Snape and harry relationship trust

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snape and harry relationship trust

The relationship between Dumbledore and Snape would be one of an .. this and Harry's angry questions, Dumbledore maintained that he trusted Severus. Harry is at risk and will the threat put a strain on his fragile relationship with his guardian, Severus Snape? Contains spanking. Rated: Fiction T. Snape and Lily Evans Potter had a complicated relationship. Over and over again, Harry questions Dumbledore's trust for Snape, but it was.

I don't think anyone ever corrected Harry when he forgot the 'Professor' part of another professor. He calls Hagrid just Hagrid all the time. SarahF August 20th,8: Well, Hagrid isn't "technically" a Professor, he's just a Professor in terms of his position.

Has he even been referred to as Professor Hagrid? Juwen August 20th,9: Harry is corrected by DD, Molly and Hermione. And that wird habit only concerns Snape.

Not Flitwick, not McGonagall: It must therefore have a deep meaning, beyond respect Yes, I've kept wondering why? Anything but Umbridge; Snape would have been heaven compared to Umbridge.

So the only answer I can see is that DD refuses Snape's application for his own protection Jedi and Padawan might just be an idea Maybe Dumbledore took Snape under his wing Pheonix? Adults teach children how to respect other adults. Dumbledore knows Harry respects the other Professors, so he lets it slide when Harry is referring to them. Through watching the interaction between Snape and Harry, Dumbledore can see the animosity between them. So, by reminding Harry to act respectfully toward Snape, then Snape can't complain about disrespect.

I agree, that you have to earn respect, and it's an adults job to teach respect to a child, by treating the child with respect. I used to get in trouble with my mom for addressing our landlord by his first name. She always corrected me. She would tell me to respect my elders. Maybe Dumbledore and Mrs. Weasley are trying to remind Harry that he must be respectful of Snape. Dumbledore trusts Snape, so there is something we don't know about Snape that Dumbledore has't talked to Harry about yet.

I also think Snape is taking his anger for being bullied out on Harry. Snape remembers James and Sirius as arrogant 15 year old boys, and equates Harry with them. This is of course erroneous, and if he took the time to find out, He would know that's not the case. Snape might feel a "life debt" to Harry since James is no longer around. I suppose we'll find some secret information about Snape in book 6.

This is long enough, you are now free to go about your scheduled web surfing! Harry refuses to learn anything from Snape; he does not see him as a teacher. This is indeed a problem, as Snape knows many things that Harry needs to learn. Bee August 20th, Snape, but Dumbledore knows he's trustworthy. He wants everyone to have respect for someone he knows deserves it. Whether or not Dumbledore is correct is anyone's guess!

In other threads I have said I think Professor Snape's authority over Harry rested in his role as professor.

snape and harry relationship trust

When Harry deliberately looked into the Pensieve at Professor Snape's memory's I feel he at that point rejected Snape's authority and Snape no longer has power over him.

Harry's abilities are rivalling Snape's, and Snape respect for a person rests on how much power he thinks that person has.

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So I think the power balance has shifted to Harry. When I discovered this thread, it an idea popped into my head. I think there is some Voldemort in Harry. Therefore, it is possible that the animosity between Professor Snape and Harry is not really over James but from the feelings that Voldemort generates.

Harry has been swayed by Voldemort's emotions and may be feeling Voldemort's hostility toward Snape. And the same with Professor Snape feeling Voldemort inside Harry. This is just an intuitive idea that I can't support very well -especially since I haven't thought it through.

But it may be Dumbledore is somehow aware of this and has tried to get Harry to respect Snape at a basic wizard to wizard level without the emotional baggage interfering. Machiavelli August 21st, Not that Harry is entirely to blame for this since Snape does not seem to view him as a pupil It's certainly not a healthy teaching relationship!

Just keep away from the Dark Arts Snape They are both on Dumbledore's side, but they are "marked men. Wouldn't that work in the other direction - Snape's probably in pain, too? While Snape is much older and has dealt with his scar alot longer, trying to do something while you are in pain can make a person mighty irritable!

I think it is interesting that Dumbledore and Molly W. Like Snape, Molly is an authority figure and very respectful of Dumbledore, and if you compare some of the things she says to what Snape says, they often sound somewhat alike.

I find that fascinating, especially considering that the two of them had "Sirius" problems in OotP! Dumbledore is probably concerned that Harry is picking up some anti-authority attitudes and alliteration from Sirius Black. Sirius has no respect for Molly or Snape, and he has problems following Dumbledore's instructions. But while Sirius was in prison all those years, Snape became a "Professor," and Harry should at least respect that about him!

snape and harry relationship trust

Anna M August 21st,2: I was already mad, that ticked me off! Well, this isn't the thread about the prophecy, ok, but I found it a little pedant, at the exact moment. Anyway, I think it has to do with whatever it is that Snape did that makes Dumbledore trust him. Dumbledore has met -and been teacher or headmaster - to everyone involved, even Voldemort, so it's consistent that he pays attention even to these details. But I'd refuse to call him 'professor' anyway, because whatever Snape might heve done to earn trust in the bigger picture and even though he's proved he's ready to go to lenghts to save Harry's life and even though I'ms sorry that his teenage was so sucky, I still think he's the perfect image of the frustrated teacher.

Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Severus Snape

Even better, he was even before he actually became one, he was a frustrated little envious lonely kid, all intent on trying the best of the school -James- who managed to always attract every single spot of light without effort.

He must have lived off bile all his time at Hogwarths. Even if that were any excusant, though, an it certainly doesn't excuse his alliance with Voldemort, or the fact that all through the years he's never stopped being a nazi to mugbloods see Hermione the fact remains that he lets out all his repressed anger of twenty years prior onto Harry, who hadn't even been born at the time and who already has a lot of badness on his plate.

That behaviour is nothing like that of a teacher. Snape doesn't deserve the title of Professor. Except in the rarest occasions. Danluver August 21st,2: He knows how Harry feels about snape and he just doesn't want Harry to forget that even though he's been a jerk from time to time he's still a Professor.

He says he has his reasons for trusting him and I suppose he wants Harry to remember that. I think all the teachers have been told not to give him any special treatment. In Snape's case, he goes overboard.

But Ron tells Harry in the first book that Snape treats the twins the same way, so this is my theory about that: But there is more to it than that. The twins are almost geniuses, but they like "flashy magic" - that is the way Hermione describes them in OotP. Harry is intelligent but doesn't try very hard in potions class.

snape and harry relationship trust

I know how I feel when I see a young person who is acting lazy and not trying when they are perfectly capable of doing better. I'm around teenagers alot and this is a common thing. Sometimes teachers get more angry at an intelligent student who fools around all the time, than at a person who may be trying but is not capable - a Crabbe for instance.

It just seems like a waste of the teacher's time and a waste of talent. Harry just needs to become a more serious student, but I'm afraid he may go in another direction before that happens, considering how he felt about Snape at the end of OotP - blaming him for the death of Sirius.

After all, Harry blames Snape for everything, when he actually helped. And of course it's a school so he has to call him prof. I think Dumbledore hopes that this telling Harry to call Snape prof will make Snape glad and will make Harry have some respect to Snape. The bad relations between Harry and Snape "helpped" the things become worse in the fifth book. Romy August 21st,3: Neither does he with McGonagall.

The fact that Dumbledore corrects Harry about "Professor" Snape at the end of PS and drops the title himself in almost the same sentence stood out to my as well. Remember Peeves adressing Dumbledore with something like "Yes, Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore" sorry no copy handy apart from the German one? Sometimes you can be disrepectful by saying a title, it depends on the way you say it. Malfoy in PoA adressed Lupin with "Professor" but meant it more as an insult. Snape told Harry to call him either "Professor" or "Sir" when being taught Occlumency.

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Harry practically spat the "Professor" but used it for the first time! Do you think it implies a change in the Harry-Snape relationship? Has anyone corrected Harry about saying "Umbridge" instead of "Professor Umbridge"? Vance August 21st,4: The way I see it is that Snape can think two ways about this.

Dumbledore doesn't trust him, and doesn't think he would be able to "handle" DADA. Which I don't think Dumbledore thinks at all, but I think Snape can be insecure. Dumbledore respects him as a powerful wizard that just needs to stay away from the Dark Arts. Sorry for getting a little off track, back to the original topic I think it's important for Harry to call him "Professor" Snape, because Professor Snape isn't to be taken lightly, and I think he likes to be an authority figure like in the Occlumency lesson with "sir".

Just give him the respect that he wants and maybe he'll be more tolerable.

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I think Dumbledore reminding Harry to use Snape's proper title was a gentle hint that Dumbledore is not "one of the lads" like Ron, or Dean, but the Headmaster of Hogwarts. There are always different dynamics in interactions, depending on the hierarchical nature of them and I think Dumbledore wanted to ensure that while he is close to Harry their interactions remain "strictly business", at least until this prophecy bruhaha is sorted out.

snape and harry relationship trust

Of course, maybe the fact Quirrell was a traitor and dead had something to do with that, but the lack of mention did catch my attention. Also, I was thinking about how some people are saying Harry's never seen Snape as a teacher ane therefore doesn't want to learn from him. I always thought it was somewhat significant that when Harry took his Potions OWL with no Snape around, he noted how he did quite well. Either that says Harry really is naturally good at Potions therefore he doesn't need Snape and he's somehow aware of this, or he really has learned from Snape but he just doesn't like to admit it to himself.

Pigleto August 21st,5: It's interesting about that title "Madame" which, I suppose, means they are married???? I think about that sometimes - hmmmm. Well, I totally missed that one! Thanks to all who pointed that out! If he can do it, Harry should be able to do it! Maybe it is symbolic of the teenage years. But Snape saw all of Harry's memories, so he has to know that Harry hasn't been spoiled. And Harry saw Snape's memories, especially the one about Lily.

And later he realizes he feels sorry for Snape,s but it doesn't last till the end of the book, when he says he will "never forgive Snape" no matter what Dumbledore says. Even as Voldemort seemed to be winning and Dumbledore passed on, Snape maintained his secrecy and devotion to the child he'd helped become a target, forgoing his own safety to ensure Harry's. Albus Dumbledore is not immune to this. Harry, who also realized that all people make mistakes, in turn named his child after both Severus and Albus, opting to recognize their goodness.

That may also be the year Lily responded favorably to James Potter's advances, perhaps after schooling him on what it meant to be a decent human being. That's a long friendship to discard after so much time invested in one another, which points to not only how seriously Snape must have taken the Dark Arts, but also how strongly Lily objected to them. Friends typically don't give friends ultimatums, but in the case of good versus evil, we can see why Lily cut off someone who was sure to be a toxic friend at the time.

After reading the books, it makes sense: This is the moment that saved Harry's life, where Lily chose instead to sacrifice herself to protect her infant. Hogwarts was also, as most recall, a wizarding school for adolescents who are prone to ridiculous behavior as they learn and grow. While we're meant to believe that Lily eventually knocked some sense into her future husband before marrying him, it doesn't change the fact that she married the person who bullied her best friend.

We're also reminded that Snape never apparently got over high school, becoming one of the infamous bitter teacher bullies that many of us can recall in our own youth.

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Horace Slughorn, who adored Harry's mother, frequently and fondly recalled Lily's extraordinary potion-brewing abilities.

Perhaps they had Potions together, as Gryffindor and Slytherin still seem to do, and maybe they even helped one another in their shared interest.

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