Scout but are so happy he will have such a great life. Adopted on August 31, Pride Pride was rescued at 3 days old. In foster care days.

baby guy at oc swap meet

Pride patiently waited for the right one Pride is Save SomeBunny's th adoption! She is a lovely black and white Dutch girl. She is a bit shy of humans but that is because she need to stay on alert to make sure that all her babies are kept out of harm's way.

On August 20, she found her forever home. Licorice Licorice came from the Orange County shelter with his four siblings and Mother. He is such a friendly little dude. On August 20, he found his forever home. After speed dating, Penguin finally found his new girlfriend. Paris formerly known as Latte is so excited to get settled in her new home.

They found their forever home together! Adopted On July 27, Save SomeBunny Rabbit Rescue felt she needed a chance at life so we pulled her from the shelter. She is a sweet, friendly, active lop. She is an unusual size; bigger than a Holland Lop and smaller than a Mini Lop.

She was treated for urinary issues but it better now. On June 27,she found a family including 4 kids!!! She is soooo ready to get soooo much attention and love" Good luck Daisy. We will miss you and are so happy we were able to give you a chance at life, rescue you from that high kill shelter and bring you back to good health and now Have a great life sweet Daisy!

Hannah Hannah was severely underweight and suffering from an upper respiratory infection, and slated for euthanasia at the Orange County shelter. Kind volunteers saw the potential in her and called us. On June 24,she was adopted. Jellybean Jellybean was rescued from the Orange County shelter with his mother and four siblings, Caramel, Gumdrop, Marshmallow, and Licorice.

He has the coolest blue eyes! On June 17,he was the first in his family to find a forever home. April April was rescued from the Corona Shelter with her sister Trixie. The sisters were probably born in the summer of April is small and pretty with a cute white dot on her nose. She is very lively and likes to play and dash around the room!

On June 17,April found her forever home. It was love at first sight for April's new Mom. Simon Simon is bouncy and kissy and very sweet and very fond of ladies! He's comfortable with being picked up and cuddled and definitely craves attention. Simon came to us because he was at the shelter with an eye issue of unknown origin. There was nothing wrong with his cornea but a lot of redness in the iris and a whitish blob blocking the pupil. The redness went down considerably and his intraocular pressure has remained stable and, most importantly, it causes him no discomfort.

He will never see out of that eye but doesn't mind at all. He'll gaze lovingly at you with his beautiful periwinkle blue good eye! On June 11,Simon found his person! You are such a great bunny and will be missed but are happy you have a place to call home! He's adorable, though, and we don't imagine it will take long to get him a home with someone who is ready to make the commitment. On May 18,Gizmo is officially adopted! He went home with his new Momma today and she took next week off work just to snuggle him and get him settled in his new space.

Moana Moana- We saw you were on the short list at the shelter because of your twisted leg and we knew Save SomeBunny had to save you. You came to our home as a foster and you were scared and did not want to eat. We worried about you every night. We worried about you every day. We force fed you.

We tried different pellets, different hay, baby food, anything to get you to eat. I ran you over to Kim's for fluids. We checked on you times a day it seemed like. We gave you love and gained your trust. You finally knew you were safe and began to eat, we were ecstatic! You needed your twisted leg amputated and came out of the surgery with flying colors.

You healed quickly and now nothing can stop you. You love to play on the couch and give your mamas kisses. You love your human and dog sisters. You are Moana and we are very happy to say you are a foster fail and have found your forever home. You will never need to feel scared or unsafe again Adopted on May 11, Jazz Jazz was born on the Fourth of July, She is a small, pretty girl, brown with white markings like a Dutch rabbit.

She is shy but opens up when she gets to know you. Her mama Ella and brothers Blues and Soul have been adopted, so she is alone and still waiting for her forever family. On April 23,Jazz got a boyfriend and a new family to love. Sparkle is a lovely English Spot girl. Her son Snowflake, is part lionhead. His lopsided ears are so adorable. On April 22,we are excited to say, Sparkle and Snowflake now have a family to love. We are so happy for them! Charlotte Charlotte- was found wandering a neighborhood in Artesia.

She is a gorgeous rabbit and is a cuddle-bunny. She likes kids and does not mind being around a calm dog. Isn't she a beauty? On April 22, she was adopted. We knew this beauty wouldn't take long to find her forever home! So happy for you, your family and your new friend Luna. Enjoy your new life Charlotte Peach Peach was living in a shelter for several months.

She was treated for intestinal issues several times but her soft stool kept returning. After a couple of months in foster care we have decided that she has mild food allergies and a tendency to soft stool.

She needs some TLC and understanding but she does not seem to feel ill. On April 17,while in foster care, Toko who belongs to her foster Mom fell hard for her. They are living happily together. Rogina Rogina originally named Roger!

Finally a kind soul took her in and got her spayed. His own rabbits don't want her to live with them, though, so she is looking for a forever home. She is friendly and sweet. On April 15,Rogina got adopted. She is now bonded with a very handsome boy named Bomba. Champ Champ- We think that Champ was born in September He arrived at a shelter very underweight, and we agreed to take him in.

It turns out that he was not ill, just starving! He is eating like a horse and growing well. He is very mellow, loves head scratches and full body rubs. And he loves hanging out with his foster family! On March 4, It wasn't hard for this little man to find his forever home. We will miss you but are so happy you be getting so much love and attention. Storm and Sinatra Storm and Sinatra has been in foster care for over 2 years. Sinatra was born into an extreme hoarding situation.

He was rescued and sent to a shelter, where the volunteers fell in love with his sunny personality. The volunteers saw that he was not eating and had gotten very thin. They contacted Save SomeBunny to see if we could help him. He had issues with his teeth, and after several attempts to keep them, we had to have his incisors removed.

He is able to eat normally and has no remaining problems. Through it all he has been sweet and happy A terrific little bunny. Storm is a beautiful girl with sleek velvety fur. She's sweet and smart and very easy to handle. She fell in love with her foster brother, Sinatra and they are very bonded now. On March 4, ,Storm and Sinatra found a forever, loving home with a sister and brother team.

They are all so cute together! Just one big happy, bunny loving family! Love Love has been in foster care for about a year. She was a great mother who raised healthy babies and today she found her forever home! Love is sweet, calm and has a loving personality. What an appropriate name for this beauty! We are SO happy he found a forever family today! Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit was found in a park in south Orange County in a tiny hamster cage with no food, water, or bedding.

Who knows how long he had been sitting in the poop and pee in this tiny cage. While in foster care, Peter charmed his foster Mom so she decides that he should be her forever bun. On February 19,Peter was offically added to our foster failure list.

Pearl and Dasher Pearl was born about at the beginning of and had two sons in August Her son Domino was adopted. Pearl and Dasher are very small, and nearly identical. They are sweet and playful, and they both love head scratches and treats! On February 11,Pearl and Dasher got adopted. Thank you to the family that gave them their forever home together! Kaba Kaba was saved from living her life alone in an outside hutch.

She is a beautiful sweet lionhead. On February 10,Kaba got adopted. It was love at first sight for Kaba's new mom. Not hard to understand why! Best wishes sweet little girl! Tropper Tropper was adopted before, unfortunately he came back to us which was no fault of his own.

baby guy at oc swap meet

His amazing foster family fell so in love with him that he is officially a foster fail. He was adopted on February 04, He was very ill and scheduled to be euthanized. With a lot of TLC, we were able to nurse him back to health.

Sissy is a very small blue-eyed white bunny. She was living outside during the extreme heat wave in mid-June, and two kind souls were worried about her so they called Save SomeBunny. We took her in because no rabbit should be outside in degree heat! While cooling off in foster care, Sissy met Clifford, another small white bunny. It was love at first sight for both of them, and they decided to share a pen. On January 29,Sissy and Clifford got adopted.

They were only one month old. Clover Clover was born late She was rescued by a vet who saw her at the Santa Monica shelter. But, instead of coming back to my own world, I traveled to an anime I was familiar with; Boku no Hero Academia.

baby guy at oc swap meet

It made me bitter and frustrated. I wanted to go home. Too bad fate has something else intended for me. The Irish redhead who didn't give a damn on the rules and whispers of the society. She's been through life once. Now she's armed with the knowledge of a future, so the world better prepare itself because cannon will exist no more.

Let the Havoc's reign begin. No pain, no gain, or so they say. But with a bit of luck, this might just turn out alright. As a 16 year old parentless and single girl, getting hounded by others who would try to make me not single, which I didn't care for.

But there was this one guy that interested me.

Reincarnation SI OC | FanFiction

A Puppeteer who would come and buy a flower for inspiration for his puppet and wasn't a sexist. Rein-Fic Kuroshitsuji - Rated: It wasn't Naruto, that was for sure. The newly named Hikari Kurosaki was reincarnated into the Bleach universe as Ichigo Kurosaki's older sister.

Can she help save the lives of so many people from death and insanity? Or will she let them all perish and fall to the Dark Lord Voldemort. Reincarnating from a world that gave me depression and a reason to kill myself is not okay.

Reincarnating from a world where my purpose of life was nothing more but a sham was, without a better term to explain it, a real kick in the balls. It was just too bad that I was blind. Or so they told me. Prepare yourself superhero world. I'm going to become Toph. Because not only did I get randomly self-inserted, but I get reincarnated! Tell me unknown force, what did I do to you! Despite their name, the seem to be located in La Habra. As the name implies, this is were they sell stuff to those dollar stores.

The quality might not be the highest, but what the heck, it retails for about a buck. They say they are in Los Angeles, but they are actually located in Carson.

They can even make private label perfumes. The name is a bit misleading. When you log onto this site, it feels like your first trip to a Wall Mart. This is where wholesellers and major retail stores get their inventory. You will be amazed at how low the prices are.

You can even customize the items with your logo. Many factories have reps who quote prices so you can ask for multiple quotes. And if you cannot find what you are looking for on this massive site, they have a post a request feature which will allow factory reps to get back to you in a couple days with bids. This site allows you to see photos of the products and gives you contact information for the suppliers.

Many suppliers have links to their websites; and if you are looking for hand crafted items many of these suppliers are small shops so you might not have to order a ton of inventory. The main strength of Global Sources is that they vet the suppliers. It tells you what they are all about.

They visit each company three times a year and look into their financial health. They also make sure they have the intellectual property rights for the stuff they are selling.

They rate each company on a scale of They do offer free e-magazines and e-mail alerts which provide information about new products and what the suppliers are pushing. And they offer product fairs in India, China and the US.

baby guy at oc swap meet

This site seems to be geared toward larger retail buyers, but you can use it to make contact with suppliers who may be willing to sell smaller quantities on a one-to-one basis.

Similar types of things to Alibaba. And we noticed some gray market goods—stuff that companies sell in lower prices in lower income countries being exported to higher income countries.

Buying wholesale from warehouses — LA’s Wholesale District and Beyond

This site was formed to give the little guy a bigger piece of the pie. These companies may now just be using Alibababa. But you have to pay for shipping to the port of LA, picking up from the port, and minimum quantities. The minimum order was at least 1, items for a lot of the stuff with good prices. He represents a company that manufactures the number one brand of bleach, detergents and softeners in Mexico.

Their Corporate website for North America: But because of government incentives and regulations, virtually all farmers markets are certified farmers markets.