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Wet dog: remove odor - our insider tip

"You smell like a wet dog!" - We all immediately have this one, often very unpleasant smell in our noses. The question that we clarify for you in this post is: "How can I remove odor from a wet dog?

So how do I remove odor from a wet dog? Regardless of the reason a dog got wet, it can develop a really bad smell. For this reason, it is important to dry it off properly and as soon as possible. Absorbent microfiber, cotton or special dog dry towels are particularly suitable for this.

No wonder wet dogs really stink so badly at times. They run through bushes, jump in puddles, roll around in mud and do not stay on the paved paths even when it rains.

But if you know the right tricks to to remove odor from a wet dog or to prevent the smell, none of this is a problem!

With us you get the best Tips & tricks on the subject of "wet dog: remove odor". Have fun while reading!

Wet dog: remove odor - that's how it works

Which dog owner doesn't know it? One was once again a walker. And no matter whether it is rain or shine, no matter whether it is a puddle or the closest pond - the dog has once again managed to get dripping wet.

While splashing around with your four-legged friend can be a lot of fun, the smell afterwards is definitely not. And since dogs don't like to be dripping wet themselves, they shake and rub themselves on the carpet, sofa, etc. until they have reached the desired level of dryness.

Why do wet dogs develop unpleasant odors?

The fact that dogs develop a particularly unpleasant odor is due to their sebum glands. These grease the fur of wet dogs and thus protect them from the moisture and the bacteria that develop in it.

So the wetter a dog gets, the more sebum it produces - and that stinks. Bathing your dog afterwards or showering him with shampoo doesn't really help in the short term. Because shampooing in simply stimulates sebum production.

Always dry a wet dog well

It is better, however, to rub your wet dog dry with an absorbent towel after bathing in the puddle or walking in the rain. Even if your darling is strictly against it: Do it, because otherwise he will dry himself.

Use extra absorbent dog towels

In this case, we recommend either an absorbent towel, which can sometimes smell, or a special dog dry towel. These mostly consist of microfiber or terry cotton fabrics that can absorb moisture particularly quickly.

Did you know there are even dog drying coats? Imagine how cute your darling can look when you put them on a bathrobe for dogs! These dog coats are also made of extra absorbent material.

But even if it looks incredibly cute, you shouldn't let your dog run around with it for too long. Because even covered dogs cannot “vent” properly and start to stink just as quickly.

Wash the dog dry towel hot after use!

Unfortunately, in the end it is not only done with the right dog dry towel or drying coat. Because even if you were able to improve the smell by drying your dog extensively, this does not apply to the dog dry towel by a long way.

Because even this little stink bomb can develop a very unpleasant smell after drying if you don't wash it as soon as possible! We therefore recommend washing the drying cloth at the specified maximum temperature after each use.

Removing Other Dog Odors - Tips & Tricks

It would be wrong to say that a dog only develops unpleasant smells when it has gotten wet. There are other reasons a dog can develop unpleasant odors as well.

But even with these other dog odors, there is always a way to prevent them or to remove them effectively.

Remove bad breath in dogs

Even if you do your utmost to banish the dog's odor from the home and car, it can still happen that a dog develops an unpleasant bad breath.

Such a bad breath can be an indication of hidden dental problems. In this case, it is advisable to carefully examine the dog food as well as the dog's mouth.

If you have bad breath, check dog food first

If the dog develops unpleasant bad breath after changing food or it even appears that the whole animal is emitting unpleasant smells, then this can also be due to poor quality dog ​​food.

Because inferior dog food from e.g. the discounters often consists of a really large proportion of grain and animal by-products. These ingredients can often not be used properly by the dogs.

The result is flatulence and unpleasant body odors, which are emitted through the animal's skin. If you notice this with your animal, it can help to try a different, perhaps higher-quality dog ​​food.

Consult a veterinarian if bad breath persists

If your dog's bad breath persists for several weeks, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian in this case. They can check your pet's oral health and determine if the bad breath is caused by damage or poor oral hygiene.

Remove bad breath with microorganisms

However, if the vet cannot find any further problems with the dog's teeth or mouth, effective microorganisms in the food can restore the balance to oral health.

These microorganisms effectively destroy bacteria in the dog's mouth that are responsible for the development of unpleasant odors. They are completely harmless to humans and animals. However, be sure to talk to an expert or your veterinarian before using it.

Remove dog odor in the house, apartment or car

One time not paying attention and the dog smell has already settled in the house, in the apartment or in the car. But we tell you what to do in this case.

Wet dog: remove odor with vinegar

Admittedly - vinegar doesn't smell good either. But when it comes to unpleasant dog smells, it can work wonders when cleaning your own premises. Vinegar is considered to be a very effective odor eliminator! In addition, its sour odor dissipates very quickly when it dries.

Clean and disinfect naturally

By splashing into the cleaning water, it can be used to remove unpleasant odors on the floor, but also to wash dirty towels or your clothes.

The laundry becomes soft, disinfected and fragrant in a natural way. A real advantage over chemical fabric softeners, which can irritate your dog's nose and skin due to their artificial fragrances.

Wet dog: remove odor with enzyme cleaner

Due to their effective microorganisms, enzyme cleaners can not only be used against your dog's bad breath, but also for cleaning your own premises or your car.

Similar to vinegar, they are simply dissolved in water and then used to clean the apartment, house or car. The advantage here is that the effective microorganisms do not smell unpleasant and still effectively drive away unpleasant dog odors.

These microorganisms can be bought from the veterinarian or from a pet store. The vet can also tell you how to use these microorganisms. Incidentally, the bacteria are completely harmless to humans and animals.

Cleaning of the sleeping and lying areas

It may be a bit more complex, but you should still clean both the sleeping places and other lying areas of your dog regularly.

Pillows and blankets should be washed about once a week. Ideally at high temperatures, but without any fabric softener. Upholstery that cannot be washed should at least be brushed out and wiped with a damp cloth. Because especially in upholstery fabrics, the dog's odor persists.

However, if the dog basket is made of wood or plastic, it must be beaten out regularly and then cleaned with a damp cloth. This is the only way to permanently remove the dog odor.

Last solution: cover up dog smells with coffee

Some of our tips & tricks sometimes take a little time to effectively remove an unpleasant odor. In the meantime, it may therefore be necessary to cover up a dog odor with natural aids.

And who of you doesn't like the smell of coffee? I don't think there are many! Because it is probably much more pleasant than the smell of a wet dog. To cover up dog smells with coffee, you don't have to distribute coffee around your home or car.

Small coffee bags for a good smell

Just put a little fresh coffee powder in a small bag and then hang it in your apartment or in your car. The pleasant coffee smell spreads quickly and effectively covers the dog odor.

Important: Find out the cause of the bad smell

But even if the smell is now covered, you should still deal with the cause of the bad smell. Because in general, the focus should not be on the elimination of odors, but above all on the health of your dog!

Other questions about "wet dog: remove odor":

  1. If your dog has had his last bath a long time ago, it helps to wash him again. But now we have learned that wet dogs in particular develop odors. So the question is: Should i wash my dog?
    So: should I wash my dog? Yes, you should wash your dog, because washing helps - both in dogs and in humans. And even if you shouldn't bathe your dog every day, regular shampooing will help remove dog odors effectively.
  2. Ok, now we also know that shampooing can help remove a dog's unpleasant odor. But can I also use human shampoo for dogs?
    So, can I use human shampoo on dogs too? No, human shampoo is not suitable for dogs because the pH of four-legged friends is much higher than that of humans. In addition, the structure of the coat, the color of the hair and the length of the hair place particular demands on the dog shampoo.
  3. So human shampoo cannot be used to shampoo dogs. Then what shampoo to use for washing dogs?
    So what shampoo then to use for washing dogs? The shampoo should be chosen depending on the type and color of coat. Dogs with coarse hair need a shampoo to strengthen the coat structure, while dogs with long hair need a shampoo for easier combing. There are special puppy shampoos for puppies that are designed for growth.
    So it's extremely important to always choose the right shampoo for your dog. Only in this way can the coat be optimally cared for and a certain clinical picture of your dog be adequately taken into account.
    For example, does your dog have dry skin or fur? Then use shampoo with the addition of special oils. Does your dog suffer from sensitive skin or allergies? Then use a shampoo with aloe vera. This can soothe sensitive skin and reduce itching.
    Not sure which dog shampoo to use? Then just talk to your vet. They can definitely recommend the right shampoo for your four-legged friend.

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