Allows AOL employees to work remotely


MUNICH (COMPUTERWOCHE) - Yesterday, Wednesday, AOL presented the latest version of its proprietary Internet access software and two other services. The most important innovation in "AOL 6.0" is a significantly improved e-mail client that supports HTML and with which the electronic messages can be sorted by subject, date or sender. In addition, AOL users can for the first time exchange HTML-formatted messages with users of other e-mail programs such as "Eudora" or "Outlook". In addition, the address book has been thoroughly revised and now resembles a full contact manager. The instant messaging program now allows the drag-and-drop organization of the buddy lists and includes new buddy icons, emoticons and automatic notification functions for "knocking" conversation partners according to the pattern "I'm not here" or "Please don't."

disturb ". A media player integrated in AOL 6.0 supports common audio and video formats.

The new software is available immediately in the United States. In Germany, Great Britain, France, Australia and Japan, it should come on the market in a few months.

In addition, AOL presented its new service "AOL Anywhere", with which users can design the view of the AOL website according to their taste. "AOL by Phone", in turn, enables subscribers to the US online service to check their e-mails and other online functions over the phone. AOL acquired the language software through its recent acquisition of This telephone service will initially be free of charge, but from February 2001 the online service plans to charge a flat fee of around five dollars a month.