What risk is good to take?

The greatest risk is not taking any risk at all

Last update: 04 August, 2017

In love, at work, in the world and in life, risk is ubiquitous to humans. And the person who does not pursue their dreams and, for fear of failure, does not try to achieve their goals, brings their existence as a whole to failure because they do not find courage inside their soul.

The day we humans begin to take a risk because of something we want with all our might, when we develop an awareness of ourselves. Therefore it is already a risk to always want to live in safety and under the wrong protective armorbecause we are thus opposing our own human nature, which is passionate, curious, lively and courageous.

The risk of the one who takes no risk

If you want to fail for sure, you can be sure to achieve it by trying not to take any chances at all. If we live buried in fear of failure, then we can be pretty sure that we will never achieve anything what was worth the effort.

Taking risks is as natural as breathing, as we live in a very inhospitable environment that does not guarantee humans any security for their survival. Because as much as you try to secure your existence, nothing is guaranteed in this world.

"In a rapidly changing world, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail you is not to take risks."

The everyday risk

If you think about it carefully then risk is an everyday occurrence and we have to deal with it every day. Have you ever thought about it? Because now we will carry out a practical exercise on this using examples:

  • Do you take to the streets every day to go to work? Who guarantees you that you won't have an accident along the way, with a car that goes astray at full speed, or that you won't run into a malicious person trying to rob you? Right now you risk your life.
  • We'll now move on to a simpler exercise. When you shower, the bathroom suddenly becomes very slippery because of the soap. Will you you Is that why you don't take a shower for the rest of your life out of fear of the consequences?
  • If we continue with this mind game, then we will find that nothing is guaranteed in our everyday life. When you are expecting a child, you are taking risks. When you buy a home and take out a mortgage, you are taking risks. If you take on a job or two, you take risks. When you buy a car, you take risks.

Then why don't you go a little further?

Well, if we take risks every day, why don't we go a little further? Like it or not, we have a life without a firm footing in an environment that allows us to breathe and feed us, but our planet can also put an end to us at any moment.

So if going to bed in the evening and getting up in the morning is already a constant risk, then I'm thinking of going a little further and not just staying on the surface. I will take the risk necessary to be happy in this life.

"Be aware that great love and great deeds take great risks."

If there's a job I've always dreamed of, then I'll take the risk and risk everything to finally be able to devote myself to what fulfills me. I'm not going to stick with the first job that shows up at my door for the simple reason that I'm being paid to do it.

If there is one person I would like to share the rest of my life with, then I will not dwell in the fear of rejection. I will take the risk of being said no to me, but I will work tirelessly every day to get a yes.

When I have a dream that I've always wanted to see come true then I'll take the risk and dare to make it a reality, assuming it's something for me that will make me very happy and will make me feel complete.

If I have to take risks every day, with every step I take, why shouldn't I try to implement what I want and what I think is good and beautiful in life. I will not take the risk of not having tried, because that is the greatest risk there is in the world.

Images courtesy of Amanda Cass