Should you harass people who blackmail you

You have been or are being threatened, persecuted, harassed, insulted or stalked

If you are persecuted, harassed or perhaps even threatened by a person over a longer period of time so that you no longer feel safe at home, at work or in your everyday life, this is called "stalking".

There are many different acts by which you can be “stalked”. These include, above all, constant phone calls (telephone terror), frequent ringing of the phone at any time of the day or night, leaving loads of messages on the cell phone, a mailbox, by post or by e-mail, constant harassment in social networks, unwanted Gifting flowers and other things, ordering goods and placing advertisements in your name and spying on your daily routine, your personal environment and your personal data.

In Germany, stalking is now a criminal offense in its own right (Section 238 of the Criminal Code).

In addition, individual acts that a stalker does towards you are just as punishable as stalking itself. This includes, in particular, damage to property, threats, defamation, insult, coercion, sexual coercion, bodily harm or even attempted or completed homicide.

The transition from harassing behavior to criminal stalking is fluid. If you feel fear or panic, you should always contact victim support services, the public prosecutor or the police. They can advise you and help you defend against further threatened attacks. You can also carry out a so-called risk analysis and take measures against the stalker and possibly initiate investigative proceedings.