Where can I go naked in public

Drinking beer is allowed, naked jogging is prohibited : A guide for Berlin visitors and locals

In Venice, two tourists from Berlin received a heavy fine and expulsion from the city this week. The two had unpacked their camping stove at the Rialto Bridge and made a coffee on it.

The fine for both: a total of 950 euros. Venice, like Florence, is now taking more rigorous action against tourists who do not behave appropriately.

In Amsterdam, too, where tourism dominates the city, the reaction is sharper; there, for example, a ban on alcohol was introduced in public. How is something like this regulated in Berlin, where a lot is handled casually? A little guide to what tourists - and locals alike - are allowed and not allowed to do here.

Can I use my coffee maker on Friedrichsbrücke on Museum Island?

The police spokeswoman laughs when she hears the amount of a fine that has been imposed in Venice: No, there would be no such thing in Berlin. Nor do they think that action is usually taken in such a case. But in principle that is a task of the regulatory office. It would be different if you got the idea to turn on your gas stove in a parched forest in these dry times. Then a heavy fine would be payable.

Can I ride the e-scooter when I am tipsy?

Bad idea. And not just because it's forbidden. Because the risk of having an accident and injuring yourself and possibly others increases. The police know no mercy. Again and again there are controls for the means of transport that have only been permitted for a month. Above all, those who drive on the sidewalk are checked. It is also forbidden to ride the e-scooter in the same way as two people. It was only this week that the police pointed out that the same alcohol rules apply as for cars. That means: In the event of an accident, the driver's license can be in danger from as little as 0.3 per thousand. So it's best to drive first, then drink.

But can I drink alcohol anywhere on the street?

In principle yes! The city is known for its "Wegbier". Actually at any time of the day you can see people who are out and about with a bottle. It was officially different. Between 1999 and 2006, the Berlin Road Act prohibited alcohol consumption on the street. Violations could be punished with a fine of ten euros. Didn't happen often. When the regulation was overturned, there was no protest. Afterwards there were attempts here and there to curb public drinking.

They were unsuccessful. Drinking can be banned in green spaces, and it is definitely forbidden in playgrounds. Only in Prenzlauer Berg is there a family bar that can serve alcohol in the adjacent playground.

Can I eat doner kebab on the U8?

Neither kebab, french fries, nor currywurst may be consumed in the subway, tram or bus, even if you see and smell different things in everyday life. Also in the S-Bahn it is said: It is not allowed to “enter the means of transport with open food (ice cream or the like) and open drinks or to consume them during the journey”.

This in turn follows on from the previous question. The Wegbier is therefore allowed on the footpath, forbidden on the driveway. Quite simply - theoretically!

Can I bathe in a fountain?

The simple answer is no. The Green Area Act prohibits this, and one commits an administrative offense. But as is so often the case in Berlin, it is usually not seen as closely. Hardly any clerk of the public order will simply order someone out of the well when he is refreshing himself there.

It stands and falls with the question of whether the systems can be damaged. There are various paddling areas for children. And you can definitely use the water pumps on the streets - if they work.

Can I lie naked in the zoo?

In many green spaces or at lakes in Berlin, the covers fall as soon as it gets warm. Naked people have also been seen sunbathing on Tempelhofer Feld. It is tolerated. There is no law that explicitly forbids simply being naked in public. As a rule, one must not be naked where others feel disturbed and that one must not commit sexual acts in public.

So, lying around with other sun worshipers is usually fine. It is a different matter to be out and about naked. “Walking naked, naked jogging on the street” can result in a fine of 20 euros. In Märkisch-Oderland, the police stopped a naked driver on his scooter a few weeks ago. He had papers with him, as well as trousers. He had to wear them. Then he was allowed to continue. His explanation for driving without a shell: "It's just warm, isn't it?"

Can I relieve myself on a tree when I'm out and about?

This may be very convenient for some, but it is not allowed. “Urinating in public” is one of those acts which, according to the law, are likely to annoy or endanger the general public through “grossly inappropriate acts”.

That can still cost 20 euros. It is cheaper to go to one of the city toilets in the city. The fee of 50 cents can be paid cashless with the “Berlin Toilet” app.

Speaking of the city toilet: can I have sex in it?

A question that can hardly be answered in principle. When the door is closed, there are no loud noises outside and you are finished fast enough - who should be aware of it?

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