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st clair catholic district school board track meet mobile

She was fortunate to be hired with the St. Clair Catholic District School Board as an Victoria contacted the school principal and sent a cover letter and resume It was difficult to keep track of each child and to learn their parents' work schedule . I had to continually revise units and assessments to better meet the diverse. SWITCH TO MOBILE WEBSITE Boots later completed his Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of British Colombia () Boots is currently employed with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board as a Continuous Intake Coop Participated in Canadian Track and Field Championships (). include landscaped open spaces, patios, balconies, swimming pools, recreational Clair Catholic District School Board, or a school operated on a non-profit basis . “TRACK, RACE” means a private course or line of motion laid out on the.

Basil the Greata fourth-century teacher, bishop, and doctor of the Churchto be the namesake of the new community. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the French Basilians came to Canada on an invitation from Bishop de Charbonnel of Toronto.

The Bishop clearly saw the need for Catholic schools for the young people of his parishes, especially at the high school level. In his plans to bring Catholic education to more of his people, the Bishop immediately thought of his own education in France.

He had been educated at the College of Annonay near Lyona school established by the Basilian Fathers. In SeptemberSt. Clover Hill was outside the city at that time, in an area now bounded by Bay, St.

st clair catholic district school board track meet mobile

Michael's College at the University of Toronto for post secondary education. The school specifically targeted Irish immigrants. The high school section expanded much more rapidly than the College section. Ina new wing was added to the original building and the high school remained in this building until In the years after World War IIit became apparent that the Bay Street buildings were not equal to the challenge of serving a growing student body. At this point the high school section was separated from the College.

Clair Avenuewhere it is situated today. This decision made St. In Septemberthe Basilian Fathers decided to refuse provincial aid beyond grade 10 and return St. From the school went private in phases. The Preparatory school was previously active during the early s.

The Performing Arts Centre was the fourth and final phase of this revitalization project, completed in the spring of Michael's College School Centre for the Arts opened inand hosts school stage productions of musicals and dramas. In Novembertwo separate alleged sexual assault incidents at the school became known which resulted in police investigations [10].

The school suspended and expelled students for hazing on its campus. Michael's subsequently cancelled its varsity basketball season for the current year and its football program for the following year.

On December 19,the sex crimes unit of the Toronto Police Service told the news media that it had investigated eight incidents; charges were being being pursued in three of them and the other five were closed. No charges were laid against school staff. Michael's was "putting measures in place to ensure it [the behaviour] does not happen again". Clair Avenue at the edge of Toronto's Forest Hill neighbourhood.

In the early stages of your job, what did you learn at the faculty of education that helped you to succeed? Was there any specific experience you relied on from your time in the B. In the Faculty of Education we are taught to continually reflect on our lessons, relationships with students and colleagues, and the overall effort we are putting forth into our career.

This really helped during the early stages of my job when I was trying to get a classroom routine going and building relationships with my new students and colleagues. After particularly challenging days, I would sit in my classroom after my students had left, and reflect on the day. I had 21 students with varying ability levels and behavioural exceptionalities that proved to be difficult when planning and managing my classroom.

I had to continually revise units and assessments to better meet the diverse needs of my students.

st clair catholic district school board track meet mobile

Reflecting allowed me to identify strategies that were working and one's that weren't, and gave me the opportunity to think about more beneficial ways I could respond when there was a disruption or outburst.

A specific experience from the B.

st clair catholic district school board track meet mobile

Ed program that has helped me in this new position was what I learned in my Special Education class with Dr. My experiences in this class were very useful since many of my students had behavioural exceptionalities that affected their learning and that of their peers. Cobb would share his own previous teaching experiences as a Spec.

Ed teacher within the TDSB. He emphasized that when working on improving classroom behaviour, students have to clearly know what is expected of them and the consequences of not following classroom rules. At the same time, the consequences have to be fair and "fit the crime. You cannot just "freak out" and go to the extremes in disciplining. There needs to be clear classroom expectations in place, verbal and non-verbal warnings and next steps. It's simple and effective, but sometimes the hardest to implement when you are at your wits end.

This advice really helped me to gain the respect and trust from my students and helped establish a cohesive classroom environment.

What do you wish you had known going into this position? Going into my current position, I wish I had a better understanding of the emotional and mental demands that would be a part of my new position. I quickly took on the roles of a parent, a therapist, a coach, a doctor, a role model- all rolled into one and I had 21 students and their families depending on me.

My students became "my kids" and I was constantly worried about them and questioned whether I was doing my best and what more could I do or try.

At times I was overwhelmed and it became even more important to take care of my own emotional and mental well-being and thankfully, I had amazing colleagues and friends that supported me.

St. Michael's College School

Dene Kede is the dominant culture and Tlicho pronounced as Clee-cho is the name that people in this community mostly identified with and spoke. Dene Kede culture was taught, celebrated, and infused into the curriculum and everyday activities.

st clair catholic district school board track meet mobile

The school staff comprised of locals as well as teachers who have relocated from all over Canada. Students have Tlicho class everyday for a half hour instead of learning French and Friday there was drumming and hand games for students to attend.

Traditionally, drumming is used during war and special ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Today, drumming is still a large part of Dene culture and I had the wonderful opportunity of attending a local Tlicho wedding where I got to witness and participate in a traditional drum dance.

Hand games is an activity the kids loved doing.

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There are two teams and members take turns drumming and singing. Each team has small objects in their hands hidden and the opposing team has to guess which hand the object is in.

Traditionally, tribes would have large hand games tournaments and teams could win cattle, land, food, money and tobacco. Now it is a recreational game but there are still region wide hand game tournaments. Also, the school offers what is called "Culture Camp.

Once there, elders from the community would come and tell the kids traditional stories and legends and prepare traditional food for them to eat. When my class went, elders were skinning and preparing caribou meat to dry and store for the winter.

This is one experience that I know is unique to the north and I am so appreciative to have been a part of a cultural activity that is celebrated and part of the people's daily lives. What types of opportunities have you had outside of work as a result of this position? I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities while working in NWT that I know most Canadians will never experience. I went dog-sledding with friends and colleagues which was an unbelievable experience.

I was able to take my students "into the bush" which involved driving on an ice road to an isolated lake and forest where we went snow-mobilling, sledding, ice-fishing and checked snare traps.

I sat in a year old cabin with my students and heard Dene legends while drinking hot chocolate.