How do I show dominance in bed

What is the point of this comparatively non-conformist way of expressing men in contact with fertile women? The researchers suspect that the gentlemen want to demonstrate "creative" and "non-conformist" behavior with their willfulness in order to arouse interest. Studies have shown that male creativity and risk-taking are likely to attract attention from the opposite sex. If men are dealing with fertile women, these characteristics are evidently more promising.

This cannot be completely dismissed: Researchers have known for a long time that women indicate fertility through a series of fine signals. They smell more attractive, may speak in a raised voice, and dress more attractively. Men respond clearly to these signals. All you have to do is smell a T-shirt worn by a fertile woman and her testosterone level will rise measurably. They find fertile women more attractive. And during their partner's ovulation, they are prone to rivalry, dominance, and jealousy - with good reason, as scientists have also shown.

Women are particularly attracted to masculine men during ovulation. You are more likely to have an affair with a manly man during these days. During the other phases of their cycle, however, women tend to focus on harmony and consistency. This may also be the reason why men adapted their language to the language of less fertile women. Imitation is a tried and tested strategy for generating sympathy and building social bonds. But the method is apparently too soft to seduce women during the fertile days.