Vikram Lander is found by ISRO

Indian moon mission: "Vikram" crashed on the moon

An Indian module was supposed to touch down on the moon in September, but the signal was lost shortly before landing. NASA has now discovered the debris.

About three months after the unsuccessful Indian mission to the moon, the US space agency NASA found the remains of the "Vikram" landing module on the earth's satellite. The lander of the "Chandrayaan-2" mission has therefore shattered on the lunar surface. NASA photos published on Monday (local time) are said to show the distribution of the debris over several kilometers.

The Indian space agency ISRO had lost the connection to the landing module "Vikram" just minutes before the planned landing in early September. At this point the module was 2.1 kilometers above the surface of the moon, after which its fate initially remained uncertain. A NASA satellite, which circled a little later over the place where “Vikram” should have landed, could not make out the landing module.

The lander was part of the unmanned, $ 142 million "Chandrayaan-2" mission. The aim was, among other things, to map the surface of the south pole region of the celestial body, to analyze the soil and to search for water.

So far, only the USA, the Soviet Union and China have managed a controlled landing on the moon. In the spring, an Israeli probe crashed while attempting to land on the moon after a technical error.

(APA / dpa / Red.)