What is so difficult about your life

Why life often feels so hard (and how it gets easier)

Why is life often so difficult? Why are we making it so difficult for ourselves?

This is exactly what I asked myself recently when I caught myself doing it again: I made life “unnecessarily” difficult for myself.


Actually, you could be fine

You are probably familiar with situations like this: You feel the urge deep inside you, the strong need to change or implement something. You feel that it would be good for you. It would bring you joy, it would be fun. You would just feel better. And yet you just can't do it.

You let yourself be dissuaded all the time. You listen to everything and everyone and then start over again. But everything feels so heavy and exhausting. You lack the necessary energy and, above all, stamina. You only ride with half your strength and do not take any risks. Again and again you let resistance slow you down and fall into your old routine, into your old habits. You know them well and it's easier than facing the challenges. That's why you tell yourself that you really have no reason to complain. Actually, you could be fine. Actually ... Actually ...

But you are not really satisfied. You can feel that. It is rumbling inside you and you cannot interpret it. But the dissatisfaction does not let go of you. You don't know what to do and try to calm down this uncomfortable feeling. You talk about everything nicely, because actually you could be fine.


How I got on

You can roughly imagine my emotional state recently or for a while now.

I know that it is my heart's desire to help as many people as possible to get out of their emotional depth. It brings me incredible joy when I can use my healing abilities to free them from their suffering so that they can enjoy life again. I love that and I want to live that.

But in order to reach people, a lot of marketing is necessary beforehand: a lot of knowledge that I have to acquire and many hurdles (internal and external) that I have to overcome. And I need a lot of time for that.

Again and again I felt how I let myself be distracted and give priority to other things. But there was a strong need to do the right thing for my affair of the heart and the inner dissatisfaction grew and grew.

So I asked myself: why don't I do everything I can to be successful? Why am I not driving at full speed?

Finally, I realized that I can only be successful if I communicate with what I can do particularly well to help people: the tracking down and healing of mental problems.

I.e. I have to show clearly that I am a healer, a healer of souls.


Stand by myself

You won't believe it, but that's where the problem lies or still was with me. I realized that I cannot be 100% behind the fact that I am a healer. I just couldn't show it clearly to the outside world.

What was holding me back?

Such stupid thoughts as: What do the others think of it? Then I am no longer serious enough. Then I no longer correspond to the image they are supposed to have of me.

Do you know these thoughts too?


But it is precisely these thoughts that I no longer wanted to let myself be held back by.

And now they suddenly stood clearly in the room again.

Above all, I noticed that serious and healer just couldn't be brought together for me. Because I know that many people think spiritual healing is hocus-pocus, that they think healers are weirdos and charlatans. I was terrified that I would be put in that drawer.


From negative to positive feelings

At the same time I felt a distinct pain in me. That pain that comes from not living a deep need. I also knew that everything would be a lot easier if I could fully stand by it. I could show myself much better and reach a lot more people.

At the deepest level, I knew that I was a healer. But part of me still resisted it. I still had a lot of doubts. Also about whether anyone would like to use my skills at all. But I knew that resolving these doubts would be an incomparable breakthrough for me.

That's why I worked intensively over the next few days to resolve my resistance, fears and doubts.

The more I freed myself, the more I felt clear and strengthened inside.

Marketing is still not my favorite pastime, but the huge mountain doesn't seem so insurmountable to me anymore. I now approach the matter with a completely different energy and much more consistently.

It will be easier

That's it. If you really accept your aspects or deepest needs, then you are one with yourself. Then you are clear and strong and simply implement your goal. All external resistance no longer seems so great to you. Everything feels more alive and powerful. A natural force that guides you from within and brings you into action very easily. You do it without thinking about it, because it is just the logical consequence.

Then you are satisfied because you implement it and because it gives you the joy you long for. You get an incomparable attitude towards life. You feel your very individual vitality, what defines you, what you are. This gives you strength and inner support and self-confidence.

Therefore I would like to encourage you to live all of your personal characteristics and needs.

Maybe you think that I applied a bit thick 🙂 But I'm pretty sure that you have already experienced situations like this. Think about it. When have you ever pursued an inner need because you simply felt that it belongs to you and that you need it. How did you feel afterwards?

Tell me about your experiences 🙂


In love



PS: Regardless of how you are doing, I know exactly that you can find yourself more and more and more joy in life.