What kind of people are cricket boring

Knitting - not just for grandmas

Knitting - not just for grandmas

knit something - with needles garments from z. B. Manufacture wool

native - born in a certain place

colorful - very colourful

Inspect.) - here: a drawing; an ornament on a cloth

come from someone - have been made, developed or thought by someone

design something - have the idea for something and create it

Instruction, -en (f.) - an explanation of how to do something

Passion (f., Here only singular) - here: the enthusiasm; love

inspire someone - give someone ideas

geometric - so that a regular pattern is made up of simple shapes such as circles or squares

Choreographers - someone who thinks up dance steps

Sketch, -n (f.) - a quickly made drawing that shows only the most important things

Elaboration, -en (f.) - the further development of a design; the elaboration of details

Enjoy cult status - be very well known and popular

Co-owner - someone who owns part of a company or business

count to something - belong to something

to teach someone something - teach someone something; Impart knowledge; make someone learn something

Pianist - a person who plays the piano

do something - here: lead something; to lead something

Scarf, -s (m.) - a piece of clothing that you wrap around your neck

Cap, -n (f.) - an item of clothing that you wear on your head

Chimney, -e (m.) - a traditional stove that is heated with wood

to enjoy something - enjoy something; feel very comfortable with something

put the focus on something - here: concentrate on something

around it - short for: around; around someone

off | switch - here: relax

Variation, -en (f.) - the modification; the slight change

plain - here: simple, without ornament

Cruise, -en (f.) - a vacation trip by ship

currently - for now; today

one-sided - here: so that something only works in one direction

act - act

interact with someone - react to one another by influencing one another's actions

chat - In North German colloquial for: to talk

established - so that something has been around for a long time and is generally recognized

something is lacking - something is missing; something is too little

Dance interlude, -n (f.) - a short dance, for example in a show

Mesh, -n (f.) - here: a trick; actually: a loop made of one thread or two threads