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The philosophy of Asana is that joint, open work. Every team member can edit all information and content of projects and tasks by default. Clear rules should of course be set for this, because such user freedom can always lead to errors - such as data loss. The tool is ideally suited for teams with flat hierarchies that work openly with one another. More traditional working groups with clearly defined assignment powers, on the other hand, are not in good hands with Asana.

In addition to the main web-based tool, Asana Apps for Android and iOSwhich, however, are kept relatively rudimentary. With the mobile app you can create and edit tasks, receive new personal messages, attach files and get access to your individual inbox. Asana is without a doubt optimized for the browser on the computer. There, more experienced users can navigate the tool with many keyboard shortcuts in order to work even more efficiently with Asana.

A plus is the possibility of integrating external tools. Many different microtools can be activated quickly and easily on Asana - for example the most popular cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, developer tools such as GitHub, CMS such as WordPress and many more.

With regard to data protection, Asana is considered to be relatively secure: Personal data from the EU or Switzerland will be according to the guidelinesof the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework or the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework collected, used and stored. However, the data centers in which this data is stored are located in the USA. You only get access to security features such as Google SSO or SAML in the paid editions. But as with most SaaS / PaaS apps, the same applies to Asana: The user is still primarily responsible for their own data security and that of the company.

Asana can only accommodate up to 15 team members in the free version, but offers all basic functions. For around 9 euros (“Premium” edition) or 18 euros (“Business” edition) per user and per month, this limit will be lifted and many features such as dashboards and the search function will become significantly more extensive. There is also a version for large customers that advertises personal support and more data control. For these, the price must be negotiated directly with Asana.



Very clear and catchy, extremely beginner-friendly

No offline functionality

Free variant for small teams with extensive functionality

The free version is useless for larger teams with more than 15 members

Fast and fluid use thanks to keyboard shortcuts

Limited integration of media, cumbersome work with graphics

Extensive support of external tools from well-known providers

No real functionality for finance and resource management

Personal data from the EU / Switzerland are treated in accordance with the EU-US or Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework

Server location USA