Why is brisk walking better than running

Fast walking (an alternative to running)

Not all of us like or can walk. It could be for different reasons. These are the main reasons:

  1. Our condition may be too weak to run for 2 minutes without a break.
  2. According to our weight, our joints can be put under dangerous strain.
  3. Our past injuries and contusions make dynamic stress on the legs impossible.

In such situations one should consider whether a quick march might not be the better alternative for us. Marching can also be an outdoor sport and has benefits similar to running.

How does it work

Fast marching is nothing more than walking, only faster. During such a march you put your foot on the heel and shift your body weight on outstretched legs. There is always at least one foot on the ground (you don't jump up like you do when running, you just move forward).

This technique avoids overuse of the joints. This avoids contusions that could occur while running.

A good start to training in the fresh air

If running is too strenuous for you, walking fast is a good introduction for you. Start walking. If you develop and lose weight (fast walking is particularly good at promoting weight loss) you can move on to running.

Quick walking is also a good way to pass the time. If your condition allows it, you can also cover long distances. You can march for 60 or even 120 minutes, which puts stress on your joints when you run.

You can use our "40 minute running training" to start your gait training successfully. Instead of running, you just go.