Tight underwear can cause testicular pain

Cooling of the testicles

If the testicles get cold, this can lead to inflammation of the testicles. (Photo by: grinvalds / Depositphotos)

Quick overview

  • causes
    In the case of very low temperatures, it is possible to cool one or both testicles. An unpleasant tingling sensation and light pressure can quickly turn into stabbing pain.
  • Symptoms
    The corresponding testicle swells and is extremely sensitive to touch. Just rubbing the underwear can cause severe pain. The subjectively perceived need to urinate also increases in this context, with urination itself also being accompanied by pain.
  • Treatments
    Possible treatments include immobilization, antibiotics for bacterial infections, cooling and rest, as well as surgery in the case of abscesses.
  • Complications
    In some cases, the reproductive organs can be damaged and thus reproductive problems as well.
  • prevention
    The most important thing is to always protect the testicles from the cold and wet. Adequate intake of fluids is also important in order to avoid the build-up of bacteria in the ureters.

Causes and symptoms

The ways in which the testicles can become cold are numerous, although they can be reduced to one basic cause.

Due to external influences, the average temperature of the testicles is significantly lowered, making these organs much more susceptible to bacterial inflammation.

If the testicle is inflamed, the epididymis can also very often be affected. The consequence are alongside noticeable swelling and reddened skin especially those mentioned Pain.

In severe cases, fever can occur, although this symptom does not necessarily have to be an indicator of cold testicles and an inflammation of the testicles or epididymides.

Examinations and diagnosis

If the testicles get cold, a doctor should be consulted. (Photo by: Syda_Productions / Depositphotos)

In order to be able to make an exact and correct diagnosis, that is Initial consultation with a doctor very important. Urgent questions are clarified, so that careful consideration is advisable. Because if the symptoms and in particular the manner in which the pain occurs can be proven to be known, adequate treatment can take place.

The testicles and epididymis are then examined. The aim is to clarify whether and to what extent swelling, redness, heat spots and pain sensations are present in the patient.

If, for example, the testicles and epididymis can no longer be felt separately, a cold testicle has usually given way to inflammation.

A urine sample is required to rule out inflammation of the urinary tract. This is examined for any bacteria, viruses and contamination that may be present. A blood sample is therefore also analyzed for a similar reason. This is because the body's own antibodies present in the blood provide information on a clear diagnosis of the disease.

In addition, an examination of the urinal and genital organs via ultrasound may be necessary in order to be able to make the exact extent of the disease visible.


If you notice sharp pain and tenderness, you must go to a specialized doctor, in particular to avoid chronic disease processes and infertility.


If an existing inflammation becomes encapsulated, doctors have to open the affected area in an operation. Such abscesses must either be opened or completely removed. In the first case there is a drainage, respectively a Wound catheter set so that the inflammatory fluid can drain from the body region.

But before such drastic measures are necessary, other treatment options are used first.


As is so often the case here, too, an early diagnosis offers the best and most uncomplicated chances of recovery. So it cannot be said at all that pain in the testicles has to be endured “manfully”, on the contrary.

If the testicles are "only" cold after the first medical examination, they become physical rest and immobilization of the scrotum recommended. With the help of special Testicle holder this is made possible so that a significant improvement in symptoms can be expected within a short time.


In contrast, acute inflammation of the testicles or epididymis is treated with appropriate antibiotics.

Cooling and protection

In addition, physical activity is also not recommended, whereby the testicles must be gently cooled according to the precise instructions of the treating physician. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided during this time.

Possible complications

Even though the symptoms usually subside after a week, this can happen especially if there is no professional treatment Damage to the reproductive organs be quite possible.

Prevention and what I can do myself

Basically, the sensitive testicles as well protected against cold should be like urinary tract and kidneys.

The testicles are therefore particularly light chilled when bathingbecause wet swimming trunks are worn outdoors and these areas of the body cool down considerably due to the weather.

But sitting or lying on a cold floor must also be avoided at all costs. Cold stones, snow, ice and incorrectly set air conditioning systems, especially in cars, can lead to the testicles becoming cold.

In addition, to avoid inflammation of the testicles is one adequate fluid intake highly recommended. Because if the excretory organs are constantly and evenly flushed out with fresh urine, pathogens such as bacteria and viruses have less chance of implanting and spreading.

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