Santa fe springs swap meet yelp las vegas

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santa fe springs swap meet yelp las vegas

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No messy trees or brush to get between you and the creek — which is over there in that center channel for now. Come the rains, it will be bank to bank rushing water.

santa fe springs swap meet yelp las vegas

Notice the bolts on the banks below each bridge for swift water rescue gear. The trail below the park sure could use paving, but, despite that, not a rough ride. Pavement scores ranges from C- to A.

Coyote Creek Bikeway

The survey was easy. There are no facilities on the trail with the exception of the fine Cerritos Regional Park — which is the only park seen along the trail. You can find restrooms, water and parking here. Once outside the park gate, you are roughing it.

Facilities outside the park: If Der Bear Ran the Universe, there would be benches at the trail bridges. Where the side creeks come in there are large aprons — great places for a bench or two. There is not a bench the entire length of the trail. You can see why the riders are over on the San Gabriel, where there is a necklace of parks the entire length.

However, TB did not have the trail to himself. There was a constant stream of riders going up and down. The bikies may not talk about it or photograph it, but they do ride it. It is usually calm or light in the morning and builds in the afternoon, blowing down the coast and up the creek.

A Cunning Plan would be to stage out of Cerritos Park or somewhere up the creek and ride to the beach in the morning, then come back upstream with the wind behind you in the afternoon. Fast roadies can be on the trail early and be up and down before the wind builds at all. TB knows this from doing the downstream bit early on, then back to Cerritos Park and upstream. He arrived at the trail end in Santa Fe Springs as the breeze was on the make.

It was making knots — whole trees in motion. Not a fun ride back. Grinding into the wind knocked a few knots off the average speed. You want to park at the tennis center adjacent to the trail entrance: Restrooms, parking, water and Asians playing tennis.

santa fe springs swap meet yelp las vegas

The demographic here is Asian. Head over to the trail gate at the bottom of Shoemaker Ave. Here it turns to th St. Out the gate, past the handsome trail monument, pause to admire the fresh blacktop, then turn right and head downstream 1. No signs announce this. They just locked the gate beyond the bridge and trust you to take the hint.

Santa Fe Springs 1st Lowrider Car Show

You pick up the trail on the east bank, but now the pavement is old and cracked. The bridge is gated off. On the far bank is an elementary school and Lee Ware pocket Park. Perhaps that e was also the rest area once upon a time. But why close it off? Take a break and watch the riders go by. Carbon Creek runs about six miles across Cypress then goes underground.

There is a paved service road along it.

santa fe springs swap meet yelp las vegas

Make a nice bike trail? There is a whole network of gated-off flood control channels that could become bike trails with a little investment. Coyote Creek runs into the river here. You could just keep on going beyond the bridge on the San Gabriel River Trail.

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Most riders turn at the bridge, but enough head up Coyote Creek. The CCT at this end, with the old pavement and no signage whatsoever looks a bit shabby. However, up past the Carson Bridge it becomes an attractive ride. North Coyote Creek and the industries of Santa Fe Springs remain to explore, so forget the beach, kick it about and ride the east bank to see where it goes.

santa fe springs swap meet yelp las vegas