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Contact to the afterlife How Ellen Schoor speaks to her dead husband

It was a stroke that suddenly ripped Claus Schoor out of his life seven years ago. After 25 years together with his wife Ellen. A short time after his death, the barracks woman had the feeling that he was still there. Even that she can contact him in the afterlife. She wrote a book about it that appeared a few weeks ago. In the interview she talks about this world, the hereafter and a possible connection between the worlds.

How Ellen Schoor makes contact with her dead husband in the afterlife

Ms. Schoor, your husband died seven years ago. They wrote a book about the conversations they wanted him to have had after his death. Are you really serious?

I'm not the first to have after-death talks. And not the first to write a book about it either. There are many testimonials.

When the partner suddenly dies after such a long time, it is a shock. Presumably, many mourners speak to the deceased. But only very few believe that they will answer. . .

People have told me over and over that they are conversing in spirit with the dead. Many do not speak about it in public or not yet. When someone told me shortly after Claus ‘died that I was imagining everything, it hit me very hard and set me back, but now it's different. If you don't want to look in this direction, you have to go another way.

Do you hear his voice?

No, these are thoughts.

Then it is more likely that you are having an inner dialogue with yourself?

Of course it could be my own thoughts. At first I also had doubts. But when Claus talks to me about the afterlife or his death and I write it down afterwards, then it all comes from the same mold. It's more like an announcement and very different than when I write a text myself. I have to correct, rearrange and improve a lot. The difference is very clear.

Get in touch with energy with a channel course

Is that a gift or can it be learned?

I've always been spiritual and have dealt with these things before. In a channel course, I learned to have confidence in what comes into my head.

A channel course?

In channeling one becomes a channel for higher energies. During the course we had contact with different energies.

Would you describe yourself as clairvoyant?

Not in terms of the future. But I feel energies that are not visible.

What did you feel after your husband died?

It was clear to me that he is not just gone, but somehow always comes back. I felt his presence and support. If he hadn't supported me, I probably wouldn't have gotten through the funeral.

Do you have to call Claus? Or how do you get in contact?

No, I don't have to call him. When I have an urgent need to talk to him, I start talking to him and most of the time he answers.

The thought that the deceased are not just gone and even answering you is of course comforting. Has it occurred to you that you are simply grieving too much, unable to let go, or perhaps developing a mental illness?

In the first year of mourning, I often had doubts whether I was telling myself something. But when I started writing down the conversations, I was sure it wasn't. In a phase in which I was feeling very badly, Claus assured me that I would not get depressed. I believed in this promise.

Have you also spoken to other people about this?

A therapist friend of mine was very supportive.

Is she a psychologist?

No, naturopath and body therapist. During the treatments, like me, she had the feeling that my husband is often present.

What does present mean?

We felt that he was by my side.

As a person?

More like warmth or red light.

Like a heat lamp?

More like a ball of energy.

So you have been confirmed by other people in your perception. . .

Yes, also through a lecture by the death researcher Bernard Jakoby. He has collected hundreds or thousands of testimonials from people and compiled them into literature. That showed me once again that I am not alone with my experiences. You can't prove near-death experiences or post-death conversations, but it happens so often that people feel the deceased present. Often a smell associated with the person is perceived. Or there are phenomena that suddenly lamps flicker or clocks ring. Of course you can smile at that. But I think these could be signs from the other side.

Near-death experiences and existence outside the body

Near-death experiences are better known than after-death conversations. People report a light or that they see acquaintances. But that can be justified biologically. The brain releases messenger substances to facilitate the dying process.

I don't think near-death experiences can be traced back to brain processes. A neurosurgeon named Eben Alexander wrote a book about it. He experienced something like that himself and then researched it. After contracting rabies bacteria, his brain was inoperable for a while and he still had a near-death experience. He concluded that there must be an existence outside of the body.

Where do you think your husband is now? In heaven? And what is he

Yes, he is in heaven, but here too, both are possible at the same time. And he is what we are after death. Subtle energetic beings.

What does that mean? Is he his soul?

That depends on how you define soul. I would say we are vibration. And our body is a gross expression of this vibration. Einstein had also found out that matter is vibration.

How is it where your husband is?

That is difficult for us to understand. On the other hand, the perception is much more comprehensive. Virtually everything happens at the same time and is not limited to one place and time. There is no time there. That is beyond our imagination. I have the impression that Claus can see and hear everything that happens with us.

In Christianity, omniscience is really only reserved for God. . .

That's true. But actually everyone has the divine and the knowledge in them. But people who are aware of this are more difficult to control. It was the Church that reserved communication with God only to pastors or consecrated people. That made people small and easier to control. People who knew more, such as midwives, used to be burned as witches. Fortunately, you don't have to be afraid these days. It is permissible for everyone to discover the divine core within themselves.

If I understand your book correctly, you will believe that you have lived before. Are you a Buddhist or a Christian?

By now I would say I'm a Christian. But it is more conclusive for me to believe in more lives before that.

That sounds a lot like Buddhist teachings. . .

I also thought for a long time that I had to look for my roots in Buddhism. But belief in previous lives is not only reserved for Buddhism, reincarnation was also an issue in the Christian faith up to the fourth century. I started meditating when I was around 20, and that's when you experience things that you don't perceive in your normal daytime consciousness. But people in Christian monasteries also meditate and experience expanded states of consciousness. There are different ways to get closer to your innermost being.

So you don't just choose from all religions what you like most, but believe that all religions have a root and that the differences are only made by people?

I did not do any research. But the central point for me is the all-encompassing love and it is in every religion.

God and the afterlife

Do you believe in a god?

In principle, I have a hard time with the term God. He is occupied with the unreachable father. I think there is an all-encompassing existence from whose energy and love everything arises.

Then of course you have to ask the theodicy question: There is so much misery and bad in the world. Why does this all-encompassing existence not intervene? And if it were so that everyone in the hereafter sees and hears everything, then could they intervene too?

They mean what the whole game is supposed to be for. Yes that is the question. Somehow the earth is a plaything. And we are to experience all the ups and downs.

Is this an experimental laboratory?

Sometimes you might think so. But if you come from the holistic side, then we have decided for ourselves before our lives what we want to experience here. It's difficult to imagine. But I think we've all had dark and light lives. And in dark lives you have bad experiences and have to try to find better ways.

You write that you and Claus have the task of connecting this world and the hereafter. That really is, shall we say, an immense task. Why are you and Claus intended for this?

As I said, we are not alone in this. There are many people who try that. Perhaps the special thing is that Claus can give me access to wisdom, but he also talks about very specific things.

I do not find the statements made by Claus in your book concrete. A couple of examples: "Everyone has their task, no life and no experience is pointless, there are no coincidences." These are generalities.

I do not want to say that I have only gathered the very highest wisdom. But I think it's worth saying again. Especially for people who are looking or who are in doubt.

That all sounds comforting, of course. And people like to believe in it because such sentences can take away the fear of death or the futility of one's own life. But even if everyone hopes these things are true, they don't have to be true for a long time.

It is up to each individual to decide whether to believe it is true.

Do you believe it 100 percent?

Yes, I am now quite sure that it is so.

In principle, that would be very easy to check. All you have to do is ask Claus a specific question. Could you get in touch with him and ask what my maternal grandfather was called?

This willingness to test is difficult for me.

Can you ask to convince me?

I can try it (longer silence). Was the name of your mother's father Hartmut?

No, Georg.

Well, let's just leave that. There are people in the media who can answer such questions, but I never focused on anything like that with Claus. And in the afterlife you don't like to be tested either.

In your book you quote your late husband. He says that when a relationship between two people is strong enough it will last after death. That should mean that every parent who lost a child could also get in touch with him.

In principle, everyone could have contact across this border. But you have to be open to it. It is often described that the other side would like to get in touch. But if you think here in this world: That doesn't work, then it just doesn't work.

So the simple transmitter-receiver model?


You studied mechanical engineering. How does that fit with your spirituality?

I am actually a very concrete and very realistically thinking person. My rational mind has always doubted a lot, and that's a good thing. But my disposition is also spiritual and I meditated during my studies.

Do you know Astro TV? There is also channeling, talking to dead relatives and looking into the future. But you quickly get the impression that it's all about pulling money out of their pockets for gullible people. Do you also connect with the afterlife for money?

I've never done that before and I don't plan to. Establishing contact is exhausting and in this respect I can understand that as a medium one takes money in return. But I take a very critical view of future prophecies. There are simply an infinite number of possible paths one can take in the future. I would always keep my hands off that.

Aren't you afraid that your book will be perceived as blasphemy?

Of course, I'm afraid that might happen. But I feel like it's time to talk about it. The book makes me vulnerable, but I still feel protected.

Reading on July 18th

On Thursday, July 18th, Ellen Schoor will read from her book “Across the border - the living connection between this world and the hereafter after the death of a loved one”. The reading begins at 8 p.m. in Café Walden at Talhofstrasse 1 in Heidenheim. The book was published by the anthroposophical Heidenheimer Amthor-Verlag. 200 copies have been printed so far and 30 have been sold.

Ellen Schoor is 55 and lives in Gerstetten. She studied mechanical engineering and worked in the profession for several years. After further education and training, she started her own practice for body therapy. She currently works as a state-approved masseuse. chw