What is Sonipat

Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat

This place is a must if you have a group of at least 5 people. I hope you would not enjoy going with people less than that. We were warmly welcomed and the tilak in the area surrounded by a variety of antiques of the Rajasthani culture. There is a variety of food choices for snacks as you go. I have stayed at Hotel Umaid Bhawan near Chandigarh. So, my review is particularly biased with the comparison in the 2. Here in Sonipat, we got 4 free rides and 4 free games, which wasn't quite so in Chandigarh where we were required to pay for all of that. But given 4 free rides, the options were limited. We went for the camel ride trailer, tractor ride and super slow ride. All of these were super fun, especially the camel riding. Then, in the games section, we had bowling, darts, archery, basketball, and glasses game. All in all, it was great fun. Besides all of these, there are some shows and scenic activities to be imagined like the magic show, dance, cave and some more. There is part of Bajra Roti in the end. The roti was really tasty compared to what we got in our homes. Also, you get to try traditional Rajasthani culture in the same section. The food wasn't great, but all the fun we had in the activities give me a go and go with a 5 star rating for this place