What do i deserve in a relationship

what do i deserve in a relationship

Are you in a romantic relationship or marriage that's just not right but Let's face it, nobody should have to settle for less than they deserve just. Every woman deserves a partner that will love and respect her, but it's the Anyone who will appreciate this urgency and do what they can to. Here are the 21 things that everyone deserves from a relationship. down, your partner is going to do whatever they have to do to make it all feel less scary and.

Focus on finding your passions rather than finding a soulmate. Embrace some of the pleasures of being single — take a class, join a book club, watch your favorite movies, etc. Author Holly Riordan writes: Set an expectation of mutual respect. Look for friends and partners who admire and respect you for who you are. Seek a partner you can be authentic and vulnerable with.

Figure out your core beliefs and stand by them.

8 Ways To Stop Settling For Less Than You Deserve In A Relationship | Thought Catalog

Ask for what you need and speak up when something bothers you. Be more assertive not aggressive by stating your needs in a positive way. Extend trust to a partner who is interested in planning a future with you. When someone is interested in a relationship, they keep their agreements.

what do i deserve in a relationship

I can enjoy my own company and follow my passions. Perhaps some of your friends have been single for a while and they complain about how hard it is to meet a good match. Underneath all of these rationalizations is a deep seated fear of being alone.

Below are 12 essential things you deserve in a relationship.

In fact, fear of being single can drive people to stay in dysfunctional relationships too long or settle for less-than-desirable ones, according to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Facing your fear of being alone is the first step in moving forward.

We are all confronted with a contradiction in the 21st century because our culture values individualism and autonomy, yet we both fear and dread being alone, and denigrate those who embrace singlehood. Additionally, women are raised to put our needs on the back burner — risking our sense of authenticity in order to please others. People Pleasing is a Common Pattern that Can Be Changed Are you a people pleaser who feels that you have to be in a good mood or positive when you are with your friends, family, or an intimate partner?

If you have this tendency, you may find setting limits hard and have trouble asking for what you need from your partner. Intimacy This ranges from emotional to physical gestures.

8 Ways To Stop Settling For Less Than You Deserve In A Relationship

Your partner can express their feelings and appreciation toward you by making or giving you gifts, doing small things for you to make your day easier or relieve your stress. Trust Trust builds at different rates for all couples and is the tool with which you build your relationship. You deserve someone who will hold your heart in their hands as carefully as they would their own. People can make mistakes and learn from them, but it is important to be with someone who values sincerity and loyalty.

Support Be with someone who believes in you. Having a partner who fully supports your desires and passions and wildest dreams is priceless.

what do i deserve in a relationship

Showing support is a way you know how much you are loved and how capable you are, whatever you wish to achieve. A worthwhile relationship should challenge you to grow and show you what potential you have. Your partner should seek to better themselves and want the same for you without trying to do it for you. Someone who accepts you as a whole No one should date you with the idea that there are parts of you that are unlovable.

what do i deserve in a relationship

You must be loved as a whole. To feel safe While it is important not to pin your past hurts onto your new partner, they still need to make you feel safe with them. Whether by deep discussions or truthful actions, your partner should show you that you need not fear. Making sure that you feel safe with them is only one of many ways they can express their commitment to you.

what do i deserve in a relationship

Respect Your relationship may include differences of opinion or lifestyle, but you should never have to feel disrespected, demeaned, or belittled by your partner.