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Compton Swap Meet – Los Angeles Invention of a City

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This place is lame last nite my brother inlaw had his gold chain ripped off his neck. Freaking security is a joke!!

How The Compton Swap Meet Became A West Coast Rap Landmark

They did nothing in fact told my brother in law not to chase the guy he might have friends outside and then told him to leave wtf are you kidding me!!! Dont shop there ghetto ass place 1. The owners watch you so much its uncomfortable. Ask me if I need help, don't stare! I didn't buy too much because of this. This place has some of the most outrageous jewelry and outfits I've ever seen.

If ratchet is your thing this is your spot. I haven't been to a swapmeet in a while and now I remember why. The sports selection is weak and most stores seem to sell the same stuff. I would skip all swapmeets and just make the trip down to the alley. Okay, two stars because there's food! Or else it would have been only one. What else is there to say here? It's an indoor swap meet where ALL my homies unite and flock to for "cheaper" Jordans. I am being very prudish here, but aren't you suppose to have working feminine depository that will dispense what I need?

We came here in a whim since we were on our way to the gym, coming back from the Eastside. What I do like about the place is that it makes you feel "safe". What I don't like about the place is that the parking is too close to each other Do not take your nice car here because it is known that folks here don't care much about their car.

We came out to see a tiny dent in the passenger side of the car Hey, if you're in town and want to get the most "ratchet" wear possibly around town, venture out to Del Amo! You would be amazed, such as I, at the craftsmanship of some of the purses they sell! But if you're like me and enjoy food, they have a little spot that sells hotdogs and chips. Next time, I'll make sure to go all the way around to seek out more eateries within Del Amo. Unlike the Compton Swapmeet, there aren't gazillion vacant booths i dont even think i saw one vacant booth and it isn't a ghost town in there.

Pretty clean for the most part, but I'm scared for the women that get their nails and feet done in there. Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can take the blue line there, as the blue line station is directly across the street. It's a swapmeet people, so except to see all walks of life and cheap merchandise in there. I've only gone inside to get ice cream and snacks but I have to got to say that I LOVE the art they've had created on their outside wall!

Adds so much life to the while building. The only thing was I had to ask her when it would heal and how to clean it and such because she didn't say much but I love it and it didn't get infected because she didn't do it with the gun. This swap meet is an amazing place to find quality items for low prices.

King Lil G Keeps Compton's History Alive: Noisey Raps

If your looking for name brands however I would steer clear because there's a lot of faux items. Also I know getting a tattoo or piercing it may sound sketchy to get it done at a swap meet, but everyone I know who has gotten one has not had an infection or problem with it. Not sure if it deserves 1 star or They have had multiple shootings. This is the only place I know that has Greasy Chinese Food next to a Nail Shop in which bystanders can be hit with toenail chippings while eating chow mein.

You can get jail tattoos and a foot rub as your whip gets a system installed and buy your girl some trashy stuff to wear for her job at the gentlemens club. Snoop even come by. It is like California Adventure for the hood a micro bubble of all the West Coast Hoods in a one stop shop.

Solid little indoor swapmeet. Been coming here for over 15 years for Pro 5 tees jackets thermals shoes etc.

I don't care yes I'm reviewing a indoor swapmeet. This place looks like a ghost town now. Back in the 90's, this swap meet was poppin' literally and figuratively. There were "active" booths galore. Now it's just galore of empty, inactive booths. You can hear crickets and the sound of your heart beating.

How NWA, Tupac, And Kendrick Lamar Made The Compton Swap Meet A West Coast Rap Historical Landmark

That's how dead it is inside. I only came here in search of some cowboy boots, but no luck. It's really sad looking inside. If it wasn't considered a "landmark" in Compton, I would suggest that they close it down.

This swap meet is hanging on by a string. The city of Compton is trying to revitalize itself, and this swap meet is a waste of huge space.

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Time to let it go Compton, time to let it go This is a great place to get a gold, custom made necklace with your girlfriend's name in script with a subdued diamond cut in the lettering. Cool old school hip hop stuff also. The original indoor swap meet and still the best! I've spent many days of my youth playing arcades here, and just walking around, checking out all kinds of black and Mexican booties.

Thanks to the likes of Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dogg, this place has become world renowned, and it attracts tourists from the most remote locations of The swap meet is conveniently located across the street from some projects, just in case you're being harassed or chased byyou can always randomly throw up hand gestures and hope that one of them is a gang sign that the bloods in the projects recognize.

Anyway, this place has everything from purple weaves and du rags to exotic animals. I once bought like 3 goldfishes from them for a dollar, but I had to return them the next day, because my mom didn't allow me to keep them. The shoe stores in this place are ubiquitous. You find the latest and greatest shoes here; From Jordans, to Nike Cortez, to loafers. And if you're a bit fancy and you're into higher-end fashion, they've also got crocodile shoes, ostrich shoes, and what else?

Cowboy boots that are made from these same animals as well.

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You mostly see older Mexicans and African Americans buy those, but you also see some younger people with bad taste buy them, too. They also have tons of heels and shoes that make women look totally fuckable.

I haven't bought clothes from here in a long time, ever since they made fun of me in high school for wearing swap meet clothes actually--those bastards!

I used to buy lots of Pro Clubs and Pro 5's from here when it was cool to wear a big ass white or black t-shirt, but other than that, haven't really shopped here. They have a Metro PCS store in here, they have a post office, Mexican food restaurant, snack bar, they have it all!

I can fill reams and reams of paper talking about how much shit is in there. Okay, This used to be 5 stars back in the day. Now - allot of the stores and closed. Its def not the same. So, this maybe great for all the new Compton Swap meet shoppers but for us veterans smh we have seen better. It used to be bargains at every corner, now its DAMN where is a store! I randomly visited and decided to get my eye brows threaded. There's an interesting mix of Korean and Hispanic vendors, who all got along and acknowledged regulars like myself with a smile and "hello" or "hola!

I also love how there's a market right next door, making it very accessible for a foodie like myself to food and treats, including tortas, Mexican style hot dogs, chili mango slices, and tamarind candies. There is also a small eatery down the aisle from the ice cream shop where they had fantastic shrimp ceviches mmm. As for the people who shop here, most are black or hispanic, and some occasional Samoans I met my first Samoans here, they are so nice.

As a Korean girl from a city of mostly Asians, this place was a culture shock at first but generally people are nice and friendly. I have so many memories here.

It's easily accessible not have friendly staffing. This is the best swap meet I've ever been too and I love it!