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Philosophy: Why love can come back when you've broken up

Does your partner constantly move you, lose your keys, or flirt with anything that isn't in the trees at three? Admit it, sometimes you wish your partner wasn't your partner at all. Everyone in a relationship has come to the conclusion that the oven is out. "I don't love THAT anymore."

The same thing happened to the writer and social critic Marcel Proust.

Otherwise Proust would probably not have been able to describe the rejection of his lover as precisely as he did in the sixth volume of his world-famous novel "In Search of Lost Time": In it, protagonist Marcel wins (as Marcel Proust only came up with the name) the conviction that he no longer loves his partner Mademoiselle Albertine. Said oven is off. His wish comes true:

Mademoiselle Albertine is gone!

But then exactly what has happened to you before happens: When the other person is finally gone, you suddenly miss him again. Marcel suffers from precisely this dilemma: "Shortly before, in my self-analysis, I believed that such a separation ... was exactly what I wanted."

But the words 'Albertine is gone' sank a sorrow in my heart that I (...) would no longer be able to withstand.