What causes wood stains on my carpet


Carpets give a warm, cozy feeling and flood every room with comfort and harmony. You should clean your carpet regularly so that carpets keep their shine in the long term and bacteria, dust and the like cannot make themselves too comfortable in the carpet fibers. We have dealt extensively with the subject of cleaning carpets and removing stains and have summarized all the important information for you.


With simple measures you can do something good for your carpet, whether natural fiber or synthetic fiber. By simply knocking out, vacuuming and cleaning your natural fiber carpet or synthetic fiber carpet will largely be freed of dirt and thus retain its shine in the long term.


Regular vacuuming is essential to cleaning a carpet and removing normal soiling. This prevents dust particles, animal hair or other dirt from getting deep into the fibers. It is important that a vacuum cleaner without a brush attachment is used so as not to strain the fibers too much. However, since vacuuming usually only removes superficial dirt, you should also knock out your natural fiber carpet or synthetic fiber carpet.

Sisal carpets in particular should be vacuumed regularly. On the one hand, this removes everyday dirt and, on the other hand, prevents the formation of water stains. These edges can be caused by the combination of water, dust and dirt. This removes dust and dirt from the carpet fibers and can save you a lot of work. You can really let off steam when vacuuming: Vacuum your carpet thoroughly in all directions. Your vacuum cleaner should have a nozzle so that loose dirt can be sucked up. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush, otherwise the fibers will loosen.

Caution: A silk carpet should not be vacuumed due to the sensitive material. Instead, you should use a soft brush to brush the dirt out of the carpet in the direction of the grain.


To ensure that your carpet shines for a long time, it is helpful to shake it out and pat it regularly. Since the vacuum cleaner only removes superficial dirt, the carpet should be beaten out regularly. A balcony or garden is best for this. If this option is not an option for you, you can alternatively place your carpet over the dining table or window sill. In this way, a lot of dirt and bacteria that have already made themselves comfortable can be removed. This removes a lot of dirt and your carpet can breathe again. If - despite thorough vacuuming and tapping - stubborn dirt on and in the fibers of a carpet simply does not want to say goodbye, you should scrape it off with a blunt object, e.g. a spoon, and then vacuum it off.


How about some fresh air for your carpet? So that your carpet can get better again, it is advisable to hang the carpet in the fresh air for one or two days approx. Every four months and knock it out several times - of course, it should be dry! This method not only gives your carpet a real boost of freshness, it also removes dirt.


Carpets made from natural fibers enrich every living area and give it a natural character. Due to their properties, natural fiber carpets are true favorites that inspire you all along the line and invite you to linger.

In addition to wool, silk and cotton, sisal and jute are also natural fibers. Impregnation sprays are often recommended for carpets made of natural fibers as protection against moisture and dirt. The use of such products is not recommended, however, as an impregnated natural fiber carpet can no longer transport moisture and the material can no longer breathe. Please also be careful with alkaline cleaners such as curd soap, lubricant and gall soap, stain remover, soapy water, soda or ammonia. These cleaners degrease and bleach the fibers. You are literally drained. Animal fibers such as wool, goat hair and silk have different properties and care requirements than vegetable fibers such as jute, sisal or cotton. Accordingly, they must also be treated differently!


Before using cleaning agents, pay attention to what material your carpet is made of and test each application beforehand on an inconspicuous part of your carpet! If your carpet is made of animal fibers (wool), you must not use soapy water! This can cause your carpet to lose its strength and elasticity. It is different with carpets made of vegetable fibers (cotton, sisal). Alkaline lyes (core or gall soap) can be used for this. If you own a silk carpet and would like to clean it, we recommend professional cleaning.