Does the tech industry have age discrimination?

Class action: Google pays $ 11 million for age discrimination

Google paid plaintiffs $ 11 million, ending a controversial lawsuit. The company was charged with age discrimination in the application process. The class action was made available on the Coutlistener portal, among others. The 227 affected receive an average of 35,000 US dollars each, reports the business magazine Bloomberg. In addition, the Alphabet Group has committed itself to instruct HR managers and managers in matters of age tolerance.

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Google was originally charged by Cheryl Fillekes, aged over 40, who had applied for a job with the company as a software developer. Despite her relevant qualifications and programming skills, she had been rejected four times in seven years because of her age.

$ 2.75 million will go to the attorneys

"Age discrimination is a problem in the tech industry that needs to be addressed. We are very happy to have reached a fair deal for our clients on this case."writes the plaintiff's lawyer in an email. Attorneys for all parties will receive approximately $ 2.75 million in compensation, according to Bloomberg.

Google, meanwhile, is still denying the allegations, writes Bloomberg. Although it would have fitted well into the corporate philosophy, Fillekes simply did not have the technical expertise for the advertised job. It is difficult to say to what extent that is true. Eventually, more than 270 other people joined the lawsuit. However, Google has strict guidelines in place to prevent age discrimination and other forms of discrimination.