How was technology used in ancient Egypt

Institute Dr. Flad
Vocational college for chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology and the environment

Interdisciplinary teaching, networking of information, action orientation and independent learning are no longer just buzzwords for a "new learning culture", but are increasingly being practiced by teachers in everyday life. However, due to the canon of subjects that still exist and the specialist training of teachers, these principles are mainly used in related subjects, such as German / history / art on the one hand or physics / chemistry / biology on the other. In this respect, the interdisciplinary project presented, which was made possible through contact between the history teacher and a chemistry teacher, is a novelty. The project was also supported by the art teacher and another chemistry teacher.

The imparting of historical knowledge about an early high culture, an introduction to scientific working methods, getting to know simple chemical facts in a historical and current context and the encouragement of independent activity of the pupils were the guiding principles in the development of the series of experiments.


Implementation of a project day on the topic:

The project "Chemistry in Ancient Egypt" was carried out in a 5th grade of the Romain-Rolland-Gymnasium Berlin-Reinickendorf as part of the initial history lesson.
After the geographical and historical aspects had been worked out, a complete project day was organized for the experimental development of the topic. This began with a brief introduction to the subject, in which a conversation with the students was held to clarify what "chemistry" actually is and what the students imagine it to be. The link to ancient Egypt was made through the usefulness of chemical knowledge (e.g. knowledge of the healing effects of certain plants, beer and wine production, etc.).

Then the class came together in three large groups, each of which worked on a topic complex on a "station island". At the end of each sequence there was a short break in order to synchronize the groups in time and then the station was changed so that each student has dealt with every topic.