Alexander the great olympias relationship tips

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alexander the great olympias relationship tips

She was the Fourth Wife of Macedonian King Philip II. Olympias was the daughter of Molossians King Neoptolemus I. Molossians was an ancient Greek tribe in Epirus (presently in between Albania and Greece) south-west to Macedonia. When Olympias’ father the king of Molossians died. Olympias, infamous mother of Alexander the Great, ruled as regent for A marriage was arranged between Cleopatra, daughter of Olympias. Alexander the Great owed much to the influence of his parents: from his father, Olympias and her quest to enthrone her son - Philip's marriage to Attalus's niece, he and his mother corresponded often - she offered advice and he ignored it.

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This sparked the wrath of Olympias and she had Cleopatra and her infant daughter killed. As for Philip II, he was assassinated by one of his own bodyguards at a wedding banquet in B. The details remain unclear but some historians of the era claim that Olympias may have been behind it.

Wikimedia CommonsAlexander the Great Alexander then ascended to the Macedonian throne whereupon his mother told him that Zeus was his true father. This only increased his fervor to lead and conquer like no ruler before him.

alexander the great olympias relationship tips

For the next 14 years, the Macedonian Empire grew until it stretched 3, miles from Spain to India. Alexander the Great used political marriages, treaties, and force to unite the Western world in a vast empire until his death from uncertain causes in B. Nonetheless Olympias and Alexander shared a close relationship, some speculate too close, and he allowed her some say in international policy.

alexander the great olympias relationship tips

And although the motives behind many of her actions are not known, one thing remains clear—Olympias had a fierce loyalty towards her family and the reign of Alexander IV, an allegiance that would lead to her downfall and the death of her remaining Aeacid lineage. Reasoning regarding her strong persona can be revealed through her life as a Molossian princess.

Women of her homeland could independently own land, receive citizenship, and had no legal guardians once they were of age. This lifestyle completely contrasts the oppressive society of Athens or even Macedonia, the people whom documented her life.

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However this account is doubtful since practically all marriages, particularly royal marriages, were arranged. This tale may also be the source of the rumors of her devotion to the Orphic rites and love of serpents. According to the Greek author Plutarch she gave birth to her first child later that day, Alexander.

alexander the great olympias relationship tips

This propaganda furthered the fame of her baby son since in antiquity it was believed the birth of a great man was supplemented by portents. The largest rift in their marriage was caused by his marriage to the Macedonian girl named Cleopatra in Although he was a polygamist this marriage created tension among the Macedonians and between him and Olympias, hostility furthered by his sexual relationship with her brother.

In BC, Philip cemented his ties to Alexander I of Epirus by offering him the hand of his and Olympias' daughter Cleopatra in marriage, a fact that led Olympias to further isolation as she could no longer count on her brother's support.

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However, Philip was murdered by Pausaniasa member of Philip's somatophylakeshis personal bodyguard, while attending the wedding, and Olympias, who returned to Macedonia, was suspected of having countenanced his assassination.

During Alexander's campaigns, she regularly corresponded with him and may have confirmed her son's claim in Egypt that his father was not Philip but Zeus. The relationship between Olympias and Alexander was cordial, but her son tried to keep her away from politics.

alexander the great olympias relationship tips

However, she wielded great influence in Macedonia and caused troubles to Antipaterthe regent of the kingdom. In BC, she returned to Epirus and served as a regent to her cousin Aeacides in the Epirote stateas her brother Alexander I had died during a campaign in southern Italy.

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Alexander IV and with his uncle Philip III Arrhidaeus, the half brother of Alexander the Great who may have been disabled, were subject to the regency of Perdiccaswho tried to strengthen his position through a marriage with Antipater's daughter Nicaea.

At the same time, Olympias offered Perdiccas the hand of her and Philip's daughter, Cleopatra. Perdiccas chose Cleopatra, which angered Antipater, who allied himself with several other Diadochideposed Perdiccas, and was declared regent, only to die within the year. At the beginning, Olympias had not been involved in this conflict, but she soon realized that in the case of Cassander's rule, her grandson would lose the crown, so she allied with Polyperchon in BC.