How expensive is the food in France

France costs: This is how high your backpacking budget should be

France is not exactly one of my budget dream countries. Neither the accommodations nor everyday life are particularly cheap there. So if you are planning a visit to this beautiful country (what you should be doing!), Do the math sufficient budget a. How high they France cost can be, you can find out here.




1) This is what my own France cost looked like for 20 days


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This graphic also shows you in which areas the France costs were particularly high:



So my average France cost was around € 44.96 / day. For a principally expensive country like France, this is also a rather expensive accommodation budgetthat I still think is okay.

Most of the travel expenses in France went to this Accommodation and catering.

Note: I hiked a long distance in France. With a real backpacking trip, the France costs are a little different.


France costs: accommodation


Hostels in France cost at least 15 € upwards - usually without breakfast. Cheap hiking accommodation and youth hostels tend to be more expensive than cheaper. On average I have 25 € / night paid.

If you want to stay in youth hostels, you have to get one once Youth hostel pass for about 10 € to buy.

The French costs are clearly noticeable here.


France Costs: meals


Restaurants are in France expensive. The French traditionally celebrate their good food - which is reflected in the prices. That's why I've never really eaten properly in France.

If you want to keep your France costs low, you should therefore Self catering To fall back on. The supermarkets are not cheap either. Especially fresh, local fruit and vegetables are more expensive than the fruit and vegetables in our supermarket.

always inexpensive are Baguette and baked goods from the baker.


France costs: transport


The price for one train ticket in France it seems to be very different and does not always depend on the distance. Most of the time, a ticket will last for a few hours of travel around 20 € lie.

Buses are much cheaper, for example the Flixbus. With these, however, you won't get anywhere.


France Costs: Other


to make the laundry in France it costs about in youth hostels and hostels 7 €.



2) This way you can keep your budget for France as low as possible


In order to have the lowest possible France costs as a backpacker, there are a few things that you should consider in any case:


  • Take care of yourselfinstead of eating out
  • Buy with it clever one: A package of cheese or a jar of jam is enough for a few days, baguettes are fresh in the morning and for little money
  • Focus on one small part of Franceto avoid high transport costs
  • Accommodations can vary depending on region France's cost differently - be careful
  • In the big cities there are often cheap ones Lunch menus in snack bars or cafes
  • Trip in the Low season at
  • If you have a few days wander, under no circumstances do without sunscreen. And train enough beforehand. This will help you avoid health costs incurred for sunburn or pain
  • By the way, it is cheap in France camping. It is important to personally consider whether a mobile home or camping is worthwhile.



3) In addition to the France costs given here, there are also the flights


You can now get to many places in France for really little money.

If you are lucky you will already come around 30 € for example with Eurowings to France. The prices vary greatly, depending on what your specific travel destination in France is. It will also be more expensive with large luggage that you have to check in. Nowadays it is thrifty carry-on baggage but actually no longer a problem. You get a lot under there.

Flexibility with your travel destination in France and your arrival and departure dates also help to reduce flight and travel costs.



Closing words


The France cost and the related required budget vary depending on the region of France. As a backpacker you can inform yourself a little beforehand, compare and then choose a suitable corner for your budget. With a budget of 40 – 50 € per day, however, you should get along as a backpacker in France.


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What budget do you usually calculate for your trip (s) to France? Have you had similar or different experiences with travel costs there or have any tips on how to reduce them?


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